What do you hope to NOT see in Like a Dragon 8?

  1. The heroes congratulating each other after winning a fight, giving their backs to the villain who in the meantime is reaching for a gun.

  2. I'm glad at least Yagami has a functioning brain when it comes to knowing to disarm a potentially dangerous individual who has access to a firearm.

  3. After 9103 games and how they've improved the writing so much, it's jarring how they still resort to such a shitty twist every so often.

  4. One of my favourite things playing these games for the first time was theorising when they would show the millenium tower blow up.

  5. Better yet, don't have random models/actors who won a competition be a party member. It's not even like they just used her voice and face, it is literally just her.

  6. Better yet, just have no optional party members. Like, yeah its kinda cool, but it makes the story kinda awkward afterwards.

  7. That would be too hard to animate. Because the story needs some characters and you need some other characters. So bringing all of them in cutscenes would be tedious

  8. I hope they don't retcon any character deaths from the previous games. It was already jarring enough with Kashiwagi and Lau Ka Long, if they pull some shit like "Ryuji was ALIVE!" or "Mine survived the fall" or some more stuff with the Jingweon I'm gonna lose it

  9. I'm still kinda baffled they brought back Lau Ka Long of all characters, I don't think he's a fan favorite so it's just really odd. Maybe someone in RGG just really likes the guy

  10. Ryuji surviving is totally plausible because kiryu also survived. Ryuji was also a cool character and it’d be cool if he has ichiban help him redeem himself

  11. I dont think that's a retcon. because as far as we know, kashiwagi still was shot. It's just a really stupid plot twist.

  12. lau ka long i'm more fine with because he was always a side character in previous games, and its plausible he could have survived and decided to fake his death and cut ties with the triad before he got killed for real. Kashiwagi makes no sense to me even though i'm happy to see him again, because I can't believe that kiryu wouldn't try to make sure he got a proper burial, and that kashiwagi would decide to just completely cut contact with kiryu and the tojo clan.

  13. Is it bad I want both of those characters to come back.. I’m sure they could easily retcon those deaths. And who wouldn’t wanna see Ryuji return

  14. Really I just want more in depth combat. It was really fun but it really is simple as it gets. By thr end of the game I was avoiding enemies because they were just tedious to fight.

  15. When they revealed the autobattle mechanic I thought it was so dumb. Like, why am I even here if I just let the game play itself for me? 20 hours of nearly identical fights later and I'm using that feature all the time and just wait for the battles to be over so I can get back to playing the fun parts.

  16. - HP sponge enemies whom I can only really harm with 1 or 2 attacks for proper elemental damage. I quite liked 7, but the combat system's elemental weaknesses and HP sponge mentality needed work.

  17. At least i wish there was more elemental attacks instead of "i have to level up this specific job to this specific level just to get that one attack" or tossing grenades every turn

  18. Those huge pirate looking guys in the Kamurocho sewers (I think they're called Captain John's or something??) are the tankiest mf'ers ever. It always takes a million hits to defeat them

  19. This is the big one for me as well. I was actually kinda disappointed to see Kiryu return as a playable character. The whole point of 7 was to hand over the series and let him retire. I seriously hope that by the end of 8 he retires again.

  20. The sudden reappearance of once thought to be dead characters for nearly no reason. Sure as much as I'd love to see Ryuji or Rikia back, it would just feel too much like fanservice, it felt a little much even in 7 with

  21. Honestly, Ryuji is not that much of a stretch, since his death it wasn't that overkill, and they kinda did it already, but a character like

  22. I have a fear that they will make it so they helped Aoki fake his death but that he actually returns and is the villain again, much how RPG and fantasy villains miraculously return - like Death Adder in the Golden Axe games.

  23. I'm fine with grinding for a few hours but I really don't wanna have to grind these jobs to 99 to complete the final tower. That's the only reason I didn't fight amon in this game otherwise I would have done it.

  24. True Final Millenium Tower is an optional super boss like dungeon, you’re meant to have to grind to level 99 for that kind of stuff. Super bosses where you have to grind to the max level and grind stats as well are common in JRPGs, and plus Final Millenium Tower can easily be done at level 60-70, so people who don’t want to grind as much don’t have to.

