1. Reminds me of our cats nickname - WBC or Worlds Best Catto :)

  2. YES! I was regularly bloated before, but now I am permanently. My abdomen is often tender to pressure and I am very sensitive to food (wasn’t before). I only had a cyst removed, but the endo was left there.. I’m kind of hoping it’s all just inflamed and having it excised will fix the bloat. Did you have yours excised (assume so if you’ve had multiple surgeries)?

  3. It is so hard sometimes. Please go easy on yourself! Work can wait until you’re fit again. It’s not worth damaging yourself further! Sending hugs.

  4. I love that paving look, but do you find it annoying with your chairs falling into the pebble gaps?

  5. Okay thank you. If you know, is endo bloat usually only lower abdomen? I feel like mine goes a bit higher then the other pictures i’ve seen posted here

  6. I think it probably varies from person to person how you bloat. I look preggo with mine, but my belly is naturally shaped like that anyway and any kind of bloating looks the same on me (regardless of the cause) 🤷‍♀️

  7. Yes, I do. Did they remove the endo or just the cyst? Mine just removed the cyst and left the ovary stuck to a big pile of endo which causes frequent pain.

  8. This sounds quite similar to me! I had a cyst removed, and a tiny bit of endo ablated in July this year. The gyno said it was severe and beyond their skill set (she didn’t tell me that /before/ the surgery, but anyway) so they didn’t remove much. She referred me to an endo specialist, but i didn’t think I’d need it as I was expecting to feel better pretty soon considering the problem cyst was gone. Pain decreased somewhat but not really, still daily ovary pain, severe bloating and pain during sex. I just had my follow up with the specialist a couple of weeks ago and from the photos and notes she had from the gyno, she gave me loads of additional info! She said that my ovary was still pinned down, and stuck onto a nasty patch of deep infiltrating endo - that would likely cause another cyst to form quickly, and would explain my ongoing symptoms. Basically the gyno just irritated things and only fixed “part of the problem”, which left lots of pain.

  9. NTC. Refuse any memdicines until wrapped in roasted chimken.

  10. My very stoic husband told me he was in a 9/10 pain (suspected appendicitis) so we went to our small town ER, where they told us that a young boy with appendicitis had been in that morning. They decided that 1. Since the child was crying his eyes out and my husband was not, he couldn’t possibly be in enough pain and that 2. It would be too unlikely for TWO cases of appendicitis in the same day! So they sent him away, and we drove to the nearest city where he was immediately treated. What are they thinking sometimes?! Who knows…

  11. I think the little orange patches would make her a tabico (tabby x calico)?

  12. 😳😳 ER sent me away with a 6cm one 6 months back. About to get it removed, but I’ve spent 6 months with this inside me and I KNOW it’s gotten bigger. Where’d you hear the 4cm stat??? Wish I could shove it and my agony in the dumb docs faces.

  13. I’m not sure 4cm is correct to be considered dangerous, never heard that before. I was diagnosed with a 3.5cm one and it was classified as small.

  14. I’m guessing it’s and accident, but there are no photos on this post!

  15. Impossible to know what’s wrong. He could be stunned from flying in to a window, he could have bird flu? I would leave it alone as much as possible (so as not to stress it) and call your local wildlife hotline. They will either be able to advise you on what to do, or pick it up and care for it themselves. Assume contagious until you know otherwise!

  16. I had appendicitis last year. For me it was not super severe pain but I felt really ill along with it. I didn’t want to move and I just didn’t have energy to do anything (even going to bathroom was a huge effort). I slowly felt more ill over 48 hours with worsening stomach pain, and went to ER after I vomited. My husband also had it however and he just suddenly awoke in the night in absolute 10/10 agony so we rushed straight to hospital. Seems it can be quite different haha. If in doubt, always get checked out. It’s not worth the risk! 💕

  17. Did she take any biopsies that pathology will test for you?

  18. Is your gyn an endo specialist? Sounds like it’s possible they didn’t actually know what they were looking for. As far as the pics, my surgeon is great yet never takes many pics. 6 sounds about the right in my experience. The cyst may have burst during excision if the pic was after they removed it. If not, honestly I was shocked by what things actually look like on the inside the first time I saw my lap pics. I have IC and also had endo growing on my ureters and bladder. IC commonly occurs with endo. Personally, any doctor, especially in a specialty, that dismisses issues and then proceeds to suggest psych meds is a huge red flag. My GI has had “suggest ssri trial” in my notes for months and I’m just waiting for her to say it so I can flip the f*ck out. If I were you, with this post alone, I’d seek a second opinion. Urology however may not be a terrible idea in the mean time in case they have any insight. I hope this post helps at all and you find someone who takes your concerns seriously.

  19. Hello I don’t know if this is the same, but my specialist recently prescribed what is technically SSRIs. Amitriptyline (gabapentin is another) - she described it as an old anti depressant that used to be used in very high doses, and now it’s used for pelvic pain in very low doses. She explained the different types of pain and said there are some pains we can get that are neuropathic, sometimes in response to surgery for example, and this can help to settle everything down. Like the body inflaming everything worse then is necessary. I’m not doing a very good job of explaining it but this website I found really helpful! :)

  20. I was on visanne (this is just my experience there are people who swear by this treatment )

  21. Interesting that you say that.. I’ve been taking it around 6 months now and for the last few months I’ve felt a bit like my mind was going. I have actually been getting a bit worried about my minds performance but maybe it’s just the Visanne! Something I hadn’t considered.

  22. I was always told to only take codeine when /absolutely/ necessary. That being said in the UK they are a bit more reserved about using meds. I think the main risks are that you can build up a tolerance and also become addicted to it. I guess it’s something only you can weigh up in terms of how it improves your life vs. the risks! :)

  23. Anybody understand what’s going on over there? I only heard the Chinese are protesting

  24. Visanne (Dienogest)? It’s not birth control, it’s a specific medication for endo. Might be worth a try!

  25. We had one hen get close and then she just flew across! But pretty much they spend time off into my plants and seldom by the pool.

  26. Our pool was fenced but they could sneak under. They never went near the water though, they just dug around in the bushes/mulch at the side! I don’t know if they recognised it as a water body or if it was just too open and they didn’t want to be there

  27. I would love to read the statistics on different treatments and how often they helped people (backed up by studies). For example how many got relief from the common hormonal treatments, how many got relief from a lap, hysto etc :)

  28. I had a recent consultation with a genuine endo specialist a few weeks ago and she said it’s a little more than 50/50 whether excision will drastically help or not. I was pretty shocked by that to be honest. Only one persons opinion of course, but she exclusively does excision surgery so I feel like she knows her stuff. She said it really depends on your exact symptoms, location of endo and staging as to the level it will help 🤷‍♀️

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