Guess the age

  1. I didn’t realise you were commenting your guess for their age I just thought you were commenting the number 8 randomly ahahahahah

  2. No no no no. This isn't the Stanley Parable! This is just a game with a button that says "8" over and over and over again. We must get out of here Stanley, otherwise you might get the wrong impression of the Stanley Parable. The good news is if this is what passes for content around here, you're going to love the Stanley Parable. Now come on, off we go! Good heavens, are you still pressing the button that says "8"? There is in fact no way that you could have not heard me say it's not the Stanley Parable. Alright then, I'll stop acknowledging you, and you can just get it out of your system. When you're done pressing 8, we'll get on to the real Stanley Parable.

  3. I think so too - still a kid but wants to impress girls. 4th grade seems to be about the time when kids start getting crushes on their classmates.

  4. The person who made this must thing their audience is dumber than rocks lmao. They just took the most stereotypical "kid" things and slapped them all together. Stupid spelling mistakes, minecraft streamers, sports, and girls lol

  5. Absolutely because it's probably on op's phone. What child is getting missed calls and reddit notifications? Or even has a phone at all?

  6. Dream is a popular Minecraft YouTuber known for his manhunt content and stuff on his SMP!! He hasn’t shown his face yet and so people look for his face reveal pretty often (answering your reply). Hope this helps!! :)

  7. I really want to know what search results they were given when they searched "cool songs" that's they needed to add "for boys" after

  8. “gow to do truckshots un fotbalk” 👶 “how to shoot curve footbal” 👨‍✈️ immpecable grammar upgrade there my sir

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