1. Why goku was branded on his dick ?

  2. Dragon ball copied gaston ?!

  3. There's this new anime were she keep traveling between worlds to make money's, her goal is to make enough to retire (she's 18)

  4. Nice job man! I’d love to try to even get close to that level of progress. I’m curious, did you have any help? Like a trainer or a nutritionist?

  5. Andrew tate tried to kill him self

  6. I am banned at the main sub this is my only place to post

  7. Eggy was brave to his last moment

  8. Hoho such a bad girl "stab her chest 15 time"

  9. Nah, it's true but he got banned later on for making a rape joke about Farnese and the horse. His account was suspended later on.

  10. Is that big monster a new boss ?

  11. "Actually graffiti poll you to the center of the arth so you dunt feel that its rawnd"🤓

  12. I didn't watch the one in the middle but I think I can guess what people meant by "wholesome"

  13. I mean DIO burned a dog alive and jojo just forgave him

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