[Other]I have never played a Legend of Zelda game, ask questions as if I have

  1. Because it would be against the prophecy, if Navi did interfere then the Ocarina would be destroyed, hence said in the prophecy.

  2. If I were you I wouldn't, later on in the game there's an enemy who keeps in mind the unnecessary kills you do, and chickens are a big one.

  3. One of the most powerful items in the game, greatly buffs the player which includes stats boosts, but don't wear it too long as it can corrupt you which leads to a game over and you starting from the previous save.

  4. Best strategy is the one the speedrunners use, where you constantly jump on Dark Link until he eventually glitches out and dies, is it cheap? Yes. But is it effective? Yes!

  5. Ignoring how stupid this question is as it can't even be split, it's invincible, it would probably be the top section as it is the only part you can hold without it burning your skin

  6. Well you can use it to get several items from one vendor because it's super valuable so I'd say take it to the potions master because there's gonna be a huge boss fight soon

  7. While I'm a bit hazy on the lore I do know that his character is a reference to Skyrim, as the similarity between the name of the tavern, 'Skyward Sword' and his name sounding like Dovahkiin, was directly made by the main Devs who were Skyrim fans

  8. This is a great idea, I love it 😂 As a speedrunner I have this question for you: How do you do a Bow Lift Smuggle Slide (BLSS) in BotW? 🤔

  9. You have to pull the bow at the same time as you slide and it glitches out and you basically glide really quick

  10. Because Zelda offended him after he beat Ghirahim in a game of chess and embarrassed him in front of the whole village.

  11. Plant them at the planter at the beginning of the game and you'll unlock a hidden area, beware though the enemies are endgame so you might die quickly unless you're high leveled

  12. Controversial answer here but I'd have to say the second dungeon in the original. It's right after you get given the starter gear but unlike the first dungeon there isn't a safety net in the form of an NPC to help you kill the enemies and progress. Just a pain really.

  13. Midna because she has the coolest look and special ability and honestly thought she was just more developed than the other two, and she had more games

  14. Why did Nintendo stop making Link a child in the games after when he stabs Ganondorf in the head in the Wind Waker?

  15. Because the games took a darker run, Zelda isn't for kids anymore. And in the next game it would be clear as the first scene shows link experimenting with heavy drugs due to the regret he feels from killing Ganondorf

  16. NEVER show the note to her, it's an old letter from her long lost lover, the lover who betrayed her and took all her savings in life. She will go into a rage and you sadly have to slay the old lady.

  17. It's from his dad. his dad's died in it and once link found his dad's grave, and the tunic, he wore it out of respect

  18. Sure thing :D Basically Zelda gets kidnapped again by an evil wizard who's name starts with a G, he locks her inside of a flying blimp. Link can't reach it so he searches for the ancient paraglider. After hours of grinding you eventually find it and can harness the breath of the wild, the breath being the wind and what not, and eventually fly up and kill the wizard. Then you get to chose whether to play as Link or Zelda for the rest of the side quests and free roam

  19. What happens in Gerudo Valley stays in Gerudo Valley, unless it's that stupid pig boss fight that everyone hated

  20. Time shatters and he can finally collect the Ocarina after all the hard work so he can defeat the ultimate boss, the master wielder

  21. Because of the volcanic soil I'd say using the eye drops every minute is a good strategy but im not well versed in this game, I didn't play it much

  22. There's a chance but I doubt it, link will probably find a raincoat real early on deeming a fight unnecessary

  23. How pissed were you when you first realized the entire time you were playing The Legend of Zelda on NES that it was just a practice run for New Game +?

  24. Hey I have a question for you people, what game should I start with, I don't own any Nintendo products besides a barely functioning 3ds and a Wii 😎

  25. Ocarina of time if you prefer 3D style. A Link to the past if you like 2D or want to see original. Not sure that is available for those systems though. I would avoid skyward sword as a first game, my least favorite besides some of the older handheld games. Twilight Princess is great. A link between worlds is a great 2D, but is a sequel to a link to the past. Same with majora’s mask to oot

  26. What are your thoughts on the time-breaking adventures of Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask Link and the paradoxes/time loops created by his going back in time and by learning the Song of Storms?

  27. Honestly I don't really like going into the paradox discussion because people never seem to agree and it always gets heated

  28. I’m trying to find Korok seed #358, but for the life of me I can’t find it. Where is it?? Please help

  29. Basically they made different timelines to market to different people, the child timeline was more accessible to children with the severe theme being dulled down, then the adult timeline was an attempt at a more 18+ story, then the downfall timeline was more for teenagers with a more edgy feel, each timeline is loosely connected

  30. I'm new here, I'm just commenting because I'm in my car and want to come back and read this. Also, what is the best way to defeat Navi, the true villain of the series?

  31. A secret and hidden powerful artifact that can only be unlocked once 100% each game. It has an intense and mysterious lore that I won't go into

  32. Do as much as you can then sleep, it may sound risky but the game wants to lul you into a false sense of fear, it's completely intended

  33. How much do you love going through the Temple of the Ocean King over and over again in Phantom hourglass?

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