1. i literally used to have a serious obsession with him the first time i watched prison break

  2. "i'll see you in another life brotha"

  3. maya, first character i played, i also love her backstory

  4. my favorite character in the show

  5. If she knew the Sidemen that except Vikk would have not been the part of that tweet😂

  6. you solve it? I have the same error

  7. this was so long ago but im pretty sure i used another payment method and it worked

  8. Another payment method? Not credit card?

  9. also if another card doesn't work try paypal i know i replied late but this is for the new people coming in to fix this issue

  10. How can people hate Shane but like Negan? Always made no sense to me.

  11. NO DON'T! don't feel bad, don't allow the negan haters make you feel guilty for liking a character regardless of what they've done.

  12. season 1 jack and season 6 jack

  13. yeah, that death was a jumpscare ngl

  14. People die son , no one dies because its "necessary" . Its a show , u dont need to think toooo much about technical things . If u like the story enough

  15. it's not a big deal relax it's just a question

  16. I mean at that point zombies have been alive for how many years since the 'turn'? I think they have very soft flesh by now and skulls would be eroding as well.

  17. that's why i said normal people too or people who just turned

  18. Ohh I'd say people who just turned would be harder to kill becuaee there flesh is in tact but people that are older as easier to kill.

  19. yeah i thought that too, maybe that's why random zombies are easy kills

  20. Will Sawyer make it off the island or will Jack kill him?

  21. i've been thinking abt that too

  22. nah just wait for after u reach lvl 30 or more, it gonna be really hard if you're lvl 24

  23. you're probably using the epic games shortcut, not the steam shortcut

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