[ALL] Did you have weird or interesting *false memories* about Zelda games from earlier times/playthroughs?

  1. You saw the baby peathats near the ranch alongside the normal one probably, the one near the ranch shoots baby ones that follow you

  2. Not so much false memories but I played so much oot as a kid sometimes I'd have dreams about finding secret grottos with cool things inside and be very disappointed when I couldn't find them in the real game. I'd imagine a false memory would feel very similar.

  3. My aunt had ocarina of time and Majora's mask when I was little that I used to play. I remember transforming into the goron and the courtyard full of redeads but I thought it was all in the same game. I was confused when link didn't transform during the happy mask salesman quest line in ocarina of time when I played it when I was older

  4. my first experience with zelda was with one of my fiends when I was like 6. we played on a big screen TV and I think that you were also able to play Zelda? It was a side scrolling game, and a few years ago I tried to hard to find that game cause I just wanted to play Zelda. I’ve never been able to find which game it was, but I’m 70% it probably was just Smash Bros Brawl

  5. On the n64 when I was 7-11 I was absolutely certain that there was a shop/minigame somewhere in OOT that had really psychedelic walls and unique, ethereal music. I disappointedly searched for it using the end game completion save file my older sibling had, and never found it. then I played majora for the first time on the wii and I discovered the astral observatory. I realized I must have watched our older cousins playing at their house at some point. I probably also got confused at the treasure chest game in clock town, which also has pretty colourful walls. I really love how they updated the atmosphere in MM to such an enticing degree

  6. It was probably the bomb minigame in OoT. If you're a child its in the town. (Sorry for forgetting the names, haven't played oot in a while)

  7. From Ocarina of Time, there was some random guy you can talk to that says there is a monster that can eat your Hylian Shield, and for some strange reason I always associated the monster with the Peahats. It wasn't until I was older that I realized oh maybe that monster was the Like Like.

  8. I played Ocarina of Time and Majora Mask again recently on my N64. My last playthrough were on Wii virtual console and the 3ds remakes.

  9. I don't know of any I've had myself, but a common "mandela effect" I know of in the Zelda community is that lots of people (and I mean lots) thought they remembered doing the Wind Temple first before doing the Earth Temple in The Wind Waker, when in fact, it is impossible to do so.

  10. I had a vivid recurring dream about wind waker for awhile about an island that didnt exist. It had differents little islets that could be Deku Leaf'd to and from with wind currents, and then one big one with a waterfall and a cave mini dungeon inside, even a hidden chest behind the waterfall ... It was so weird, vivid, and I'd get it as a dream so often that it became real in my head. This dream came to me once every few months or so for about 15 years... I swear I cant make this up haha

  11. Wait a minute, OP - I remember that too. I played a demo of the game at Toys R Us before it came out and it was huge.

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