1. Yes and no! I had a cyst removed only and they left the endo there (my surgeon said she would remove it, but only disclosed afterwards that she wasn’t trained for my stage III). I started feeling better around 6 months after. My theory is that the surgery inflamed/stirred up the endo that was left, and made things much worse until it managed to settle again. But that’s based on nothing except my imagination haha. It’s a big surgery and the inflammation does make a huge difference (at least it does seem to for me). If you haven’t already, you could try a low inflammation diet or just cutting out a few things like alcohol? Pelvic floor therapy comes highly recommended for anyone with endo or has had pelvic surgery. Sorry you’re in more pain now, and I hope you feel better soon 💕

  2. It’s been about 7 months since my excision surgery and we have still not conceived naturally or via IVF (did a transfer that ended up as a chemical in November 22).

  3. Hi! So I’ve been dealing with Endo since age 15 (now 30), and after deciding that I couldn’t take the pain and wanting to give ourselves the best chance at conception I finally got excision surgery in August. I’ve consulted with my current specialist as well as another renowned endo/fertility specialist and what it came down to for me is that more information = better chances. My surgery was rough, and my doctor found more than we bargained for, but that also allowed us to hit the ground running when it comes to TTC. Many women have success very quickly after (within first 6 mos post op) and though we haven’t conceived yet, my doctor was able to find additional issues that would’ve made pregnancy more complicated/dangerous had we not addressed them before. Current research indicates no correlation between excision surgery and negative impact to AMH (ovarian reserve), and excision (NOT ablation) with an expert should result in minimal scarring. Because endo produces its own inflammation, you’re likely already more inflamed than you would be post-op, especially at stage three. Having the excision and HSG at the same time will arm you with a lot of information you may not otherwise have, and give you and your providers a chance to create a plan for TTC. It’s always hard to know the right choice, and anxiety is totally expected when so much is unknown, I think that had a lot to do with my decision to make as many variables “known” as we could. While we haven’t conceived yet (just finished our fifth cycle TTC with medicated assistance) I cannot tell you how much surgery improved my quality of life! Less pain, better sex, more level hormones-it was 100% worth it for me. Plus, I now have a literal inside look at what’s going on to help address any issues that may arise.

  4. Thanks for such a detailed and thoughtful reply!! Very much appreciated. And for being so kind 🥰 there is so much to learn, I’ve been finding myself quite overwhelmed when digging into the literature. Here’s hoping you conceive soon! :)

  5. It’s common that they use a “manipulator” to move the uterus forwards/backwards for better access inside the abdomen. I think it’s a metal rod of sorts and that is placed through the cervix, so that they can move it externally (from outside the vagina) - hope that makes sense. That is probably what is causing you pain. If it’s bad/persisting though, it can’t hurt to ask your Dr.

  6. My husband was trembling when he had appendicitis, along with a rapid heart beat. Apparently (in his case at least) it was the adrenaline that the body released in response to extreme pain. Could be something similar?

  7. A second for it helping with bloating! I was prescribed it for bloating/stomach sensitivity and vaginal sensitivity (that developed immediately after surgery). I have found it very helpful for that. My specialist said something along the lines of.. it only really helps with “secondary symptoms” that are a result of your body being hyper sensitive/protective of the pelvic region.

  8. It took me a few months, sorry to say! Hope you feel better soon :)

  9. Looks a bit like a motorbike frog

  10. Yes if they mean the oval in Perth, this is a Motorbike frog! :)

  11. A recent ultrasound suggested my rectum was adhered to the uterus, so my surgeon ordered an MRI (yet to have it). She reckoned that as long as it wasn’t DIE it would be fairly straightforward to seperate/remove, but that the MRI should give them a better idea. Have you had an MRI?

  12. I had fluid because of endo. If you are in severe pain like you are being stabbed for real and you have a lot of fluid - and a doctor thinks a cyst ruptured you may want to vie for emergency surgery. And actual ruptured endometrioma cyst - and just oh wait 3 weeks before even seeing a surgeon makes my head wanna explode.

  13. Yes seconding this! I had free fluid show up on my scans, it was due to inflammation from endo.

  14. Fabada? Super cheap if you use dried white beans :) doesn’t contain any of the allergens you mentioned but does have meat

  15. We have a similar sort of thing going on, and it definitely changes in severity with the weather/seasons.

  16. Sort of haha - since my lap last year I have developed sensitivity to certain fruits and vegetables. I was always a little bit sensitive, but not enough that stopped me eating anything. Straight after my surgery though, my intestines were so upset and have been since (7 months ago). They didn’t remove the endo, so I do wonder if the surgery irritated it all and made it more inflamed leaving it in there, which has unbalanced the rest of me.

  17. Those heated blankets are just the best aren’t they?! I was shivering when I woke up and the nurse load some over me and also wrapped one around my head. It was one of the nicest things I’ve ever felt haha

  18. Does he have a little cosy to sleep in (fleecey pouch/hammock/cosy corner)? There are lots of options if you google, looks like it would love one :)

  19. I didn’t get an IUD for this reason, as most of my pain comes from cysts and I didn’t want to risk getting more. Have you tried Visanne/Dienogest? It’s supposed to suppress the ovaries and shrink/reduce cyst occurrence. It’s not supposed to be used as birth control, just a treatment for endo. Might be worth a try if you can.

  20. The tiles look pretty standard, you might be able to find a few to replace the cracked ones and then re grout as others have suggested!

  21. Look at the little Tyler’s singing his heart out, so cool to watch! Thanks for sharing

  22. I've had 2 inductions. All it is - is they give you a medicine called (Pitocin) to speed up your labor. When you can't handle the pain you get anesthesia (epidural) then either baby comes out vaginally or via c-section.

  23. It sounds a bit like a pelvic floor spasm of some kind? I get those sometimes and usually it’s all flared for a couple of weeks where I get it more frequently, then it calms down.

  24. My only symptom for diaphragm endo was hiccups.

  25. I have a chronic hiccup issue and your comment just made the connection that it might be linked to my diaphragm endo, thanks! I too don’t have any symptoms that I’m aware of, except getting the hiccups all the time. I thought it was due to my clumsy drinking, which is probably is haha, but sometimes I wake up in the night with them.

  26. they didn’t say i would have anything used vaginally.

  27. Mine didn’t say either until the day of surgery, but it’s fairly standard I believe. A rod they place through the cervix and into the uterus to move back and forth to access the space around it. (You won’t know anything about it, it’s done after you’re sedated)

  28. Ornate burrowing frogs don't get that big. Pics aren't great but they look like cane toads to me.

  29. Surgery may help, and pelvic floor therapy as others have said! There are medications you can try like amitriptyline and gabapentin (think they’re spelt correctly!).

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