Toxicity at high keys - how to handle?

  1. I'd mark this down as observation bias. I run a lot of keys with my guild and push team, but I also pug 10+ keys a week in the 15-20 range to fill out vault slots on characters. Over hundreds of keys, seeing insults in dungeons is relatively rare, even most failed groups are just people leaving without saying anything.

  2. Yeah I’m in the boat with this guy, I run probably 8-10 15 and higher keys between my characters each week, all pugs, and never really see much more toxicity than a small complaint here or there, and the most I’ll ever reply is “ok bud” and move on.

  3. Guild runs, or at least find a competent tank to run with. 99% of the agro in chat is the tank vs everyone so find someone who isn’t like that.

  4. This is partially why I no longer really push the difficult PvE content of the game. The higher I got with keys the more of an increase of toxic assholes in my groups I'd see.

  5. At this point, the "best gear in the game" is coming from 15s or from raiding, and any key over 15 is really just being done mostly for bragging rights.

  6. It's an entirely new set of dungeons that most people have never done before, so there's going to be a decent amount of frustration from people not knowing mechanics. Overall it's best to ignore any toxicity and not engage. You should also try to get some people to run with instead of pugging, either by joining a guild or sending friend requests to people in groups that were particularly good or nice, to build a network of people to do keys with.

  7. I have been doing the networking bit - I’ve added a few people from really memorable/smooth/fun groups but we haven’t talked since then lol. I’m not in a guild right now and struggling to find one where they don’t already have “set” M+ groups anyway but I am working on it… thanks for the advice!

  8. about toxic players, you can /ignore them. there isnt much you can do about it on pugs. but you can look for a guild, not pugging may improve your experiance a lot. but adressing to the concerns you pointed out at the dgs:

  9. Dude, I don’t bother going past like 10s if I can help it. Even with my guild it’s just not fun at a certain point, add in ransoms who think their hot shit and derive their ego from the game and it’s a bad combo

  10. I don’t do 10+ unless it’s with guildies. If it’s not my key, and people are giving me shit (I did TW at 1st docks boss, instead of second and tank went nuts in me) I will leave. I don’t have time for that shit. I try to say when I planned on tw, but tank just started immediately. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  11. Preach it brother. I'm in the same boat and I made the mistake of attempting lower kara 9 with a pug thinking that it was a low enough key to go well if everyone knew the fights.

  12. I find that 15ish range is the worst for toxicity. The higher you go the more it seems that people start to understand that there is so much more to learn about the game. But 15s is where all the stakes are Vault slots, mount, achievement, so people seem to think they've reached the pinnacle of M+ and they are all of the sudden good because they are getting a mount.

  13. Let me tell ya: any and absolutely any game that is competitive will have some level of toxicity in it. Best thing you can do is either don’t play competitive or just ignore the messages and move on. Engaging in these fights will only tilt you further.

  14. In your workshop example (I’m assuming it’s the dog), the tank making an observation is not being toxic. If you make up an excuse and the tank fact-checks you, he’s not being toxic.

  15. Yes, the dog, and I did dispel every one - just maybe a second or two after it went off a few times due to CD falling out of whack. We didn’t wipe (or even come close to wiping on that boss) and went on to time the key so it’s kinda like… is doing that really needed idk I get what you’re saying and if I wasn’t dispelling and we wiped I feel it would have been warranted but it’s just things like that that rub me the wrong way idk idk 😭

  16. Ignore them, move on. The problem is, these aren't high keys. People THINK they are high keys, so they get an ego and are extra toxic about it. People start to get nicer past....22/23. Because at that point the ONLY reason people are there, is score. Now, essentially that means everyone bails if you aren't close to timing(like a major wipe for instance) but it's never toxic, just GG sorry about your key, move on.

  17. I’m a tank and the groups I’ve wound up in the last week have been the most toxic bunch of people I’ve ever had. Not to mention all the backseat tanking on “go this way, cmon this way this way” when the way we want to go everytime I’ve gone has ended in wipes and people leave so no I’m going my way. Pull a few packs, they pull more and wipe. Then want to talk shit to me. I ran a gambit, no one getting fish sticks…so I was getting them…someone put in chat “get fish sticks” a mage goes “tank needs to move” lol well I was out of the way, you could clearly see them but no one was hitting them so of course I’ll go over and get them. Some people are just infuriating and it’s becoming awful in the new season. Karazhan is a whole new can of worms, if someone does one thing wrong someone always says something. There’s a way to tell someone they’re doing something wrong in a constructive way not a insulting toxic way.

  18. Before I quit the game, I was afraid to run any dungeons or raids precisely because as someone who is not a super great player, I was afraid of the insults, the kicking, people telling me to kill myself, etc etc. I've been unsubbed for most of Shadowlands because beyond those two things there wasn't a lot to do, so I felt stuck.

  19. Every time someone has a comment on your gameplay ask yourself one question: can this enable me to become a better healer?

  20. Im a pug m+ tank pala. Everytime I make my own runs I whisper everyone or Party Chat that I have no XP on that certainly mythic dungeon.

  21. Yeah it happens. But on the flipside, sometimes it can be cool. Had a trainwreck of a lower Karazhan 16 yesterday night. It quickly became quite obvious the tank (2k+) and other Rogue (Rogue myself) hadn’t really done the dungeon and didn’t know most trash mechanics. I fully expected one of them to tilt and flip but no, even after countless wipes (deaths were in the 40s), we finished the dungeon 15m overtime. And then stood there for like 10 minutes and discussed mechanics and such a bit in a nice and relaxed manner. They knew where they fucked up so then I’d rather take the time to explain a little bit.

  22. Never ever do anything with randoms in multiplayer game, i lost my fun from almost every game coz of toxic randoms, now i adventure with guild/friends or alone, sad but it's my reality now.. and don't say give them chance, not everyone are toxic, i know, and i have been trying, just 8 out of 10 ruins my day so it's not worth it...

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