1. As somebody new to Cbus... this does not presently exist correct? And if not.... why the FUCK DOES IT NOT??

  2. Also new to the area. It sucks. It takes it off the list of some place I would live permanently.

  3. These were $15 for a 10th at Strawberry Fields, Columbus. I grabbed two. I guess the percentage is closer to like 19 or 20. I’m not noticing any kind of flavor or anything lemony or anything else. It has the buzz I need from Jack Herer, so zero complaints at this price.

  4. That is a medium in my book but I am sure it will work well! You may want to experiment with a little less or a little more.

  5. 35? I can’t even get 10 full minutes out of a bowl even if it’s sandwiched at that temp

  6. I was being a dork, needed to clean the cooling unit. Usually my sessions are maybe 15 to 20 min.

  7. If it didnt pass then how did it even make it to the shelves?????

  8. Right? This is the real question, and why I wanted to know what the retail names were

  9. I believe they are Cure Ohio/Cokoh/Chizle

  10. Another Mighty, of course. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  11. I had a mighty. When the mighty+ came out, that became my daily, and the OG mighty became my back up. (that’s how serious I was about ‘what happens if one breaks’)

  12. Now I'm wondering if you can spin cotton candy out of cannasugar.

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