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  1. You need to look into ads managers. Facebook has one, so does Google and Snapchat and Tik Tok. You can also try growing organically so there's no advertising cost

  2. same here happened out of no where and no matter what install type I chose (canary or regular) and I’ve cleared cache reinstalled renames updater and nothing

  3. what I did is go to control panel then network then connections and untick use proxy

  4. terribly afraid of sea monsters when I was on vaction as a child.

  5. “Nobody panics when things go “according to plan”. Even if the plan is horrifying!” ― The Joker

  6. My superpower would be teleportation like in "Jumper" plus whenever I use it the last african kid who died gets revived

  7. maybe binary interpreted as a number instead of ASCII or some other text type

  8. I have buried 73 individuals and am being searched for several counts of violations against the geneva convention. I am withing top 50 of interpol. The police is searching for me in over 30 countries.

  9. Guys, you realize that YouTube doesn't refresh comments in real time, right? If you go to a video, scroll down comments and look at the newest comment, it will stay on 5 seconds until you refresh the page. If you don't refresh it, it will say "5 seconds ago" forever. Comment could have been 10 minutes old, could still say 5 seconds.

  10. I think I would've fallen for it, but even if. What he gonna do with an IP and maybe a browser fingerprint? If you are technically illiterate that can be enough for phishing, but I like to think I am not

  11. Enough info and I can get an ip off 911 and start logging into your personal shit. What other info do they have. Name phone number address? Just make sure all his Accts have 2 factor authentication preferably facial lock(almost impossible to get past….almost) Just because you don’t “think” it can’t be done isn’t a good enough deterrent for scammers. Source: The scammer I know. And FB is the worst. Bet they are sending Cashapp requests to folks from PawPaw profile. Smh

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