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Man holds back from shooting mama bear that charges him 3 times

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  1. I actually cannot stand his performance here. Like it’s hard for me to watch. She’s amazing though

  2. No one talks about Fleabag but it's an amazing show. Probably because it's got a lot of feminine themes I guess but I still really liked it as a man.

  3. Not really. You are technically correct about grammar, but "improve" is subjective. "Improve" doesn't unequivocally mean decrease either. I seriously read that as a misuse of the word "improve" in that context. I ran this by other people and they agree. That's proof enough to me that it is not colloquially correct. It's logically ambiguous.

  4. I'll give you an example. If I say, "You know, that salve I applied yesterday improved the itching on my scab." Would you say that the itch became more or less, better or worse? I mean, itching indicates it is healing, so maybe I mean that it itches more and I feel better about that. Or, maybe I mean that I feel the itching less so maybe it is not healing but I feel better because it's less? Or maybe now that the itching is less or more I don't know if it is healing better or not? Same thing with muscle soreness. It might mean I had a good work out. See? Ambiguous. Period.

  5. It became better. Which is the literal definition of improved. Period

  6. Lmao at the idea of “neurotypical” as if it exists.

  7. There’s something off about the shadows (lack thereof) at the feet

  8. Wow this is pathetic. They can’t stop talking about us or GME

  9. Why is SLAM the most commonly used word in headlines for the past few years?

  10. Serious question. Why has he seemingly gone insane over the past few weeks?

  11. Lmao Tesla never had anything to do with “pulling things forward”. Unless you believe manufacturing overpriced, poorly built cars that belch noxious gasses for 4 days when their batteries explode and have some of the highest cost of ownership and lowest reliability “pulling things forward”.

  12. That's what I'm saying! I'm pro-reparations, so...🤷🏿‍♀️

  13. Why the music instead of the original audio? I hate what the internet has become

  14. Maybe its years of working different sectors of food industry, but im baffled by all these people commenting about their cling wrap not working. It still works fine for me, maybe I botch a wrap every now and then. But just like, pull out some more and wrap the damn thing?

  15. Nah it’s true. You’re just using different stuff

  16. I’m all for hype but…. Some need to loosen the foil or get outside not sure which .

  17. It’s fine. It’s just fun. Nothing impacts our original thesis and we’re still DRSing like animals.

  18. It's not fine when people get called a shill or a bunch of "Reddit Cares" messages when they point out the flaws. I got absolutely shit on when I mentioned the multiple reasons a the Once Upon a Time in Shaolin dividend was impossible.

  19. That’s kind of a different subject and I agree, it’s not fine. But I think that represents a conspicuous minority of the sub

  20. I don't think he's a genius, although he's far and away more educated and successful than you or I. What I'm saying is that he's trolling the people that want to criticize and belittle his every move and hes inviting that criticism because it exposes a particular political bases hypocritical behavior.

  21. He’s not “more educated” than me (you don’t know my background). And success is subjective - I’m not an embarrassment of a human so I personally would consider myself more successful. And I didn’t have all of the privilege and opportunity that he had and squandered either

  22. Wow I wish I had your perspective. Intentionally oblivious to facts with zero shame? You remind me of an orange fellow that once ran this country lmao

  23. "the day I get drunk deadpool is going to show up to take advantage, and I don't have that kind of time today"

  24. Hopefully it would be something funnier than this

  25. lets hear yours then. one more good joke is only going to improve the post, and we're all here for jokes.

  26. I only make jokes if I know they’re funny. So no.

  27. I sand hardwood floors for a living, about 8 years now. I hope you're in a LCOL area and the prices aren't gouged like they are where I am. Depending on your location, you might get lucky and find some yahoo who is willing to sand just where the scratches are, and try to blend the stain and finish back to normal along the boards. If that's the case, it's been nice knowing them too. If it comes down to it, I'd be happy to send guide videos if you're willing to do it yourself. Feel free to DM me with any questions and I'll be happy to answer or help as best I can!

  28. Lmao this doesn’t need to be sanded and refinished to be repaired

  29. Smart man. Gun like that pulling the trigger at as close of range as possible is really really important too

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