Actual union wage sheet and pay stub

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Colorado Springs shooting suspect's father is very relieved his son isn't gay


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  1. I agree with everyone here. It’s probably workout powder. There are some illegal/ rule bending pre workouts out there. Taking half a bag of a powder that looks like this rules out most major drugs. It could be research chemicals or some new drug but most of the time new drugs try to mimic one of the major drugs in potency/dosage.

  2. I feel like every help post I’ve seen from this sub is someone trolling hard.

  3. NPR had a good story a while back about a group of local restaurants in Iowa City who got together & started their own delivery coop to provide delivery without getting screwed by the big apps.

  4. There are a few restaurants near me that have shared delivery drivers.

  5. Not a magician but I practiced card magic for a while. Basically just being able to control where cards go and shuffle without shuffling.

  6. Despite what he says at the end there, Seven Nation Army was the first single released from the album. Sometime between the recording in April 2002 and February 2003 (when Seven Nation Army was released), someone at the label realised what they had.

  7. Been in music a while. It’s impossible to know a hit from a miss. You could have the perfect song and the full weight of the industry behind you and still fail. It doesn’t even have to fail publicly it could have massive success but the artist isn’t ready for it. I know a guy currently in the top 100 artists on Spotify. He made hit songs that took him to the spotlight 3x as different aliases but ultimately it was him that sabotaged his rise. Between each rise he deleted all of his music from publication and went missing for a year.

  8. I’m fortunate to have never needed to do anything too gross for my addiction. I always had something or been able to survive without. I’ve seen friends do some gross stuff though. Onetime my friend had nothing and he started digging around under his couch for a Nug he thought he dropped. He thought he found it and popped it in the bong and before I could tell him that was a dead bug he smoked it.

  9. Depends heavily on your style. If it’s just you and an instrument definitely. You literally need 5 things. Computer, speakers, headphones, mic, and a sound card. Can probably get away spending 3k or less. $1500+/- for a computer, $500+ for some decent speakers, $200+ for a soundcard, $100+/- for some headphones, $200+ for a mic. + means you might want to spend more now +/- means you can get away with spending less. Anything else you buy is just comfort items.

  10. From the looks of this thread, sounds like I ought to start 100% in the box and branch out from there.

  11. Yes. It’s the best way to start. I have taught several successful producers and all of them had this grand idea they need to throw money at equipment to make good music. Totally not true.

  12. Can confirm they are still in demand. At my last job we had to use a serial port for a special check scanner they had adapters to make it work with USB but it was only officially supported if it was directly plugged in. Any tickets that occurred with the check scanner were closed immediately if they detected an adapter.

  13. Can you contact the payment processor?

  14. I’m glad you posted this! Most people don’t realize dues are very minimal. I’m in the IBEW and it’s 3% and worth every penny. They see 80$ and think it’s a lot. Not sure how your union is but in mine we get a quarterly holiday bonus check that pretty much pays for the dues.

  15. I know a few places that have “unions” where the pay rate is minimum wage and the dues are high. The union is literally designed to keep you locked into the job for 30+ years with the promise of a decent retirement. If you start young sure you can retire by 50 but it’s the kind of job you start late because nothing else panned out so most people have to work until they are 70+

  16. You put the word "unions" in quotes which suggest that they are not an actual union. Can you clarify?

  17. They are unions but I would not say they have the best interests of the members in mind. My friend made less than minimum wage after union dues. I just looked up the union online and all the discussions about it online are members complaining about the union not looking out for them.

  18. We have a customer who refuses to take our recommendations for computers. He instead goes to Best Buy and buys the cheapest computer he can get for his employees and tries to set them up himself. Every time we end up having to setup the laptop remotely with the user because he fucked something up or forgot something critical. Usually it takes less than 30 minutes to setup a basics 365 client but with these slow ass computers it takes 3-4 times as long.

  19. (Copy-pasted my comment, because the other post was deleted).

  20. Damn he was on a episode of intervention for meth.

  21. Why are you working 12 hour days? Stop. Work your 8 and go on dnd. They won’t hire more people because you’re putting in the hours of 2 people.

