1. BuT HoW dO wE KnOw ThEy IDeNtIfIeD aS a FeMaLe?!?!?.........

  2. a lot of in-depth comments here glad to see it <3

  3. her eyes are the focal point! as you can tell she is an ET from the upwords angle sadly only people will look at the sexuality of the message... although i dont believe her as that sigh is a Kosher religious thing so

  4. i feel like the more people hate on a person the more we all should listen to them!?!?

  5. im sure someone said this but i believe some places dont see UFOs as a danger more as a natural part of nature so no need to "report" sightings i assume that has a little to do with it

  6. you have to regain dominance of the feline and sneeze in its mouth the next time they yawn!!!... lol jk

  7. i worked at said store for awhile and i also came across some older people stating "oh i dont need a bulb that will outlast me..." it does run a different watt tho or something but i do believe "they" might take that into account idk

  8. oh wow i was watching this thinking why does this feel familiar?

  9. your cat is mad that you were gone or away and is now annoyed that only now your paying attention to him also i dont think he like the camera

  10. by nature, i feel uncomfortable to keep my head centered instead of keeping my good eye centered. so, my head is always weirdly angled to one side. i noticed it back when i first had a group photo taken. everyone's face was centered, except mine.

  11. i would say that your the only one thats not a robot! lol i noticed that when im walking thru a crowd i overcompensate and watch my blind side to much and run into people on the good side haha

  12. Well, I’m thinking they’ll take the liberty of unearthing the time capsule that is/was buried under the stones.

  13. Think of it this way - it’s destroying evidence for 5 generations later

  14. yes but the digital age will never forget pictures

  15. That’s why this is such a big deal!!!

  16. so your saying a sheet of news paper could make ME that hard?

  17. No, she's saying that if you put a newspaper over your dick and get someone to slap it, it will break.

  18. i like the meme or tweet about how the person doesn't think they are depressed enough to seek help so it like their depression is depressed.... like that

  19. tax funds is like tossing water in to a pool and maybe higher education students would benefit from it most would be scooped up by administrative fees. so if it were to happen nothing would come out of it except lager pockets for those with big enough pockets

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