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"Feed Your Head" An ISF Documentary $15

"Feed Your Head" the new ISF documentary about the life and work of Dr. Abram Hoffer, won the Founder’s award “for an outstanding production exemplifying historical Canadian characters or events” at the Yorkton Film Festival in Saskatachewan in May this year. Shot across Canada over a three year period from 2006 to 2009, the 45 minute film tells the gripping story of Dr. Hoffer and Humphry Osmond, who met in 1951 and embarked on a quest to find what psychiatry said didn’t exist: a cure for schizophrenia. They showed that mental illness could be controlled with natural foods, a healthy lifestyle, and large doses of vitamins. Linus Pauling called this approach “orthomolecular.” Sixty years later thousands have been helped by these heretical ideas, and educated consumers have begun to demand more common sense in mental health care. Feed Your Head is produced by Connie Littlefield, Kyle Cameron and Steven Carter and directed by Connie Littlefield.

"Masks of Madness" A Documentary on the Orthomolecular Treatment
of Schizophrenia. $15

Produced by Sisyphus Communications in conjunction with the ISF. 49 minutes, 1998. View a 15 minute synopsis

The ISF has produced a documentary on the orthomolecular approach to mental illness, and the finished film is now ready for prime time. This documentry will be aired on television and is also available to the general public as a video. Masks of Madness: Science of Healing chronicles the experiences of patients and health care profession als who went beyond the inadequacies of conventional psychitry to find their answers in or thomolecular medicine.
Hosted by actor Margot Kidder who herself suffered from manic depression, we hear how she finally recovered using orthomolecular medicine. Other former patients participate in a roundtable discussion of their individual descents into mental illness, their extraordinary difficulties in getting answers from conventional psychiatry, and their final recoveries using diet, vitamins and a minimum of pharmacological intervention.
Doctors and other health professionals recount their experiences as well. Abram Hoffer, Patrick Holford, Hugh Riordan, Hyla Cass, Bradford Weeks, Michael Janson and others recount for us their therapeutic methods, their professional satisfaction at seeing patients actually recover from the “incurable,” as well as the political dangers they faced when incorporating orthomolecular medicine into their psychiatric practices. The major orthomolecular building blocks to optimal mental health are introduced in an understandable way with the goal being to demonstrate that yes, orthomolecular medicine is a real answer for people suffering mental illness and physicians who long to make real changes in the lives of their patients. This is a documentary which everyone, including health professionals, will benefit from watching. Available from the International Schizophrenia Foundation for $15.

Abram Hoffer Commemorative Fine Art Poster $25

by internationally acclaimed illustrator Dusan Petricic

“I have always particularly enjoyed illustrating portraits of remarkable people who have, in some way or another, left an important mark on humanity. I hadn’t heard of Abram Hoffer until recently, when I engaged in several compelling conversations with Steven Carter about the significance of this brilliant man. After a few rough sketches, I got the idea for the poster in front of you. Dr Hoffer’s importance and the impact of his work were exceptionally inspirational.”

(mailing tube $5.00)

About the Artist

Dusan Petricic was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1946. He graduated from University of Belgrade Faculty of Applied Arts and Design in 1969. During the last several decades his political cartoons and illustrations have appeared regularly in major Yugoslav newspapers and magazines and since 1993 also in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Toronto Star, Scientific American and many publications.

As co-author and/or illustrator Dusan created more than 30 books for children, published in Yugoslavia and North America. Among them: Mordecai Richler - Jacob Two-Two, Tundra Books 2009; Sarah Elis,:The Queen’s Feet, Red Deer 2006; Joan Dash: A Dangerous Engine - Benjamin Franklin. New York, 2005; Margaret Atwood: Bashful Bob and Doleful Dorinda. Toronto, 2004; , Margaret Atwood: Rude Ramsay and Roaring Radishes. Toronto, 2003; Aubrey Davis: Bagels from Benny. Toronto, 2003; Joan Dash: The Longitude Prize. New York, 2000; Wynn-Jones, Tim: The Tumbledown Hill. Red Deer, 1998; Vivienne Shalom: The Color of Things. New York, 1995; Gryski, Camilla: Let’s Play. Toronto, 1995; Davis Aubrie: Bone Button Borscht. Toronto, 1995; Radovic, Dusan: Prica o detinjstvu - Nikola Tesla. 1980; Rsumovic, Ljubivoje: Jos nam samo ale fale. Beograd, 1972.

Dusan Petricic is a recipient of many prestigious international awards from Tokyo, Amsterdam, Belgrade, Leipzig, Moscow, Budapest, Ankara, New York, Toronto, Montreal and Skopje.

He was a professor of illustration and animation at the University of Belgrade, as well at the Sheridan College, Oakville, Canada.

Abram Hoffer's Biography $35


This book is a feast for the mind and the spirit: the autobiography of one of the great doctors of the 20th century, Dr. Abram Hoffer.  For those of us who have learned, through painful personal experience that drugs, surgery, and most of high-tech medicine offer only very temporary benefits, but rarely if ever a cure, this book tells the wonderful story of the rebirth of nutritional medicine. Based on the science of biochemistry, now known as orthomolecular medicine. 
Here we follow the journey of its founder: from his Saskatchewan farm childhood, subsequent training in bio-chemistry and agricultural science, his early insights into the central importance to human and animal health of soil and plant food quality, to his specialization in psychiatry, professorship at the University of Saskatchewan, and his daily work with patients. We learn of his disillusionment with traditional methods of treating the mentally ill and we share his excitement of discovery as we follow his dramatic case histories, which unfold like detective-stories, as he uncovers the connection between deficiencies in specific vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids and mental illness. Price is $35.00 and is personally signed by A. Hoffer

Orthomolecular Treatment for Schizophrenia, a Practitioner's Guide $10

Mental Health Regained: 18 Person Stories of Recovery $10

Earth's Gift to Medicine (Wenzel / Pataracchia) $10

Eat Well, Age Better (A. Burford-Mason) $25

Schizophrenia Cured (T. Ford) $10

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Masks of Madness
View a 15 minute synopsis