You know, why is Saejima so popular in the Japan fanbase, but not here? (For context, he remain the 3rd most popular character in RGG Japan fan polls each year)

  1. Ngl despite the prison sequence, I liked Saejima's part the most out of all of Yakuza 4. Combat is fun once you're let loose, and he had the strongest story out of all the characters in that game.

  2. Because 75% of the people here have not played past Kiwami 2 and if they’ve seen clips of other games they’ve probably just seen Akiyama because he’s more memeable/handsome

  3. I mean that might be partly true, but i've played from Yakuza 0 to Yakuza 7 and Saejima is just not that interesting compared to many other characters. I don't dislike him, but Akiyama has a much more interesting personality and story. His gameplay in some parts is also horrible even though i think his fighting style is pretty fun.

  4. From what I’ve heard, people don’t really love the fact that both of Saejima’s gameplay sections include incredibly slow prison segments & transition into him having to sneak around town because the police are looking for him. It’s not a great design choice. Which sucks, because Saejima rules.


  6. I think it's because people don't look at Saejima himself and just judge his sections. I love Saejima but you can't deny his sections are kind of weird, in Yakuza 4 you're stuck going through sewers or rooftops a lot and in Yakuza 5 his section is like three different stories in one. People should stop judging him on his sections though, he's a great character.

  7. I think I'm the only one who didn't mind his combat. The constant grabbing from enemies was annoying, but I really felt like a damn tank when playing Saejima.

  8. I'm thought saejima is popular in the west too? Because many people played y0 so they are aware of saejima at least and since saejima is majima's kyoudai, most of them are inclined to like saejima if they like majima. At least that's what I thought

  9. Yeah, he is not that popular here. Whenever you see Saejima content, it is either the Balls out meme, or fanart that i posted on here.

  10. A lot of people drop the series after 0 or k2. But also, I think people like more ‘outgoing’, quipping characters like Akiyama. Unfortunately, people tend to overlook the more serious and quiet protagonists. In terms of gameplay, I like his moves. it’s a little slow in 4, but in 5 he’s such a powerhouse.

  11. There seems to be a lot of love based on who their voice actor is in Japan, where they genuinely are household names. Certain VAs tend to play the same archetypal character, and so the love translates across to even minor roles in that mould that they play.

  12. I get what you're saying but dawg Toshiro? He's one of the most important side characters and beloved captains in Bleach and you think nobody would remember who he is? He stands out easily as a character as well since he's the child prodigy of the 13 captains, which is also another reason why he was/is so popular.

  13. Yeah, he was a big question mark for me, since for the other characters, the opinions tend to be universal (Majima, Akiyama and Kiryu are well love)

  14. Having played all the games, save for Dead Souls, I can conclude that Saejima is one of the best characters in the series, he's like my fourth favorite character overall.

  15. I’m thinking maybe because Yakuza only became popular in the west recently (no thanks to the Japanese only dubbed games and lack of historical localization) so only the most recent games linger in the minds of western players. For most of us, Yakuza 4 and 5 were just stepping stones we either breezed through to get to the new games, haven’t played yet, or full on skipped.

  16. For me he is a bit bland compared to the other protags. Once it’s revealed that it’s rubber bullets his entire story kinda started feeling worthless.

  17. i feel like he’s just a bit boring compared to a lot of the other characters, who are all a bit more dramatic and memorable. saejima has been pretty mellow since after y4.

  18. This makes me think back to when I'm searching for YouTubers to watch play through the Yakuza series because I'm genuinely interested in their reactions, and am always disappointed by the huge amount who either played just 0 and 7 or started with 7. Because of that, when searching for a bingetuber, I always search for playthroughs of the series' dark horses. In Yakuza's case, thatd be 3, 4, and/or 5. If they played those I can be pretty certain they're aiming for the whole series.

  19. Yeah, only 3 is actually consider a dark horse in the series, and even that game have more mixed reception tbh.

  20. he's brilliant, gameplay-wise. all the complaints that he's 'slow' just overlook his strengths, like his massive health pool, the triple finishers, and being able to lift heavy shit without a second thought

  21. If I'm not wrong (and I'm assuming this based in fandoms with majority of japanese fans that I'm part of) the japanese audience is fan of silent guys, and Saejima together with Kiryu is your typical quiet tough guy, he's also gentle giant and a family man (most of asian audiences really value family), the fact he sacrifice himself makes him a loyal man that is other thing that asians likes in a character

  22. Would love to see a westerner spend 25 years in prison without a seeing even a picture of a woman and then try to interact normally when they accidentally fall on top of one.

  23. I’d say it’s cause the most popular games in the west are the more recent ones being everything from 0 to LAD and Saejima isn’t heavily featured in any of those games

  24. Saejima is a great character that was kinda shafted story wise imo. His first section in Y4 hit me really hard, that majima fight was top tier. But afterwards it's cheapened by a few reveals and the overall story getting more overcomplicated. And in Y5, it's especially bad and contrived. And unfortunately he and his kyodai get written out of the story for 6.

