1. truly. technology needed to stop advancing in 2009.

  2. This made me think of the time they had Andrew Schulz on and he went nuclear on Mike emoji face for talking back/interrupting him. I believe it was ep 114.

  3. You’re buggin. Yannis Pappas is funny and is a solid guest. Tim definitely should’ve had him or Chris DoStefano on

  4. How did Greg Stone get passed at the Comedy Cellar but not Yannis Pappas?? Bananas

  5. Because he’s trying to get traffic using Chris’s big head as face recognition. Only one has a VW commercial.

  6. I just thought of the simpsons episode when homer wore the fake eyes open glasses during jury duty

  7. Another comic mover, didn’t know that! At least Mark was able to get out of that gig, unlike Recine, Tyrrell and Haynes.

  8. It survived mostly because it was connected to the mother and being supplied with nutrients, when that easy oxygen got cut off it stopped supplying the deformities around his body, your lamb basically collapsed in itself, it was condemned the moment it was born

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