1. How is 2023 so far? I feel optimistic.

  2. I feel grateful. I just visited the States and I saw so many people living lives I never could've endured, so I'm just happy being me even though I have my own set of weird problems.

  3. Grateful is a good feeling. I'm glad you have that.

  4. Initiate Operation Strangler. Besides all the stuff you need to do to get this to work now, you should probably start replacing it with smaller, composable, better understood processes.

  5. I feel ya. You stop and think about the groups you're a part of and realize that you're not really one of them even if you do meet this or that particular group trait.

  6. Did you find an answer? I'm in the same boat.

  7. I did not. I decided they're probably not what I'm looking for.

  8. Going since it's my hometown. Glad I'm still a student and can get the $149 academic all access. My first kubecon :D

  9. Seems like it takes it's own anecdote a little too seriously. All autistic people are different. This seems infantilizing, even slut shaming.

  10. I thought the "sinner" reference was light sarcasm. But now that you bring it up I'm wondering...

  11. I have found that with the way browsers these days allow you to access your tabs on other devices, even if you erase a phone, they might still be available from Safari on another device. At least they would be with Firefox.

  12. For my part I hate bureaucracy and just want perfectly auditable and predictable processes that ensure fair and equitable outcomes, with appropriate appeals processes and documentation enough that different people can look back in the future and understand exactly why a decision was made.

  13. Exactly. Less bureaucracy, more of that.

  14. DevOps doesn't work to provide service to development teams (which a platform engineer does), but works with them for the business. Even more, the set of tools, objectives, and metrics between both is totally different.

  15. I disagree. I've spent 6 years now as a "DevOps Engineer" on teams called "DevOps", and the aim has always been to automate and keep things DRY. Providing a service to dev teams, letting them do as much as possible themselves, is naturally a part of that. It'd be weird if it wasn't.

  16. DevOps integrates with dev teams, providing service would be just "sysadmin with asteroids"

  17. Oh man I'd love to have asteroids laying next to my desk.

  18. Here's something I wish I had spent more time on when I was junior: start learning to estimate time. Make a guess about how long a task or a project will take and then compare your guess to how long it actually took, once it's done. Tweak, revise, get better at it. Make it a habit.

  19. If you close your eyes it never happened.

  20. The easiest way is to keep the mirrored branch the same and keep your changes in a separate branch. You can use CI to automatically merge upstream changes into your branch with the modification.

  21. On that plush dreidel? You should pass.

  22. That is an excellent find. Hopefully that helps someone out. For myself, I had to pretty much discover all of that on my own, and the stuff in that link is how I did it.

  23. >While AD was talking to some other people he suddenly reached across the table and pointed to my equations,

  24. But 100x faster and qualitatively astute both come down to "pretty smart".

  25. A glorious domestic bastard child of engineering and marketing, which compares the prices of all the retails which has an online inventory ranging from Lil' John's Crackpot Computing to our local version of newegg, extended with reviews, ratings, etc. Translates to something like "ware finder", extremely handy.

  26. In all fairness, it's just the regular Oracle installer running an automated installation, but it seems to be a bit pointless to run it in a container :)

  27. Don't download the Oracle database for fun, then :D

  28. MINUTES installing Oracle, pooping on your lawn, eating your children, and cackling. Oh and, incidentally, you'll be able to store data in table format when it's done.

  29. I don't have a miracle cure but I'll throw my best ideas at you for free.

  30. I've been following the idea of TMS for this purpose. It seems to be developing well.

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