  25. Can't say for sure. Having finished 4 and recently his part in 5, I don't find him an interesting character. Saejima's combat in 4 was very rough and there was that one scene, but other than that everything else was serviceable. His combat is much better in 5, but imho everything else is a big step down in quality.

  26. His gameplay wasn't all that good and his chapters were miserable constantly avoiding the cops that's just my opinion

  27. I don't know, I played all the games, he is extremely boring. This man ain't no legendary Yakuza, he didn't fight nearly as many as majima or kiryu. Majima is the only one that should be allowed to stand beside kiryu.

  28. Majima didn't either tho. Majima "only" has Yakuza 0 and that small chapter he got in Kiwami 2. While Saejima has accomplished bigger feats. After Y0 Majima is pretty much just a cool anti hero character, that works both as comic relief and as some sort of rival for Kiryu, but his role is usually not that big in the stories post Y0.

  29. Saejima is arguably the quintessential Japanese man, uber respectful even when serving his prison sentence, very quiet unless he has something worth saying and extremely loyal to his friends and family

  30. Separate the character from the gameplay and look at him objectively, Saejima is a good character but RGG stuck him with shit gameplay, if you listen to a character analysis of Saejima w/o having played 4 or 5 you might come away from it thinking "wow this Saejima guy sounds awesome I'm going to play 4 and 5 now!" And you'll walk away going "Holy shit that gameplay was awful Saejima sucks"

  31. I honestly don't get the love for him. He's clunky to play and his overshadowed by his more charismatic counterpart anyways

  32. easily had the best 4 chapter run in y5 also was just the most fun to play as in that game for me in terms of combat. in 4 he was okay i guess but 5 really brought him up for me

  33. I’d say it’s a mixture of his personality and back story, and how it resonates with the local japes culture and associated subcultures associated with RGG and games in general. He is stoic and has very strong sense of honor that might help him relate more to young Japanese men. The other characters also have similar personality traits, but I’d say that saejima embodies the strong silent type archetype the most.

  34. And compared to characters like Kiryu and Majima, Saejima actually engages in traditional Japanese culture the most so that resonates with a lot of people. No, the Ishin and Kenzan spinoffs don't count.

  35. Japan is very different from the west. Japan loves JoJo part 5, part 5 for western fans is just alright; Steel Ball Run is not popular in Japan but being called a masterpiece in the west

  36. I'll always love those moments in Y5 where they let you choose whether you're taking on the next big story section as Kiryu or Saejima, and I made the Balls Out choice every time.

  37. Many fans (especially in western) never play pass Kiwami 2. they tried Y3 can't stand the blocking enemies then rage quit then jump straight to 6. i know because i had friend like this (two in fact) they literally jump from kiwami 2 to 6 because he didin't like Y3 and only watch Y3 to 5 via youtube which of course didn't do Saejima's character justice because usuallly the walkthrough video on youtube skip the substory and the side content

  38. Part of my motivation to get through all the games is to see how Saejima came to be (I started with 7 but I've known the plot of 0 vaguely)

  39. I’m on Japan’s side. I always loved Saejima for being so fearless and really standing out amongst the great characters in Yakuza 4, and given that as of Yakuza 7, he’s still kicking ass, it makes him even better.

  40. Man, I do love this big bear of a man. I still think they dropped the ball with him though; I thought it was so interesting for them to have a new protagonist that had murdered a bunch of men in cold blood, and had to live with that. His scene in the coliseum in 4 still gives me goosebumps. But they just had to ruin all that depth imo with that silly twist. Ofc, his development still matters but it felt silly and obvious what they wanted to do with that twist. Also doesn't help that his gameplay sections can often be the dullest in 4 and 5 lol

  41. After playing the series I actually wondered why Majima ended up being the more popular one. Aside from 0, he barely appears meanwhile Saejima has sections of two games dedicated to him, is involved in their finales, and goes toe to toe with Kiryu.

  42. Personally speaking, Saejima’s story is very poignant and very good tragic storytelling, and you feel like an unstoppable monster playing as him.

  43. My guess is most in the US haven't played Yakuza 4 and 5. The majority have played the Kiwamis, 6 and LaD

  44. Some people are holding grudges over his Y4 incident where he was debating whether to go balls out with Haruka.

  45. Making his part in Y5 into Yakuza Big Buck Hunter was a genius move, although I'm let down about the truth of his 19 man hit that sent him to the Big House.

  46. I love Saejima, he is my second favourite yakuza character after Majima, I would love to see a spinoff with both Saejima and Majima as the main protagonists

  47. I love playing as Saejima and tank rolling everyone else. I understand it is very different from other characters, but I didn't find too difficult to adapt.

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