1. "Time to hit this wolf with a solar flare many times larger than this entire planet, that's a completely reasonable thing to do."

  2. Wolf resists solar flare.... dammit

  3. I love the concept of this stuff existing, but I look down on people who genuinely believe in that stuff.

  4. A lot of people like that Jesus fellow

  5. Yeah, I kind of look down on that, too.

  6. I appreciate your reply! I agree with your point of view. I think it's a little ironic that people scoff at stuff like this then go to church every Sunday praising someone who turned water in to wine, parted the seas, and came back from the dead.

  7. It's just a mold they use for it, not really that exciting

  8. Insert shitty forced reposted meme with trigger words... get motivated

  9. Hide.. you've watched the purge right?

  10. She says you pick where you want to eat for dinner, Im down for anything, then goes on to reject the first 3 places you choose until you somehow guess where she really wants to eat

  11. Hey look morty its a repost on reddit, I bet you dont *burp* see those too often

  12. Nature's depiction of what eating taco bell is like

  13. I would like an extra large pizza please. Oh and touch it as much as possible, the more dirt and germs on it the better

  14. Can we crop out the stupid person and keep the good part?

  15. Green M&M getting a gender color change?

  16. translation: Arte didn't get a high enough offer

  17. Do I need to watch Code 1 and 2 to understand this one, or would it be ok to just start with this one?

  18. It's like star wars, code 1 and 2 will be released in 20 years

  19. New content that is not pack releases

  20. There's a lot of fans of Rick and Morty right now saying they can't recast all the character's Justin voiced and my argument has been "Why not?" You as a fan are ok with dozens (or hundreds? I dunno how many people work on Rick and Morty) need to loose their jobs because you as an audience can't handle a slightly different voice for Rick? That's kind of an asshole stance.

  21. Easy fix.. at the start of next season r&m go into a dimension we're your voice is similar but slightly different 😄

  22. I choose a female a character and then choose to make them as small as possible. Works wonders when you're trying to hide.

  23. I couldn't even read this entire post before I down voted it /s

  24. Just Google this repost... Insulin, Healthcare, food, housing, college books... no need to ask this question every day on this sub

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