This Sandwich

  1. probably hollandaise, like on eggs benedict? and ngl, i’ve poured sausage gravy over a biscuit sandwich for breakfast and eaten it with a knife and fork, shit’s fantastic. i’m not necessarily against hollandaise here; if that’s really what that sauce is then i think this would be pretty good actually.

  2. For a moment I thought it could be hollandaise by the lack of yolks in the eggs but yea that's gross

  3. Pour a bucket of cheese on everything and apparently that’ll make it taste good… Edit: i hate this comment section

  4. You make it a sandwich to make it more convenient, and then smother it in vomit to make is less convenient rendering the sandwich useless.

  5. With enough eggs and meat inside it evens out pretty well! Bagels are my favorite way to have a breakfast sandwich. But I also just really fuckin like bagels. I eat them completely plain and just toasted pretty regularly.

  6. The sauce completely ruins it being a sandwich that you can easily eat. It should either have been left for dipping or added as a sauce on the bagel not drenching the entire thing before you begin eating. Within about 30 seconds the entire bagel would be soggy and disgusting. by the time you got through half of it, it would actually be like paste dough, just soggy and disgusting. Very odd way to make a sandwich. Who eats a bagel with a fork and knife?

  7. That was just hollandaise sauce for eggs benedict. What's wrong with eggs benedict? Eggs benedict with a bagel sounds awesome right now! It's time for breakfast!!

  8. This actually doesn't look bad. Everyone is saying nacho cheese but what if it was hollandaise? Seems good to me.

  9. Y'all that's holindaise sause. This is very similar to an eggs benedict. Although it still shouldn't be that drenched

  10. How is this a “Hack”? I swear that word gets tossed around way too much. However it did look really good right up until the bomb. Yuck

  11. That’s just a mess. What’s the point of making a well made sandwich if it’s just a sticky cheesy mess in the end?

  12. Even if that was pure vomit poured over at the end, I wouldn’t have felt any different to how violated I feel having witnessed that curdled cheese ruin the whole thing.

  13. I was so satisfied until the end and I got so mad I came here to comment then I realized what sub I was in

  14. What is it with taking a perfect hand held food and dumping a nuclear yellow cheese bomb on it? making it both soggy and no longer hand held?

  15. For a split second I thought that was Hollandaise sauce which would have worked. But muthafuckin' gas station cheese? Fuck that.

  16. I’d enjoy the taste, but one of the main things I like about sandwiches is I can eat them without worrying about too much of a mess besides a few crumbs. Why not just have the bagel separate if I’m gonna eat it with a fork. Whatever I’d still tap that.

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