All my homies hate mahjong

  1. Thing is, even knowing how to play mahjong is useless, at least for me. I learned it, cuz I'm somewhat of a completionist and I still struggle with it. Not cuz I don't know what I'm doing, but because I know why I'm losing and it's pissing me off. It's a worse luck game than poker and blackjack and getting a decent hand is way harder than I thought at first. In every game it's taken me more than 3h to complete everything related to mahjong on the list, even with full knowledge of how to play the game. I'm always asking myself what the inventor of it must have thought to himself/how bored out of his mind he was/what drugs he was on or all three

  2. My father had an old Mahjong set and me and my friends played it a couple of times. We used the Chinese rules though that differs from the Japanese and haven't tried it yet in yakuza. But we had a grand time.

  3. Mahjong is actually really fun. But learning it through Yakuza didnt Work Out for me. I Just played super Mahjong on the Super famicom and read the Rules while playing. Worked quite well

  4. I actually learned it thanks to Yakuza - but not directly with the game - I played the game and wanted to go for a completionist run, so I watched some tutorials, and then I played, and realized how to play slowly but surely. I still don't know all combinations which are possible, but already knowing about needing a hand which can score at least 1 han has really helped me. Same for what gives me 1 han easily like fully concealed hand (one of my main mistakes at first was, that I would just randomly try to pon or chi stuff), dragons, correct wind, and the format of 4 triplets plus a pair or 7 pairs gets you quite far. I would have no idea on how to count points or the like still, but I totally have played like literal whole nights of Majong in the Yakuza games haha

  5. As long as you ain't playing with old people where every point is a dollar. They will take your god damn wallet.

  6. I actually do this lol, I wanted to do this for Shinada after I saw how poor he was only to find out there isn't one in his city

  7. Actually how I broke LaD, I found all the mahjong partners and played through the millionaire league and had millions in chapter 2 to buy all the weapons.

  8. Someone clearly hasnt tried the puyo puyo challenge. Mahjong is a matter of time before you get everything related to it, and a little bit of skill to know what hand you were dealt. Puyo puyo? Even with the current strategy (rush 3 tiles of random shit) it is very, VERY hard to keep a consistent pace where you keep getting combos going while not trapping yourself on an uncombable situation. I swear to god you cannot play more than 3 games before the pc decides to just be undefeatable (that or burnout is real).

  9. If I had to choose only one game I can play for the rest of my life - it would be Mahjong. So fkin good

  10. I’m actually really good at mahjong- Yakuza is set up to frustrate you with Mini games to weed out the non-completionists… 😆

  11. We all love to talk shit about Majong but where my fellow Shogi haters at? At least Mahjong can be entertaining when ya learn it... Shogi is just chess but worse

  12. The problem is that they haven't really improved the mahjong interface over time. I would much rather play on mahjong soul than in a yakuza game. Not only because it's real people, but also it's just completely better in a quality of life sense. Mahjong is fun once you know how it works.

  13. I tried, I really did, but I just can not get the hang of majong. I managed to get really good at shogi (which is actually a lot of fun once you’re used to it), but I just couldn’t grasp majong.

  14. Fuck............. I kinda like the mahjong.... I think it's thr gambling addiction I'm always like one tile away.... I'm always like one tile away..... one tile away..... no yaku....

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