  25. The dumb mechanic known as Ichiban dying = instant game over. I was not a big fan of it in LAD and I hope it doesn't return.

  26. that fucked me over on the penultimate boss fight so hard until i learnt how peerless resolve worked lol

  27. Shame because it makes sense too We play from his pov so if he does we die JRPG thing basically MC dies game just counts "Ah you lose lol"

  28. It’s because it’s modeled after old school RPG games like Persona. It was painfully obvious that 95% of their inspiration from 7 was out of Persona 5. And in persona if the main character dies it’s game over as well.

  29. Okay so I either want this more, or not at all, and that is the job system effecting the world. Specifically the construction worker (or whatever it is with the hammer) allows Ichiban to knock down those walls in dungeons, and that's cool.

  30. I know what ya mean. I'm not gonna go around with a lvl 1 foreman to open some piece of metal underground, thank you

  31. Or at least make it so once you unlock one of these abilities you keep said ability no matter your current job

  32. I know the RPG style of gameplay is here to stay, but it seriously needs an overhaul. Like a Dragon 7 tried so hard to emulate the style of oldschool JRPGs while also being a modern RPG and just...really missed the mark on both.

  33. Not getting any Shinada or Akiyama, because Shinada is great, and from what I know about RGGO, Akiyama and Ichiban are friends in that timeline.

  34. Kiryu not overshadowing Ichiban. I really love Ichiban, but i don't want Kiryu to die. I want him to be close to him, i want Ichiban to be the main focus, and not have the show stolen.

  35. Hoping the plot isn't centered around Haruka or Haruto being kidnapped or put in harms way again, since Kiryu is seemingly heavily involved I have a feeling that's the case tho

  36. I assume Kiryu coming back is related to post-Tojo and Omi security company stuff. I hope the plot isn't related to orphanage kids.

  37. I only want no dating options just because I want them to lean into the Saeko stuff they teased at the end of 7 with her crushing on Ichiban and it won't feel gross...like it does for the Judgment games..

  38. I hope they really fix up the combat, for how many years of jrpgs that have been out especially in recent years, towards the end the combat becomes stale and boring when it should be hyping up

  39. What they really need to do is give classes actual varying skills like buffs, debuffs and status effects that are actually worth a damn instead of just getting increasingly more powerful versions of the skill that came before. You end up with a skill list as long as your arm and only 2 skills you actually use in LAD.

  40. Yes, especially considering Sega also owns Atlus it's really sad to see one of their studios put out an incredibly mediocre RPG when they also own the premier JRPG studio.

  41. Hello Work. Now I understand why they decided to make this the only place you could switch jobs, it’s a throwback to DQ. But we’ve done that now, let’s just let us change jobs by mobile. I wouldn’t even mind if it didn’t let us change in the middle of a dungeon, I’d just like to have more convenience than going to a single location every time I need to change. If you’re not in Yokohama, you have to go back there to change and that’s inconvenient as hell.

  42. I didn't have problems with Death Race. Sure, the rubber banding was annoying but it reminded me of the Taxi Races in 5 which had pretty bad rubber banding too. I always saved up some boosts for the finish line and used the best bike in the game all the way through (locked behind a DLC lmao).

  43. Another true millenium tower with that sick Amon fight. I just couldn't finish it and now I don't have the platinum trophy. So I hope that they don't do that again in the new game

  44. Knowing RGG, they probably will have it. If you decide to try and beat it later on, best of luck to you, kyodai!

  45. It’s a super boss it’s meant to be near impossible even with a lot of grinding. If you actually can’t do it, just download a save file or edit the game with some cheats to boost your stats to an insane amount.

  46. I had to drop the game after the grind was making me hate the game. I didn't want to ruin the experience I had with that awful grinding.

  47. To NOT have a substory where shindada and ichi chat it out about kiryu. Having completely different outlooks on him

  48. I don't want to see bad minigames. I realize that Y0 is my all time favorite one because the minigames are so good, they're there to pause the fighting a little and add depth to what you can do. I like the business minigame in 7 but it doesn't have the same feel as the real estate one in 0.

