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  1. but I never sent a message to anyone and im just getting these randomly.

  2. Zenni optical. Great glasses and super cheap. (My single strength Rx was less than $15)

  3. Yes I do it too. I also use calligraphy rs instead of cursive sometimes

  4. I think little things like that are what makes handwriting beautiful! (Except for my own.... sometimes I feel like my writing is psycho 😂)

  5. And you didn’t show him throwing the presents? I wanted to see what that looks like. That sounds so fun.

  6. I was too busy holding my daughter up 😂 I can upload a video of of him on the back and here is a

  7. Yes. He throws toys, gloves and things like that to the people when the train stops. It makes several stops throughout the day.

  8. A few folks have mentioned a weighted blanket, that would be nice. I saw one at Wal-Mart, called Tranquility. Not sure what to look for in a good one?

  9. Weighted blankets are amazing. When my anxiety is up, my husband throws mine on me and it seems to help. I got mine from Amazon. I think it was a better price than other places. I advise getting the heaviest you can handle. (I think the rule is 10% of your body weight, I think?)

  10. I think most of us had our kids behind us (or they were too short in the crowd)

  11. Wow. Didn't realize I would start a war on the comments. Just to clear a few things up...

  12. This is so sweet! I would probably cry if I got a huggable version of my little Alf 💕

  13. Psych 🍍 (Based off you liking only murders in the building)

  14. I am on extended release (my sister told me to ask for ER because it was easier for her to tolerate.) Apart from the first week or so, the only time I get nauseous now is if I eat certain things. (It's happened about twice when I ate a Blondie. Made me sick all day)

  15. How do you start? 😂 YouTube keeps recommending me pilates stuff and I kinda want to try it but there's no classes or anything close by. Does anyone have a YouTube channel to recommend or somewhere else that I could get started?

  16. Thank you for the review! I was thinking about adding the books to my Christmas list and now I'm convinced!

  17. Just commenting to agree with the finch suggestion. The breathing exercises are wonderful to have access to. You can personalize goals for whatever you need. Great app.

  18. Ok, my diet is not exactly perfect but I'm trying to make small changes. Here's some snacks that work for me... Sunmaid Peach flavored raisins (60 calories and taste super sweet.)

  19. Pappyland was a kid's drawing show that I always found calming.

  20. I don’t have anything to fight for 😢 My mental health was just as bad not on the birth control pills so I don’t know if that’s a factor for me …?

  21. And also, please consider the possibility of switching birth control. My mental health was rough before birth control but on Junel it was awful. It may be more of a factor than you realize. Switching could change your whole outlook.

  22. I’ll stick with the one I’m on for now because it’s not even been half a year yet, but I’ll keep it in the back of my mind! Thank you 🥺

  23. I could only handle one month of Junel. My regular doctor advised me to stay on it for 3 months at least but I really don't think I could have handled that long so I quit it after the first pack.

  24. Yes, I've always gotten mild hot flashes at ovulation (sudden sticky sweatiness, hot neck and face and chest, 'sensitive feeling/prickly skin') and prior to my period, both when my PCOS was undiagnosed and during all the years (decades) that my PCOS has been in remission/essentially asymptomatic, as well. I'm just SUPER sensitive to hormone shifts.

  25. Oh no...they get worse?!? Hopefully you are done with them now!

  26. He's about 19 years old. Just noticed he looks bloated when I cleaned his tank. Acts fine otherwise.

  27. Wow! Your collection is so much more diverse than mine...I have mostly banana stickers 😂

  28. I have years ago but never got about to finishing it! 😔

  29. Mine is also a work in progress. Never too late to finish!

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