1. I'm pretty honest about what I spend. Skiing is pretty expensive, UT people expect it. I found ways to make it cheaper

  2. what, your car doesn't go mach 10?

  3. Google was having issues this morning. It was telling us it would only take 20 minutes for a drive that in the best of weather and no traffic takes 40.

  4. Probably from all the people trying to use maps at the same time since they're driving back from the holidays with all the flight cancelations

  5. Naturally, a supernova can reach 100 billion degrees F. The LHC is the hottest man made temperature

  6. Swing is still in the caves every Thursday. There are plenty of places that offer dancing. Dancers Studio on Snelling is a good spot for a lesson and dancing.

  7. I didn't realize they were still open! I'm just looking for something on Friday night though

  8. I think you're going to need a few different methods in combination in order to fully remove everything.

  9. If the earth were the size of the head of a pin, the sun would be the size of a basketball. And the sun is far smaller than the majority of some stars out there

  10. My testimony. The thing about faith is there is a lot of evidence out there, but not as concrete as people tend to demand. They hold proof for religious beliefs to a higher standard than practically everything else. Nothing I share will actually make someone change their mind. The best I can do is share my testimony and how I came into my faith and let them ponder over that

  11. I don't think that exists anywhere in the world unfortunately. Maybe the closest would be New Zealand?

  12. I'm sure they have, in the whole history of the world, someone's got to have died from it. Probably dropped from a building

  13. What kind of fish? Why in a cop car? Where does s/he live? Who rescued the fish? From where? Why?

  14. Leroy was abandoned on the side of the road in a bowl. It was on some random road in north eastern Colorado, that's all we know. A police car found it and brought it to the humane society. My roommate saw it on the exotic page of their website and wanted to rescue it, especially since he was only $5. She built up a whole fish tank in the process, I think it's a 20 gallon tank. 50ish fish have died, but we finally have the right ratios and set up for everyome to survive. He's a pleco, so he keeps growing and eating the other fish we have put in the aquarium, but it's finally a stable environment

  15. Southwest just canceled my flight and didn't have another available until Thursday Mao probably that one

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