1. I do. I am trying to use my giftcard with the instructions you’ve provided and the code is too long so I callled customer service. They said the giftcard, which my mom said $60 for at target 2 weeks ago, is just a promotional gift code and it has expired…. The giftcard does not have any expiration date on it. The tc don’t say anything about it being promotional or having an expiration date. So I’m subscribing to what everybody else is saying. This is a scam.

  2. I ended up with a BDP103 (New in box) a while back. Its simply great as a CD and SACD player. I have slowly added SACDs from online and some local stores. I'm seriously not replacing all my stuff on SACD, as it's too pricey and just not possible but there are some that you can get a lot of albums. I guess pick and choose a few.

  3. Yea I've loaded a bunch of flacs and dsd files to a USB drive and it plays them great, no lag times or anything really.

  4. Where do you live? If in the US, go

  5. Bapa gadooshed him now he's slanging chig fry rice?

  6. The floor in the basement looks awesome, those copper woofers go perfectly.

  7. I’m not aware of any of their strains being from Jungle Boys. They have several from Seed Junky and ExoticGenetix & some randoms. Which are Jungle Boys? Btw- Seed Junky is killing it, cuz Woodward’s best is Seed Junky too.

  8. They've def had some jungle boy genetics in the past, I'm almost certain of it.

  9. It's hard to tell, because I see people on here all the time hype up something I know 100% is trash.

  10. You Fuckin puppet clowns and your downvotes. I bet if Klutch was giving away free 10ths to lure people back, you clowns would be first in line.

  11. I didn't vote at all, but their shit has been a bit underwhelming.

  12. Because their clients do not buy it so they don’t order it.

  13. I'd believe that if it didn't instantly sell out everything they actually do get it. And forgive me this was posted in wrong sub

  14. Even by "lolcow" standards the Bapaverse is something else b. Every hour there's something new, keeping up with it is basically a third job I have in between my real job and working the fryers.

  15. Bapa has already bait and switched Portnoy once before axe J

  16. He did the old negate the switch with Tim Dillon

  17. Pappy to tiger thicccccc? Helluva nairdif bapa

  18. It's a go my guy. Heavy leaning indica. Kick in the face. I have high tolerance also

  19. Better than designer runtZ? That stuff tastes excellent

  20. Taste wise the runtz are better high wise the Island is better

  21. Thx I'm about to go grab a cpl. The designer is solid this drop but between that and the greasy runtz I've been runted out last cpl weeks.

  22. They’re all scum, on that we can agree. I still don’t think there was much of a financial component to this with members of Congress though. Just good ole fashioned group think and fear (aka, politics)

  23. You think they did the shit for fun and no one was motivated by money?

  24. I was able to use mine for both my evaluation and card renewal.

  25. Of course you're able to, you can technically use it wherever you want.

  26. It's a debit card boss I can use it anywhere. I'm able to go buy beer or even illicit drugs w it if I wanted to.

  27. Anderson Silvas daughter repeats Belfort kick in Philly should be the title

  28. lmao what buds bruh put down the dabs you're tripping. OP shared no buds sadly

  29. 🤣🤣🤣 ur so dabbed up u missed the sarcasm

  30. Those buds look amazing I can almost smell it through the phone

  31. Botanist advertises THC-V gummies. It's very rarely found in flower and when it is, very low levels.

  32. Jesse On Friars is the lamest mfer to ever get suggested to me in YouTube, and daddy took a peak just to wet my beak. He's such a c*ck suck douche bag it's hard to believe he's not just betraying a charagger. He makes videos swinging off the nuts of all the worrls top alpha males.

  33. Ohio Clean Leaf often has very long cures that produce high quality flower. I recommend giving them a try if you did not like those other cultivators.

  34. That's not curing at that point...that's just dry bud. Curing is just to let the plants off gas after they are harvested. You can measure it by how much CO2 comes off the plant in the bag if you have a CO2 meter. After about 4 weeks the off gassing stops and the plant is "cured." Any longer than that is just oxidation and more drying out. Were are dealing with dry plant material just like rosemary and basil and any other herb.

  35. I'm not arguing it at all, just stating my observation.

  36. What she means to say is subscribe to my Onlyfans and pay me to talk to me. Where are the mods?

  37. Lol exactly how tf do I get down votes 🤣

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