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  1. Ah damn i ve been looking for the map for like 15 mins now. Still couldnt find it. Im trying tho

  2. Thank you! Its been gnawing at me for so long now, I just need to remember harder ;-;

  3. Are you sure that the map was made in 2012? Or that the name ended with "v4"

  4. I know it was before workshop support came to gmod and the texture work relied a lot more (probably entirely) on HL2 textures vs. the gm_construct look, but I'm not sure about the _v4, I just remember the name being unusually long. I tried looking through my backups for screenshots and such but the hard-drive this all would have been on died mid-copy years ago--the only thing I could save were my dupes.

  5. Unfortunately not. The floating bridge area was fairly small and in a standard day01 skybox. Similar layout though--it was just a smaller portion of the rest of the map.

  6. Soaked yellow with sweaty hand sweat over many years.

  7. He set his flamethrower from kill to heal

  8. 99% of that time is actually spent doing unethical human experimentation, the remaining 1% is devoted to doing that weird healing thing

  9. if by unethical human experimentation you mean spamming the crossbow, you’re goddamn right

  10. The new terminator movie is looking great!

  11. reflect jumping is a world of difference though tbh

  12. Skill is a crutch for people who can't get random crits.

  13. crits aren’t random if you just get them every time

  14. I read he is Asian and i was so confused for a second

  15. Or, and hear me out, heavy will put Australium in his sandwich and become a god. This is the only reasonable explanation

  16. Same thing with me, but with a chair

  17. when i was like 14 i had an ATV flip back on me while I was riding on the rear with a friend driving. Was pressed up thankfully against the grass and the seat but they needed several people to tip it back upright and i was probably about a few inches shy of being crushed against the metal bars that extended off the back

  18. I dont know whats going on in this picture

  19. the mercs have died and gone to heaven

  20. “Jesse what the fuck are you talking about.”

  21. You can get the Bat Outta Hell from a random drop, crafting it, buying it, uncrate #51 or a halloween package, but afaik its not tied to a specific achievement. Where were you getting this information?

  22. You listening? Okay. Basically? There's this guy named William that moved from England to a town called Hurricane with his wife and three kids, and meets this guy named Henry and the two of them form a friendship and open up a diner and pizzeria called

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