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  1. We need more than your FICO scores to make that determination.

  2. Income, current cards with limits, average age of accounts, age of oldest account.

  3. I mean a card that I can use to make payments on my other cards if possible.

  4. You can’t pay one credit card with another credit card.

  5. Probably either Chase or CapitalOne would be your best bets.

  6. OP already stated they’re over 5/24.

  7. I'm actually not being reimbursed for the flights, just the hotel. Sorry I got it mixed up while typing. I edited the post for clarification for others!

  8. Ah. I’d still go for the Schwab Plat because it has 5x on hotels too.

  9. Each category is usually released a month in advance, so 2023 Q1 comes out December 1, Q2 April 1, etc.

  10. Call and ask one more time for them to graduate you, if they refuse then tell them you’d like to cancel the card and take your business elsewhere. They might change course.

  11. Then it’s 0.6 cents per point, or 2.4% cash back for 4x points.

  12. Grant Thompson, from The King Of Random. The moment he died that channel got even more shit than it already was.

  13. And that piece of shit Andy Dick played a role in it

  14. God I really hate that Andy Dick is a piece of shit because he was in one of the greatest Star Trek episodes ever.

  15. Helmet catch is easily the best if you take the context into account

  16. Nah, gotta give that one to Diggs tbh. We see catches like the helmet catch all the time, there were 2 or 3 of them just yesterday.

  17. They deadass gave us diggs then slew us with his replacement. I am in awe. Don't regret the trade one bit, of course.

  18. You guys got a top 3 receiver who singlehandedly turned your offense into one of the best in the league, and you STILL lost that trade.

  19. That is one of, if not the best secured cards out there and is a good choice for pretty much all secured card applicants.

  20. I understand that but maybe Garropolo is only good because of Shanahan, and a guy like Darnold would still be fine in the niners system. We don’t really know, but yea i’d surely agree they are both worse than Jimmy G and Tannehill

  21. We’ve seen Jimmy G under McDaniels too and he’s not exactly doing well for himself right now.

  22. Hmm that's a good idea didn't think of it. But spending here will be more then 500$ so in the end would it still have more benefits ? Then 2% double cash.

  23. At up to $2,250 per month at home improvement stores, the CCC is better. If you spend more than that, use a CCC for the first $500 and a 2% card for the rest.

  24. Are you certain it’s a lack of understanding? It’s not uncommon for children to be wary of following a new adult’s commands.

  25. They have no issue following commands given to them by our other new employee.

  26. Cowboys fan here. You fought hard against the league’s best pass rush with 60% of your starting OL out, the other 40% banged up, and dudes I’ve never even heard of at TE and in the secondary.

  27. Don’t give your brother your credit card and this won’t happen. He wasn’t “trying to see how much it would cost”, you can do that without hitting “buy”.

  28. Does that generally also apply if you bank with Chase already?

  29. That one is really inconsistent, sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t.

  30. Chase will deny you until you have a year of credit history of your own.

  31. Just use no annual fee credit cards that offer points or cash back. Use them only for essential items. ALWAYS pay off the balance every month and you should be good building up your credit history. Stay disciplined and live within your means.

  32. I don’t think there’s any need to close anything honestly

  33. We were overstaffed today, so some of us got sent home early as our Thanksgiving gift.

  34. On the plus side though, we are closed tomorrow and Friday and get paid for both days as though we’d worked our normal hours.

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