1. I don't know. I'm blue green, and red green colorblind, so I can rarely tell between purple and blue.

  2. You can tell he didn’t grow up playing Tecmo Bowl because he should of started running in a zig zag, and that guy would of definitely missed when he dove at him!

  3. I wanted to inserted the scene from the Longest Yard with Chris Rock’s character, Caretaker, saying Nelly has some “slave feet” but that scene is difficult to find online; I think I know why.

  4. Strange mix of 21 pilots “Stressed Out,” Travis Scott’s “Highest in the Room,” and the beat is from Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow”

  5. I don't know if I see a "no." The guy chasing him down made a very impressive play, but the ballcarrier also did an excellent job. Over 80 yards gained and took them from their own one yard line into scoring position. Seemed to be going all-out the whole time, never looked back, and held onto the ball through the tackle.

  6. Yeah, if I were watching the Bills get this offensive play, I’d be jumping up and down like crazy celebrating. Stinks that kid couldn’t get a touchdown on that play, but it was still incredible. Takes you from a punt that puts opponents in great field position to an easy field goal, if you hit fourth down.

  7. Who cares!! That was still a bomb ass run! 95% of us on reddit could not do that sprint.... my guess is the defender is D1 prospect.

  8. Ya but the meatball ref was keeping up😂🙌🏻 he thought they’re running to buffet! BTW both kids are f.a.f. Boi! Just one a tad bit faster!

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