[OoT] The Fallen Hero Timeline OoT Link References

  1. You know, if you don't place BotW* on the “Hero is Defeated” timeline axis… There in fact is ZERO reference to the Hero of Time at any point in that entire timeline.

  2. Hmm I thought it was common agreement that BotW was in a merged timeline? Either way I wouldnt count botw reference no... I guess it kinda makes sense noone would mention it though. Like why would they talk about him if he didnt become a hero in the first place.

  3. No that’s the hero’s shade, the ghost of oot link that never passed on because he had regrets of never teaching his descendant his hidden skills

  4. I mean, technically. The Fallen Hero, The Hero's Shade (the spirit teacher guy you refere to) and The Hero of Time is the same person. Twilight Princess takes place in a timeline where Ganon never rose to power in the Ocarina of Time Era, because the Hero of Time dealt with him before he became a problem. The Fallen Hero is The Hero of Time in a timeline in which The Hero Of Time was defeated by Ganon. So while technically right, you're in the wrong timeline. The Hero's Shade exists as he regrets not being remembered as the Hero he actually was (actually fighting and defeating Ganon after he rose to power, which never happened in this timeline because it was overwrote by timetravel)

  5. He is not, because the idea of the fallen timeline was invented by the historia to explain how ALTTP can follow OOT like the original interview despite all the contradictions

  6. No. Because the whole fallen hero timeline is just a cop out in order to forcibly stitch a timeline together to please fans

  7. Jesus fucking Christ guys, I was asking a simple question on if there was any references made, not on your opinions of the existance of the timeline. I dont give a shit if you dislike the timeline, officially it exists so deal with it.

  8. You ask a question on the internet, you’re gonna get some opinions. No one’s being rude, so just disregard what you don’t consider relevant and move on. Nothing worth getting worked up about.

  9. The fallen hero timeline is bullshit. They were trying to make a coherent timeline and didn’t take into consideration the original 2D games. Ocarina was literally conceived as the prequel to a link to the past, With link defeating Ganon and the sages ceiling him up being the scene you see in the intro in a link to the past. But years down the road, they had to start retconning things to conveniently fit into a made up timeline and the only thing They could think to do was to create another branch depicting what would’ve happened if Link lost that fight. But he never lost that fight and it makes no sense. I appreciate what Aunuma has brought to the series but he disregards the games that released before he joined the team and it pisses me off.

  10. That doesn't make sense though. You say the fallen hero timeline was just thrown in to fit the other games in, fine. But then if oot was made as a prequel for alttp then surely alttp would have to fall in one of the timelines that result from defeating ganon and having him sealed properly. But it isn't, it's on the fallen hero timeline.

  11. This whole "three timelines" thing is just silly. Remember how much simpler and easier it was when Ocarina of Time was the unambiguous prequel to A Link To The Past, and whatever differences there were chronologically could be chalked up to "the event was so long ago that it became mythologized"?

  12. Idk the whole so long ago it's basically a myth thing seems sillier and more of a cop out to me. It's like thr whole "it was just a dream" excuse in movies, can be used as a catch-all for any inconsistencies to make it a bulletproof explanation.

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