1. i did get it and im excited about the model figure the megathron is my favorite ship and i dont think i would've gotten it if it was any other ship! a plus was my gf liked the little plushy haha but i did feel like the cost of a toy model and a plushy for 200 is expensive but im gonna be happy everytime i look up at it with all my other goofy toy models

  2. this post is great 😂 i decided to scour the interwebs for others who are also blind in one eye, but i didn't expect so many sad posts :( i've been blind in one eye since birth so i have no idea what im missing out on. i can only imagine how hard it's been on ppl who do, and it breaks my heart.

  3. i use to put my hat on a little sideways before i realized it haha !

  4. thats what pikachu would look like just never evolving! lol jk

  5. on the crazy side someone could of sprayed ground sterilizer the only thing that gets me is its been over a year but it looks like it was growing well before that

  6. Was the original Arecibo Message public information prior to when these crop circles appeared?

  7. Yes I believe it was done at a world fair or something fancy to demonstrate the power of radio signals but then the scientist guy who made it or what ever asked his colleagues to do this "test" and no one figured out it was a code that turned in to a picture but yes I believe it was public

  8. this song is beautiful and it need to be heard!

  9. i can't have to much sunlight in my eye it gets bad but i always have sunglasses and im fine but also with really bright screens i sometimes feel more comfortable turning the brightness down

  10. sometimes i twist my head to the right to look to the left back side of me when im driving but unless your neck sucks then it should be ok

  11. fuck yes! that is amazing and you should feel amazing! i feel the same way like im some kind of superior human! it blows me away to think that people have like this second eye on the side of their head like WTF i was 4y.o. when i lost my left eye and i can't comprehend the idea of my brain having another eye to work with it so weird like having a left and right nose

  12. thats cool im glad i never removed her i think i should slide her a small cup of water!

  13. It's my understanding that these gals rarely leave their webs - they stay hidden while waiting for a bug to come by. So if you don't see her, try tossing a cricket or roach in her web.

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