1. Hyperspace tracking was in the original trilogy. It's nothing new. Vader and tarkin put a tracking device on the millennium falcon in order to find the secret rebel base.

  2. In The Last Jedi they did it without a tracking mechanism.

  3. I'll just wait for my check in the mail, LucasFilm...

  4. The starfield projected on the bluescreen bled through the blue markings on the X-Wings, so the models had to be repainted and George didn't get his wish of having all the good guys in blue accents and all of the bad guys in red.

  5. Ah dude I am so sorry, I meant the Starkiller footage. I knew about the bluescreen issues. Thanks so much for the explanation.

  6. Agreed with that last point. Everything seemed to inevitably move forward in the right direction for Star Wars.

  7. It's funny, these are the types of things you pick up if you watch(ed) in chronological order. And from that perspective, these developments and relationships would seem very natural ("look at what happened to the sons, etc."). Whereas for many of us, because it was (essentially) retroactive, it seemed forced. Fascinating stuff.

  8. There's only one word that comes to mind when I look at this poster: photoshop.

  9. In all the backlash over TLJ and TROS online, I think we forget how powerful the Jedi steps and Luke’s reveal felt when TFA first came out.

  10. I was losing my mind. I was never more excited for the next chapter of a movie (well, except for ROTJ).

  11. It's weird - most (not all) other franchises eventually see different directors interpret the same characters (Batman, Superman, James Bond, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones now, etc., etc.). With Star Wars, that's not necessarily the case. It's very often different directors' take on the universe.

  12. Not a bad idea. There may be someone. I'll reach out to them. Thanks.

  13. Yeah. Sorry! I just realized moderating is not for me.

  14. The exact point where I realized something was wrong was the opening scene of TLJ.

  15. Same for me. Right down to thinking, "this can't be happening, oh no..."

  16. From the first moment of TFA up until Han and Chewbacca showed up, I was ALL IN. In a BIG way.

  17. I'm still amazed at how much training the actors went through for the lightsaber duels in the prequels. The BTS videos show just how hard the cast worked to make the portrayal of 'Jedi Knights in their prime' work for the audience.

  18. I would absolutely welcome him. I really enjoyed him in the role. 100% down with it.

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