1. Crash team racing > than mario kart back in the day. I will die on this hill.

  2. This is the last place I thought I'd see Crash Team Racing mentioned but I 100% agree with you. Unfortunately none of my friends do... :c

  3. Trevenant is honestly much better than people say... the knockup is so good and Wood Hammer does a shitton of damage if you're stacking with Attack Weight.

  4. Not really - it can still be DI'd very easily. Still no complaints from me tho.

  5. Nah, I like a challenge. Gets boring facing a boss with abilities you can easily circumvent

  6. And you can't circumvent the OHKO of bosses without abilities?

  7. Unfortunately Necromancer is extremely outclassed in this game's current climate. Low damage output even when you use Frenzy compared to Chaos Slayer, and you have to watch your health and mana otherwise you will die. Chaos Slayer can MOSTLY just click buttons and solo most bosses besides OHKO ones.

  8. flare blitz is a decent move and all but charizard back air and upsmash are far better moves imo

  9. Back air is just ridiculous. That move can kill at 20 off the level.

  10. take your time beating oxide time trials, it took me almost half this year to know the tracks and get courage to beat him aaannndd i still had a hard time mostly on dragon mines but i manage to do it. now to wait another half a year to try velo time trials.

  11. I believe in you. Learn how to u-turn properly and consistently and you should find that you can breeze through the Velo time trials without issue.

  12. Keldeo gets hard walled by Toxapex most of the time and doesn't handle Clefable as well as it should so I can see why it dropped. It gets checked by quite a lot of OU, too much to be very good in the tier.

  13. I'm going to ask a totally stupid question. Is there a danger to just keeping these? Will something happen with your game or account?

  14. Nah no danger to keeping genned pokemon. You can even use them in online battles. It's just illegal pokemon (i.e. moves and abilities they should not have) that you have to be wary of using online.

  15. Not always necessarily that genned Pokemon will have moves/abilities they’re not supposed to if they’re made to appear legal.

  16. Use the Discord, they are always willing to help.

  17. Yes YnR is amazing, especially on nulgath. He is very good as sustaining YnR is for some 1 mil hp bosses that one shot you (dodge) and VHL is more for quick damage (legion fiend rider)

  18. Yeah, I'd say it's worth getting, even if its just for Nulgath.

  19. One of the best old school releases. They need to do more stuff like this lol

  20. Definitely, that shit is what turns me away from a lot of anime. Sorta wish it could go back to how it was in the 80s, with akira, where having visible tits was like there being visible tits in die hard. Sucks how a lot of shows use it to bait horny 13 year old incel

  21. Agreed with you until you mentioned Kaguya-sama lol, that show doesn't do that kind of thing...

  22. I don't understand how this isn't part of the code?

  23. It seems that the text is completely hard coded and is irrelevant to the actual attributes of the card (well not irrelevant but the attributes are not use to create the text).

  24. I see. What are the best classes as of now? Preferably easy to farm but still get the job done. I’m sure my old classes are super weak for today’s enemies.

  25. Vampire Lord is very powerful farming class but only available during Halloween, and relatively easy to farm.

  26. For sure. Have a blast whenever I play with my cousins. Single player mode is quite enjoyable as well but get ready to pull your hair out for the hard ghosts.

  27. Sorry give me two mins, currently in a max raid, but IGN will be Raye and code 3793

  28. Lovely, thank you! Please comment to confirm the trade was completed. ☺️☺️

  29. Thanks so much ! So stoked I got a non Galarian Weezing

  30. damn, just missed you. I'll be on for the next 2 hours or so though.

  31. I'm searching right now at 3793, IGN is Raye. : )

  32. I'm interested if you've still got. Can give 5IV Beast Ball Charmanders. Code 3793.

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