1. “We sell superior jumper cables for your new vehicle” damn that was savage 

  2. “Our partnerships will respect all opt-out settings” sounds a little bit passive, idk

  3. That’s kind of the point of this post though. Like why would you call a sub anything lesbians, then say oh no not really lesbians why would you think that??

  4. This has been so confusing and painful to me as someone who’s just coming out. I know I bring some stuff to that, but it’s also nice to see this. 

  5. I looked for one, didn’t find it either. I’m “just” 50. I would presume you are welcome here!

  6. There are so many possibilities, it varies from woman to woman, I wouldn't even know how to verbalize how to tell. My suggestion is if you are interested and you think she is flirting make a soft approach.

  7. If I know she is flirting I'll probably step up and say something more obvious. "Where have you been all my life?" is a cheesy yet clear statement that says I'm interested. If I only think she's flirting I'd likely come in softer like "I love those shoes". A compliment, not so much an overt pickup line type thing but it opens the door to more conversation.

  8. Talk it out? Turn on speech to text and just blah blah blah it out, and then sit down and turn those phrases into sentences and bullet points and start to arrange things. At least then you have something to add to. 

  9. Did you come up with any ideas? I’m here searching this exact thing because I don’t have any idea how to really do this 

  10. I will eventually buy the mop! But overall, still haven't figured out a way to treat myself. I think this week I'll go see a movie by myself and buy a nice treat. That's kind of where my mind goes.

  11. The payment should be punitive for AT&T, not based on how many literal seconds per month a plan costs per line. It’s more than a business. It’s a utility.

  12. It's a small neighborhood market with a drive thru. I stand there between customers and look outside. I would watch the squirrels and groundhogs and cats scampering around. And those beautiful trees. I loved this view so much.

  13. I think it's partly this, but also that we're too busy/lazy to do the additional work that comes with something like that. Like, the Xitter crowd could've migrated to the Fediverse, but most couldn't invest the minimal amount of effort to learn how to navigate it. So most of the migration was to Threads or BlueSky or whatever new corporate platform that didn't require them to learn anything or put effort into rebuilding their network.

  14. I spent about 45 minutes today going back to the fediverse account I made ~9 months ago but honestly haven’t used 

  15. omg i love you! but is there anything with less stuffs??? my grandmas eyesight is not perfect

  16. Oh yeah it is kind of packed and a little tricky. I can’t think of anything off the top of my head…. you are so awesome for trying to find some thing for her 😁

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