oh lord...

  1. A pathetic first generation Nvidia arm processor with less power than my phone. Yup, this is the console the dragon engine can definitely run on!

  2. true. i still think the most beautiful looking part of a game on the switch is the purple dragon in mario odyssey and that’s only a small part. dragon engine would look like launch cyberpunk

  3. Both Judgment games will fucking struggle on the switch lol also just buy a Steam Deck if you wanna play any Yakuza game portably

  4. Whats up with this guy's obession asking for switch ports, if you want portable Yakuza so bad get a fkin steam deck then

  5. I love how most Nintendo Fans forget how bad lots of the current games run on the switch. There is no way RGG can make any modern Yakuza or Judgment game work on it without Cloudservice. And cloudservice is sh!t. I would rather buy a used ps4 or a steamdeck and play the games there than buying a bad running port or a cloudgame that wont run good enough because the country i live in has sh!t internet

  6. Ever since P5 got ported to switch, he's become more confident. He's leaking into every franchises' twitter. Even if its ridiculous or impossible, hes gonna keep asking for it. I wish the social media admins would just block him

  7. I love Nintendo games and have put a ton of time into my Switch, but if you are into these kind of games just go buy some different hardware lol. Everyone knows the Switch isn’t the place to be for 3rd party games.

  8. What’s wrong with your ps4? 💀 Mine is like 8 years old, the disc tray doesn’t work and was able to run Kiwami 2 with 0 problems, there weren’t any major performance drops at all.

  9. Another noteworthy thing in this comment post is that spammer is clearly getting very desperate to "save" Ishin Kiwami.

  10. While many people meme about the switch underperforming when it comes to the technical aspects and would probably burn down under a Dragon Engine game, I also think many people underestimate what can actually run on the switch after the amazing work done by Virtuos when porting Nier Automata which is infamous for how unoptimized the game is.

  11. Nier automata is a dead world filled with fog and some places like the desert having almost no detail. The port was only impressive because of just how dogshit Square Enix did porting it pc.

  12. Yeah the newer games would be a struggle but having 0 on the go would be a dream, people gotta get over this archaic thought that the switch can't run games. Nier and Witcher run fine for people who aren't frame rate snobs

  13. If I could get one wish granted, without any rules or restrictions, I'd wish for this motherfucker to stop saying 'we' in all of his tweets and start saying 'I'. Like fuck's sake can you speak for yourself please?

  14. I don't think RGG Studios will want to put their mature series with sex, violence and intense homoeroticism on the console they called is "Made for children"

  15. This guy is genuinely my only twitter block. That usage of "we" like he's pretending to represent "gamers" and always being first reply under every single video game "official" account posts killed me.

  16. Im not saying its impossible but the new games on the Dragon Engine kinda fart on older hardware when theres more than 10 NPCs on screen

  17. holy shit i cant wait for yakuza kiwami 2 25 fps (max) no anti aliasing zero texture depth input lag, but on the go!!!!!!!

  18. Would be pretty cool to have the games available to the switch audience but as others have said, DE games would run like shit lol. Splatoon 3 (as a recent example) has random frame drops while doing barebone basics, like going into the lobby.

  19. I'm still laughing that they came out with a new switch but left the same ol' shitty GPU in it. Unbelievable from any other console company, but Nintendo fans love it

  20. One of my co workers had a perfectly functioning Switch and went out and bought the new one ASAP anyways. He rarely uses it as a handheld too, just gotta have the latest thing from Nintendo. They know their audience will eat it up regardless of power so why bother spending the extra money developing more powerful hardware?

  21. I mean… Not to justify port begging (especially cus most of the time it comes from people who won’t even touch the damn game) but it is pretty lame that the pre-DE Yakuza games still haven’t received Switch ports.

  22. If you want to play Yakuza on the go, just get the steam deck… any dragon engine games on lowest resolution avenging 15-20 fps, I would demand for a refund tbh.

  23. Well if we're begging for games then I want them to make the games in charles arcade playable, make fake arcade games as well as the arcade ports in the other arcades

  24. I'd actually love a smaller LAD spinoff on switch. Change up the artstyle if needed. I'd just love the city exploration/minigames/completion stuff

  25. I would really like some yakuza on my switch. It would be a dream to play yakuza 0, kiwami or the original PS2 titles on the go. But yeah, dragon engine is imposible. I love the switch and it's games, but it's a portable console. It's quite the step up from the 3ds but it's a miracle it doesn't explote when I boot Witcher 3

  26. On SwItCh like bro , it can barely run half its own games other than Nintendo originals . And when it comes to being a more mature platform, pc has been there since decades lmao.

  27. Not putting Yakuza 0 on the switch seems like it's just bad business moves to me. Like, it's free money.

  28. They could just flip the "will work on switch" toggle in the gamefiles but the greedy evil devs will only do it if we harass them enough on social media 😤😤

  29. Prolly just didn't wanna raise any unnecessary heckles agency-side. This is the same reason why we'll likely never get official Yagami merch.

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