/r/YuGiOh Basic Q&A and Ruling Megathread - November 28, 2022

  1. Hello. How long does it take moderators to get back do you typically? I had to post removed because my karma is low and I requested to have them reinstated but have not heard back. It’s been about 24 hours.

  2. You actually did get a response, telling you to post your question in the Basic Q&A and Ruling Megathread. You should have been notified when getting the response, and should be able to check the response in your messages. If for some reason you can't see it, that sounds like an issue on Reddit's end, as you definitely were responded to.

  3. If fabled cards are banished when they activate in the graveyard, do they still special summon since they hit the graveyard?

  4. If it's an effect which special summons the Fabled monster itself from the GY, then no, if it's moved out of the GY between activation and resolution of its effect, it does not special summon itself.

  5. I haven’t played in years (since right before pendulums). I want to get back into it, but I just don’t enjoy the speed of the game now. I tried master duel and 99% of the games Ive played my opponent has 5 3000+ beaters, negation, 3 face downs, and still like 4 cards in hand on turn 1. I don’t like it and will happily accept not playing if this is permanent, but I’m curious, do you guys think there is a chance that the game will ever slow down again, or is this just the new reality?

  6. New reality, try finding areas where you can enjoy yourself. Some places host edison/time wizard/etc formats that are older "slower" formats

  7. Hello I just had two of my posts removed because I don’t have enough karma. I just wanted to reach out and confirm that I am a real person, not a bot.

  8. The trick to this combo is to banish your ra's disciple before going for expulsion. Once ra's in the banish zone and you target it with expulsion, there's little way to stop it.

  9. If the activation of Swordsoul Blackout is negated. Can you activate another one in the same turn?

  10. I'm a beginner, and I wanna make a deck that includes Legendary fiend, and Wicked Dreadroot. I love fiends in yugioh. What deck would you guys recommend?

  11. A deck that special summons a lot of monsters for you to tribute. As a heads up, any decent player will obliterate it

  12. I have a question about a certain scenario I have encountered before which I don't know how to handle.

  13. If the card is one that would normally stay on the field after the Chain resolves (which, in this case, would have to be either a Continuous Trap Card or a Normal Trap Card that turns itself into an Equip Card), then you can shuffle it into the Deck and continue resolving the effect as usual.

  14. They released some E Hero accessories a few months ago. You can get your friend some Sleeves, Deck box, Card binder, or a playmat.

  15. Yes, both players must show each other their deck to verify that all copies of the flip monster were banished.

  16. You aren't allowed to activate the effect of "Valerifawn, Mystical Beast of the Forest" if there's not already a Level 2 or lower Beast monster in your GY.

  17. If the graveyard is empty, you can’t even activate Valerifawns effect. BUT if there’s already a valid target for Valerifawn, then you can pitch Rabby and target it as well, and summon it!

  18. Nightmare Troubador looks reasonably close: it came out a few months after Cybernetic Revolution, so it doesn't include cards from that set but should include most of what came out before it, and its Forbidden & Limited Lists aren't quite the April 2005 lists, but they're very close.

  19. Noobish Yugioh dude, I know Ishizu Tearlaments mill a fuck ton of cards for the user and the opponent, but around how many per duel for their opponent. Curious how often you can just RNG a win with Jackpot 7 lol.

  20. Is there anywhere to see deck list from past years? I'd like to see decks from 2008 like TeleDAD and Lightsworn. Others as well that were around during that time.

  21. Can Plunder Patrollship Lys summon Plunder Patrollship Jord from the Pendulum Zone, assuming Jord was properly summoned beforehand?

  22. Question: The "Dinowrestler Capaptera" effect says "...You can target 1 monster your opponent controls; send it to the GY". Is it the same as being destroyed? In the purposes of activating cards such as "Supply Squad".

  23. Howdy! I'm a newbie to tcg after noodling aroung on masterduel and I bought a copy of Dark World to get myself started. My question is on effect activations, specifically Genta and Gates.

  24. Me and some friends are playing goat format with the old errata for ring of destruction: " Target 1 face-up monster on the field; destroy that target, and if you do, inflict damage to both players equal to that target's ATK. "

  25. I was playing yugioh back in 2010 and I would like to get back to it now that master duel is out. I see that the game has become much more complex now. While I can probably look up and construct a meta deck and learn its mechanics, it seems impossible to me to learn how each other decks play out and how to counter them--there are just so many decks out there. It could be a bit overwhelming, is there a way to learn about them quickly and efficiently?

  26. There are so many decks you’re never learn them all. But the most common ones you can learn by playing against them. If playing someone in a way you can communicate with them after, you can ask after the match if they have any tips for you. Also look out for major misplays. I’ll never negate the summon of cyber dragon nova again, always wait for infinity

  27. In general (not this format), yugioh is a game of resources and attrition. If one player does much better in the first turn set, the outcome can be obvious enough to surrender. But often times most of resources of both players will be expended and it will become a close game of players competing to get an edge. I’ve lost a game because because I needed 2 turns to get over a 2000 attack token and only had one before time was up.

  28. There are videos series in msttv channel about weakness of several top decks and how to counter them. If you want to play in master duel, you can just look for older video from them.

  29. Are the structure deck release events meant to be a bunch of people playing with the structure deck or are we meant to bring a real deck?

