These guys were ahead of the game

  1. Apparently the people that wrote the dub script were encouraged to add that much swearing. The English demo has most of the swearing removed for some reason. My completely baseless theory as to why all the swearing is there is that the violence in game was only enough to get it a T rating and they wanted M.

  2. I believe I read something that said the developers were under the impression that American culture was all about trying to be really edgy and mature. Which was kind of true I guess. I don't remember the early 2000s media culture too well.

  3. i also think that they were trying to get the english lines to be the same length as the japanese lines, if that makes sense. like if the original line in japanese took 10 seconds to say, but the english line only took 7, they’d throw a fuck in there so it would match up with the cutscene. that’s my theory at least, mainly because there’s a lot of lines that are read in a weird drawn out way, or said super fast.

  4. Same thing in the French dub of the same game! The dialogue has a lot of French slang and specific swearwords, but the voice actors delivered the lines in a very cheesy way (surely on purpose) which makes them sound hilarious. But it's also because French insults are so specific and rely heavily on metaphors so writing a good insult is actually a great feat.

  5. Fun fact: That was actually a translation error. The Kanji for Kazama's name can be read as "Fuma". It's also so that players don't confuse Kazama for Kiryu, since everybody in the dub calls Kiryu "Kazuma" (which is his first name.)

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