too many likes

  1. She looks so confused like she didn't mean to rob a bank but accidentally did and now she’s trying to find out how this has happened

  2. I never saw the video so idk if I’m right but how is this too many likes? Like what if it was the funniest shit ever? Like do my jokes just automatically become unfunny bc I’m 13? Young people on YouTube ≠ youngpeopleyoutube.

  3. Ngl this whole subreddit just seems like a place to make fun of kids for doing the most basic things. All this dude did was post a video, I thought this sub was for young people saying silly/dumb things

  4. that's a dumb way to rob a bank you need to cover your face and she isn't even wearing gloves. Not to mention wearing shorts is completely inappropriate attire for robbing a bank. I bet she doesn't even have a getaway vehicle or something other than a potato sack to carry money in or valuable items. dumbass child get a grip

  5. I am now interested... Is that the whole video? Like really? I have never used TikTok but know what idiots are there...

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