  22. I’m confused because although quality has dropped they have usually been pretty responsive with me. The other day we had a weird issue where permissions got fucked up and not even our global admin could change something. I put in a ticket and got called back in less than 10 minutes. The guy was pretty knowledgeable but didn’t have any practice so he struggled to walk me through basic commands but he sent me all the right KBs and I was able to figure it out on my own after the call. Basically just had to fix it through powershell.

  23. Never had a "responsive" answer to a ticket in years. Usually I raise a ticket with full and comprehensive details including screenshot, ask for email as the preferred method of communication then spend days going around in circles becouse the person who picks up the ticket insists on "connecting" which is just code for wanting to do a screen share, have me show them the issue I've already explained in detail and painfully walk through whatever support doc they've found which is sometimes completely irrelevant.

  24. You might need to shift how you go about submitting tickets. I find that instead of including a lot of details I start with just the main issue and then refer to a KB and point out where somethings going wrong. Had an issue this year where a feature available for a specific license was stuck on disabled. I sent them a KB and asked if I was reading it right and that I should be able to enable it. Confirmed it should be included and then in about 3-4 emails pointed me to the KB and the commands to run in powershell to turn it on manually. I have not had any unproductive sessions with support, sure some were unpleasant and did not solve my issue magically but they all pointed me in the right direction.

  25. The fact of the matter is these companies do not care about individual customers. They will only run lines when they see their competitors messing up. My neighborhood had a several month long Comcast outage. It was not out persay but speeds were below usable for a long time. Anyways Comcast said it would take weeks to repair and they missed every estimate. People started calling ATT and when enough people called into ATT they started running the numbers and decided it was worth it to run fiber to our neighborhood. A year or two later they were running lines with enough fiber to offer dedicated lines to customers who requested it.

  26. Trust me kick the kratom. It did some permanent damage to my brain. I spent all of yesterday feeling like death because I took a Vicodin my doctor prescribed. I’ve taken them in the past without issues but after kicking kratom my receptors are all out of wack. It felt like I was dying on a rollercoaster of dopamine.

  27. Reminds me of the response our GM made when some dude rated us 1 star because we didn’t honor his reservation an hour and a half later. We called and he said he was running 30 minutes late. 30 minutes later still not there. An hour later he storms in and we have no tables. We tell him the wait is 20 minutes and he flips out.

  28. The flip side of that is you don't need as many engineers to maintain a bridge as you do to build that bridge in the first place. Twitter's been building out for a while, but I'm sure the need for growth has slowed as the service has matured.

  29. I mean if the system is built well I could imagine it running for a few months without intervention but if one critical service goes down it’s going to be a news event. Elon will probably love the bad press unless he doesn’t get to tweet his spin on it while it’s being fixed.

  30. Damn I slipped on concrete before when running in cleats was not fun.

  31. Probably not. Unless you get lucky every single time. The amount you’d have to risk will blow your account if it draws down too much.

  32. I had a frozen dell laptop while upgrading bios once. Had to pillow kill it, it woke up again

  33. Yeah with most new machines anything over an hour is probably just stuck. I was at a place updating firmware on a desktop and it was stuck like that for 2 hours. Unplugged it plugged it back in and it started right up. Update went through successfully it just didn’t prompt itself to reboot.

  34. Fine we will legalize all drugs and create a regulated market so drugs can be safe again.

  35. That's my idea. We can't be the only ones?

  36. No there are already groups of people doing this out in the world it’s just illegal still.

  37. To be fair sometimes restart doesn’t function properly. My work laptop rarely actually reboots when I hit restart. I even have fast startup disabled.

  38. Different beasts. Bay Area traffic is short bursts of congestion while LA is long stretches of continuous traffic. In LA it can take you 1-2 hours to do a drive that would take 30 minutes on a good day if you leave 10 minutes too early or late.

  39. I was going to comment you’re SOL but it seems that people have found various solutions to all the issues. Idk what it is about laptop manufacturers and audio devices but they are never reliable with headsets.

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