1. I sometimes wonder if you intentionally pick the shittiest possible picture of the girl you don't want to win but everyone knows will win.

  2. Whatever I got!! But then I messed up on my latest DIK playthrough and didn’t save any money for Lily smh.

  3. I know Nami will win just because she's from Summer's Gone. I'm still voting Mina.

  4. Rio hasn't had a scene since episode 7. She's 100% getting one.

  5. Pale Carnations literally lets you be a dom.

  6. Some unknown characters had some of my favorite costumes but I'll stick to the named ones.

  7. I love Cammy but she just doesn't seem like she is looking for anything serious at the moment. She's a great girl though. Hot and sweet. Beautiful and charming. Always seems positive. Has a real naughty streak. She's fun.

  8. I like to eat pussy and pubic hair can make that experience less pleasant sometimes. That's the only reason I care. Other than that as long as it is clean and trim it can be aesthetically pleasing. And some of the little shapes and things girls do can be cute.

  9. I read into that Bella did stuff with another friend but told Jill.

  10. I'm not saying they scissored I'm talking something mundane like drinking too much wine and kissing.

  11. I still think it's relating to either another friend or something. I'm not convinced Jill is the type to do that with Bella.

  12. Jill isn't the type normally but alcohol lowers inhibitions. I'm not 100% married to the theory but it's perfectly plausible.

  13. Bella's tits are excessive and it's a shame because she's otherwise quite gorgeous.

  14. Download F95 checker and add all your favorite games. occasionally open the app and hit refresh. Support the devs when and where you can.

  15. I'd like to see the hinted relationship with Rio take off and I'd like a lot more Lily content.

  16. In all games and most places online I'm Silmerano.

  17. Sarah looks like she has a future at truck stops.

  18. Nah I like trashy women. How you think I know?

  19. Seems like most think College Kings season 1 was either ok or good but season 2 was bad. Would anyone recommend me playing it? I've played Being a Dik and it's my favourite AVN, I don't expect College Kings to blow me away or anything but is it worth trying?

  20. Look Season 1 is free on Steam you might as well try it. I enjoyed it for what it was. I never could get into Season 2. It feels off and different. Season 2 isn't finished anyway though so maybe I will try it later when there is more content.

  21. Most people here aren't going to be able to answer this ask whoever made the mobile port.

  22. Pretty sure the only part that matters is having a drink with her at the HOTs party and accepting her advances.

  23. Leap of Faith. It's finished. It's well written. It has great girls. It makes me feel a range of emotions. It has replay value. It has everything pretty much any of the top AVNs have but it also actually has an ending. So for me this year LOF wins.

  24. Some devs don't put it in or disable it as a design choice.

  25. Cece will dominate. I don't personally think she's even the best girl from LOF but she is widely loved. Smurf is the girl you give away.

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