1. With all of the impending indictments I'm really Hopi g that just one of them can be done in a military tribunal themed format

  2. I could stand to lose some weight. What I can't do is find another functioning democracy.

  3. Isn't this the twitter account of that loser guy who's dad shot JFK?

  4. This is the phase where they try to be clever and edgy because they feel this need to be relevant, but in reality they are nothing more than belligerent dipshits. You can't f'ing work with these kinds of people; everything is a f'ing uphill struggle against stupidity for the sake of stupidity.

  5. Was it something that most people would have thought of? Did it work?

  6. If it's represented as a business expense via that business check, it's tax fraud...

  7. I would like to announce that I saw a gay person and survived. It didn't even hurt. Still love women.

  8. The f'ing investigation started before Trump was elected....it was put on hold while he was a candidate and then when he was elected....it was reopened when he was unceremoniously f'ing fired and just because the GOP is such a dumpster fire that a twice impeached seditious pathological lying failure is the best they have to offer....well stop confusing your pathetic party with politization.

  9. Defenestration is quite common in Russia and don't get me started on the customs and courtesies on Epstein Island....

  10. When did Hillary rawdawg a pornstar and then pay them off?

  11. Let's just be clear about the alpha male conservative d-bag movement....if Jesus came down from heaven and said hello to Joe Biden they would be calling him woke.

  12. Why do they want to be grumpy all the time?

  13. Its kinda the thing they do instead of actually doing anything. It's good work if you can get it.

  14. exactly, what the fuck is all this at this point? Sneakers with suits is cool and they are jealous

  15. My takeaway is that I really, really need to start referring to myself in 3rd person more at the workcenter...and at home....and general public settings.

  16. You all can sit here and whine about Trump and he is f'ing useless in 99.999% of applications....but the one thing that he is good at is shitting all over the GOP primaries and if anyone besides him survives and comes out as the nominee they will be unelectable in the general election.

  17. Well they project everything else so why would this be no different?

  18. Good news os that we have the technology and science to not only detect but change our habits.....bad news is that 30% of the population appear to be stovetouchers or think that windmills are woke.

  19. Sometimes its really really hard to rub one out to a shotgun.

  20. Maybe they should put some effort in, instead of dicking around.

  21. Easy for you to say. You try erecting 6 of these at once.

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