  30. Quick question - why in certain simulators can you not activate cards during the draw or standby phase? I've been playing Phantasm spiral and irl I can activate my floodgates like skill drain and macro etc. During the standby phase but not on nexus or master duel.

  31. On a typical turn you have hundreds of opportunities to activate cards. By default, simulators will not prompt you for all of them, because it's frustrating. They will try to only prompt you moments you're especially likely to want to activate something. You can change this in your settings.

  32. If a monsters card effect turns itself into an equip card and is: “destroyed instead, if the monster it is equipped to would be destroyed”, but the equipped monster is “returned to the hand”, would the equip card monster (treated as an equip card) be sent to graveyard, or also returned to hand?

  33. The Equip Card is destroyed. The "if the monster would be destroyed" criterion doesn't come into play because the monster that the card was equipped to was never destroyed.

  34. You can activate the effect during your opponent's turn. By default, Trigger Effects can be activated during either player's turn.

  35. My opponent has Marincess Sleepy Maiden with her conditional effect active targeting Marincess Battle Ocean. If I target both Sleepy Maiden and Battle Ocean with Guardian Chimera's effect to destroy, will both cards get destroyed? Similarly, if I target a Link Monster summoned with Crystal Heart and Battle Ocean with the same effect, which cards will get destroyed? Would the result be different if I used, say, Exciton Knight to nuke their field?

  36. Sleepy Maiden's destruction protection is not a continuous effect from her being on-field. It's a lingering effect. Even if Sleepy Maiden is negated or leaves the field the card will remain protected.

  37. If I wanted to contact fusion, can I use a card that can substitute itself in fusion summons? Or would it at the very least be a card that can change it's name?

  38. Both your questions seem to be asking the same thing. Its effect activates while it is in the Field Zone, immediately after you activate and resolve a “Runick” Quick-Play Spell.

  39. I would more phrase it that Stun aims to prevent your opponent from being able to take actions, while Control aims to build up enough card advantage and field control to out-pace the opponent.

  40. How terrifying were Trickstars in their prime? And are they really as obnoxious as everyone says?

  41. If you have EDOPro, just play against the trickstar bot. Their field spell search eff is not once per turn, terraforming was at 3, the field spell can stun or force activation of 1 backrow, lycoris can help candina dodge imperm/veiler, Borrelload was a pain in the butt and token spam card was still not limited/banned yet, and not counting on droll+reincarnation lock.

  42. The original ATK of a primal being token is "?", because that is what is listed in the parentheses of Nibiru's text. Consequently, Number 61 will not inflict any damage when it destroys the token.

  43. Can the ignition effect of {{Dark World Archives}} be activated if you control no dark world monsters? I think yes, since the effect discards first “and if you do” increases, so it isn’t an effect that does nothing.

  44. Question2: If an opponents monster attacks and I have Feedran, "The Winds of Mischief" on the field and use her quick effect to change the attacking monsters battle position do defense position, can my opponent change that monsters position back to defense position before finishing his turn?

  45. Monsters cannot change their battle positions if they were Summoned/Set that turn or have declared an attack that turn.

  46. If your opponent responds to your own Normal Trap card with an effect that isn't a Normal Trap, then yes, you can't chain that effect of Lady Labyrinth on the field, as it's no longer responding to the activation of a Normal Trap.

  47. If I activated set rotation to set magnificent map and necrovalley I can't flip to activate my field spell can I?

  48. You can flip the field spell set on your field with Set Rotation no problem, however while your opponent's field spell placed by Set Rotation is still set on their field, you cannot activate any field spell other than the one that was placed by Set Rotation.

  49. Is the psi-reflector engine useful to get a negate on board to protect backrow/floodgates, or is it too easy to disrupt?

  50. I have a question about the the quick affect of Ultimate Crystal Rainbow Dragon Overdrive to special summon as many banished crystal beast monsters and its interaction with the advanced crystal beast. Since no advanced dark would be on the field, the advanced crystal beast would be sent to the graveyard.

  51. The summon performed by Overdrive is simultaneous. You select all of the Crystal Beasts to be summoned by it, then once those Crystal Beasts are summoned, the effect has resolved.

  52. What is a good website to make/order custom proxies that replicateTCG cards? I saw Oricashop used to have a custom card creator, but it seemingly no longer exists. Am looking to order a T3-01 Blue-Eyes Ultimate and a T3-05 Red-Eyes for myself.

  53. No. The original type of a Pendulum is still a monster card. Also, you cannot send face-up Pendulums on your field to the GY as cost for Forbidden Droplet.

  54. You can only send pendulum monster from hand as cost for droplet, and you can't use pendulum monster on the field as cost. And in hand they are monsters.

  55. Asking advice! I have a sealed set of the original god cards from the Japanese GBA game 20 years ago in mint condition. Should I keep them closed and lost as is or open them and see if they’re the prism ones and get them grades? I haven’t seen anyone with them sealed anywhere and someone suggested I reach out to an opener who streams? Looking for any suggestions here. (Also an open set of regulars in the picture)

  56. Can Chaos Space's GY effect recycle one of your banished Extra Deck monsters since they by definition cannot be Normal Summoned/Set according to the requirement?

  57. You can target a Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, or Link Monster with the effect of "Chaos Space." You will return that monster to the Extra Deck, then draw 1 card normally.

  58. Does anyone know the sound effect used when the extra deck monster is summoned in this video? (it's time stamped)

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