1. Verano has been doing with mold issues the past year. They can't get it right

  2. It's definitely worth trying then. Thanks! Like OP I always look for strains that put me on the couch and then to sleep. This will definitely be in my next purchase.

  3. It's a strong OG, I don't see it being an upper in any fashion.

  4. Woodward Blueberry Cheesecake Klutch Jealously Galenas Snowball & Chocolate Mint OG

  5. Absolutely. They said he got KOd immediately by a dagestani and was flopping around like a tard.

  6. Pretty easy to get grotesquely large when your “trade” is making sugar milk with a side of coffee.

  7. I love that description and want to let you know I'm using it IRL from now on, and for that I thank you.

  8. They didn't "politely ask" they got a subpoena and took them by force in June, and then they realized Trump had more classified documents despite giving a statement saying he didn't, so they got a warrant and raided him to get the rest.

  9. Everything you're saying is correct. Just wind down a bit and process wtf he is saying.

  10. How’s the banana Mac and koala mint(?) ?

  11. I didn't grab the banana I still have some from last drop. The koala mint is one of their great batches, I'd say better than the last 3 drops they've had it. The wedding cake is the one to grab honestly, but they're all nuclear.

  12. This is good to hesr, Woodward is best when on point. did you get their minis in any of these?

  13. On a Friday? Better hustle and have that online order placed in advance

  14. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'll see myself out......

  15. That looks like an excellent bag of o43. The terps look great, beautiful buds. Good batch to snag a half of

  16. Don't mess w it. I've grabbed it before and the cure was trash. Garlic cookies is the only strain I've had from them that can be EXCELLENT, but they f that strain up too. Garlic cookies is their most consistent and only strain I'd recommend.

  17. What's the word? I've been curious about Harvest, just haven't snagged any yet. Looks great.

  18. I still prefer Catfish to all of them, but that's just because i a sativa guy and that favor profile particularly suits what I like. However, this ogk is giving it a run for it's money imo

  19. U gotta check out the ghost og it surprised me

  20. I have no issues with buying different strains in small amounts I do the same. I was more so saying that the Rythm brand from Green Thumb Industries and the Good Green brand from Green Thumb Industries are in a steep competition with the Matter brand for producing the lowest quality mids in the program.

  21. Yea you need to snag atleast 10 strains to land a halfway decent batch of solid midgrade

  22. Yeah i got a batch of catfish that was the same way.. i heard someone say the oryan og was good. Is it a bad cure as well? I was wanting to try it but definitely not gonna waste my money if you say its a bad cure

  23. Chocolate mint OG is the sleeper 🔥 no one is talking about

  24. I had it and it was ok. I didnt hate it but i wasnt as impressed as you i suppose. Different srokes for diff folks!

  25. The catfish is stellar. It’s the most Indica leaning Sativa ever, shit straight puts me in space. Great strain for when life sucks, amazing strain for when life is good!!

  26. I've never had an OG strain lean saliva at all, and catfish is definitely an OG. Idk where they get the sativa

  27. Unacceptable for the amount of money we pay to see this stuff!

  28. You're doing the Lord's work good sir appreciate you 🙏

  29. At botanist and Zen in the canton stores multiple strains are at 28.6 or 23.4. It's just a bit coincidental

  30. It's most likely just an error or laziness on the part of whoever entered that product into their menu. I bet if you actually buy it the THC % listed on the jar will be different

  31. Now that you mention it you're right. I've actually grabbed product and it was diff.

  32. I’ve been seeing posts of Woodward’s shatter and other concentrates. Does anyone know if they’ll also be doing carts or pods?

  33. If you google “flaring elbow boxing” you’ll get a plethora of resources.

  34. Bro I just got off work, lit a J and I'm high af trying to see it 🤣

  35. I saw a YouTube interview of Lil Wyte recently.

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