She got humbled real quick, “Jennifer who?”

  1. She was infinitely less awkward about it though and just accepted that some people knew her and some didn't.

  2. Just watched a YouTube about controversial south park episodes 30 min ago. The algorithm is either insane or we live in a simulation.

  3. I have such a hard time believing people like this exist but i keep hearing about "no eye contact" rules from a bunch of different celebrities. Ellen, Prince, Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone, Michael Jordan, Barbara Straisand, Luke Perry, Nicole Kidman, and the list goes on.

  4. Faked senior moment. I've seen old people fake not knowing when a child is being boastful and I plan on using that often when I get there. Sometimes I even do it now.

  5. Back in 1991! I ADORED the Fly Girls, all of my friends and I wanted to be them... ha ha... I admire JLo's career, she started as a backup dancer, did the pop artist thing and then became a bonafide actress. Good on her.

  6. A lot of them came from those neighborhoods and haven’t forgotten it, either. Not every person with money is a POS, and the good ones generally don’t advertise their charity.

  7. Don't get all the hate and insults... she's straight up laughing. Y'all are hating just to hate.. it's so weird.

  8. She said “Jennifer” the first time like she was the main character of the world. Star ego will always be amusing to me.

  9. What a fucking idiot. Chance to have j-lo cum up to your bedroom. Jennifer Lopez still smoking. What a cluel moron.

  10. Meanwhile they’re playing her hit in the background. I’d like to imagine it wasn’t done in post but live on the street.

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