Oldie but goodie.

  1. I remember watching the Arsenio Hall episode after this happened and him saying, “girl you know it’s true… you’re through!”

  2. Imagine, back in the day this actually killed a career? Crazy, now if a singer actually sings one of their sings live people wouldn’t believe it.

  3. The song that they are lip syncing skipped. They were later outed for not actually singing any of their songs, even on the recordings. It ruined their career. Google Milli Vanilli if you're more curious.

  4. just found out that if you keep typing girl you know it's eventually "girl you know its girl you know its girl you know its girl you know its girl you know its" will show up implying that many other people also typed this because they were bored and trying to find the clip

  5. Yeah this exact thing basically happened to Ashlee Simpson on SNL. She was supposed to sing her second song but they accidentally started playing the vocal track for the song she'd already sung. She did a weird dance and ran off stage

  6. Never understood the immediate backlash on this. One day they were the bomb, next day pariahs. Sure, they were just faces for a machine, but the music was still good. It won Grammys for a reason. We all loved it. And then to be so outraged that someone not beautiful created it ruined it for everyone is so weird. The people behind it knew they wouldn’t be accepted in the 80s as a group. They had the sound but not the look. Brilliant business plan if you ask me.

  7. The problem was the deception. If they had them dancing to the songs but not claiming to be singing them, or wouldn't have been a problem. The public felt betrayed.

  8. I still do t get why they made a big deal about it shit have you heard hip hop mumble rap lately? It’s all auto tune. These guys would be super stars in todays days music world.

  9. I am not merely middle-aged but I'm not young I wasn't around for this era Milli Vanilli and all. To anyone that was around and seen this like live or couple days later. How was it and how did it affect you emotionally being a music lover to see it's all bulshit. Because now what concerts are awful motherfukers just run around the stage while they're auto-tuned music plays off an iPod.

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