I posted a few days ago about old man Earl at the shelter I volunteer at. Well I adopted him today. He is skeletal and I think he needs a sweater. So far he enjoys squirrel watching on the open window sill.

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  1. my cat's name is Stella but i click the "St" with my mouth

  2. it was the full bad word I had only seen the dog a few times but still, I think what a fucked up mind he had to name the dog that and use it in public

  3. buy the best dry food you can afford the better the food the smaller the poops! cheap cat food is like fast food it just goes thru them

  4. congrats on the new addition to your family. every cat is different but cats like a constant routine possibly your late grandma had a playtime after mealtime. also, cats will mourn a lost one it could be some kind of coping behavior. also, meows are used to manipulate humans to do what they want.

  5. Thanks! They didn’t have a playtime. She used to meow like this even when living with her. I’ve heard tuxedo cats are really talkative, like, we can “have a conversation”. I say something and she replies haha. So maybe is just her talking?

  6. that's good to hear if its not a new behavior then it seems she is doing fine

  7. may the force be with you! (while holding up The Vulcan salute)

  8. looks like over-watering to me maybe the soil has no oxygen but the black spots look like mold or fungus, either way, I would redo all the soil drown it once, and wait till the leaves start to shrink which could take months i water mine like once a month less in the winter and I live in the desert, not a humid area. also does the pot have a hole on the bottom cause you could have stagnant water pooling on the bottom pull out the plant and smell the soil if it smells bad that's the problem

  9. I've always made the mistake of jumping into a relationship after getting out of one. but now I've been single for over a year and I have depression to thank for that I also self-destructed my life by quitting my job and living with my mom. I'm doing a lot better mentally but I've always found a girlfriend at whatever job I've had but now I think I've learned that that idea is a bad one

  10. my mother is dying from COPD me and her both quit on the first of the year she has had a few more as of today but hearing her scrapping her lungs for a breath while holding a cigarette is sad and disheartening but I'm proud of her (and my self) for quitting!

  11. I hate it more when you're being revived and the other teammate comes over and takes your three plate and guns. I just quit that match. if I'm losing my insured weapon ill just back out i think it irritates me more tho when a teammate aint on comms runs off, dies, then starts yelling on comms to "hurry up pick me up" and "why are you so far away" or "what a pussy" I don't mind players running off to do their own thing but then using your mic for the first time after your down to communicate that your team is bad or dumb or whatever toxic shit player say

  12. i just finished this one and i found it a better chance of dropping off of AQ besides that I have found them to be ANYWHERE in a kitchen a rooftop a shelf (never a toolbox) but the most consistent is by killing AQ either the red scarf guy or teir 3 agents

  13. don't change the receiver or change it with no upgrades then redo the gunsmithing

  14. yeah, but are there any of them blow torches there? lol

  15. i can't imagine when im out of breath that I need to open my mouth as wide as possible lol

  16. https://pics.me.me/jesus-is-back-and-hes-not-cruci-fuckin-around-the-bible-4402428.png

  17. that cat has the same energy as the guy on the right! lol

  18. I'm missing what is strange about this Zkill link can you explain more?!?!

  19. The abyss losses and amount of stuff lost. Doesnt look to me like new player. Maybe older player, but why would be so bad in it then? Something doesnt fit in this behavior to me. Maybe if that player was new, but made enough isk, and did that for some time? I dont know, that is why its question.

  20. he also could be running 10s to 100s a day and your only seeing his losses?

  21. maybe its a sold account or he is trying duel boxing and failing hard he is running Raging Gamma Filament which is hard to run and you need expensive ships to clear maybe he is a returning player that is space rich from the old casino days I'm just not sure what is funny about it =P

  22. i was fully expecting to see shredded Arnold when he...she took off the robe! lol

  23. i wish to think that this is genuine and not some perv ex but check on his mental health if he was once a friend your husband would understand checking on his mentality! unless you know he is just looking for sexy time. those words have pain in them and he is reaching out for help it sounds like!

  24. I don't doubt she's having a hard time. No one reaches out to an ex after 10 years in the middle of the night bc they're fallen on good times. Last I heard she's married with kids. Her and her husband are recovering alcoholics. She's a recovering drug addict. I'm happily married and the only thing I can do is pray for someone like her. But the fact that she never replied after I said I'm married, says everything I need to know.

  25. I apologize for assuming the genders and now I'm not sure I know what to think of it I am a man so I was coming from that point of view but for a woman to reach out its most likely a call for help also I've heard of older women getting those teenage urges lol idk now hopefully all is good with her! also i thought it was a little unusual for a guy to remember a number for so long, but girls never forget =P

  26. i was like "um... thats not joe....!" holy shit it is him young buck and hair lol

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