  49. I think they showed us that hairstyle just to mislead on purpose, it might actually be a mission where you gotta work in cabaret club to spy on someone and such

  50. I don't want to see people dying from very survivable wounds. Or people turning their backs to enemies with guns. Or those enemies somehow firing the perfect shot through someone's heart even though their hands are shaking cough Yasuko cough.

  51. one thing I didn't wish to see is already in the game, which is Kiryu coming back as a main protag (well, one of them). I love the dude, he carried the whole franchise but him coming back as a main cast makes Ichi a bit irrelevant or overshadowed and Y7 is looking like a spin off at this stage.

  52. I hope RGG Studio won’t see this thread and will only be making those decisions they see best for their game. If they satisfy even half of the complaints from this thread, LAD8 will be the most boring videogame ever.

  53. No Mr. Shakedown's legacy. Like, i dont care if its Egashira's or Sato's kid, brother, any relative that comes after him... i just want to see someone with strength of Minecraft Steeve again.

  54. I really want Yeonsu Kim Ichiban’s Joon-Gi Han to be more involved in the story as a whole, and I really feel like that’s gonna be the case because 8 seems to be the consequences of the events of every game prior to it finally coming to fruition.

  55. Yeonsu has a ton of potential, I can't wait to see him again and I really do hope he gets a good character arc outside of friendship substories (which are also good)

  56. always interesting to see how people react differently, I loved all of the high school clubs in LJ, was my fav part of the game tbh, especially boxing club. i would instantly buy a standalone game out of that

  57. I'm kinda with this in theory but in practice it actually makes rosters more boring by having too many characters that can do the same thing. Get rid of gender restrictions and the only difference is stats and their base job.

  58. Lame dungeons with the same looping music. Had to play some of my spotify jams over it just to not feel bored of doing the dungeons for the tower grind.

  59. I'd change most of it, tbh. Get rid of loading/victory screens between battles. Nix jobs in favor of something deeper, maybe a Y0 style switching mechanic but brought to life in a turn-based system.

  60. I can understand most of the gameplay changes you mentioned. The grinding and searching for bugs was pretty stupid.

  61. No hostesses please, the girlfriends and Girl's Bar in the Judgements were already too much for my non-down bad heart

  62. Hot take:- Red conning and Bringing back OG characters into the main story yet again and ending the game at the Millenium Tower for the 8th time...It's starting to get repetitive but i get the point.

  63. No dumb protagonist moments like turning your back against the bad guy while a gun is laying next to them and them picking up a gun to shoot you which causes someone to sacrifice themselves (ex: Rikia)

  64. Half assed turn based combat. Looked cool as hell in Y7 but can pretty much be completely auto battled

  65. I totally want to see another Saejima prison arc. Like I want to see him go back to jail and come back out over and over again because they know exactly what they are doing with his character!!

  66. The thing I do not want to see is them literally just copy and pasting all the combat stuff from RGG7 into this one. For their first turn based RPG entry in the series, it was fine and I was plenty amused through it! But I want to see them bring some freshness to the table in the next one. More diversity in the existing classes, new classes, new mechanics and special moves. I like and regularly play turn based RPGs, but I'll honestly be pretty disappointed if they haven't expanded and diversified their turn based style at all really.

  67. I'd like the platinum to not be as grindy as Yakuza Like A Dragon or past games. Yakuza LAD is my favorite video game of all time. My only complaint was the post game level grind for the

  68. Turn based combat imo i just don't like it but alot of people do so i hope you can choose between beat em up classic combat or turn based combat

  69. Slow paced storytelling and Kiryu having a separate party. He's better off joining Ichiban's party instead but ofc make him nerfed so he can undergo the levelling up process like the others.

  70. Honestly the thing I most want for this game is Kiryuu having a party. The old gang forced into RPG classes would be insanely surreal and entertaining if they plot it out well.

  71. - Kiryu retired from Yakuza world for millionth times only for return in the next game. either have him retire and never come back again or kill him for good

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