I don't think I would touch another WoW Expansion if Dragon Flying did not continue to be a thing.

  1. So true! I didn’t realize you got a Elemental disguise during the quest where you have to destroy those 4 fire orbs. I died so many times XD

  2. I'm calling it now, the final quest of the Dragonflight expansion will have us throwing our dragons into a gigantic blender. Creating a dragonflight smoothie that we then have to feed to the baby titan in the planet in order to heal the woooons.

  3. They confirmed in their interviews that Dragonflight marks the first expansion since MoP where there won't be systems pointlessly taken away at the end, and that their focus is now evergreen additions to the game.

  4. I'm still not over them dropping the artifacts. The talent maybe but the cosmetics? They could have continued adding them since they were so much higher quality then ur average weapon.

  5. We'll have to juice our dragons to get Ysera back. Next expansion will have us forcing Nozdormu to give us our drakes back from the before-times, which leads to him becoming Murozond.

  6. Nah they will make sword polisher big enough for the sword in Silithus, you know, if its that big and cannot take it, you need it to look really really good

  7. I really hope they will add more races. I have finished all the advanced races on gold yesterday and it was so much fun. Afterwards I finally finished my leveling to 70.

  8. i like how they supplemented it with plenty of flight paths too. so when i want to alt tab for a little bit as i fly, i can just find a nearby flightmaster pretty quickly and use that.

  9. Seems like it’s just a matter of time. If I had to guess, there were some edge cases they had time to test and resolve in Dragon Isles, but haven’t been able to do it in the older continents. Not sure how Soar is different but it’s clear to me that since you can use that in the old world, the intention is to introduce it and it just didn’t make the cut for release.

  10. It's funny, my guildies and I were going over to Mythic 0 Ulduman today and even *just* flying on our Epic Flying Mounts from Arathi Highlands to Badlands felt like torture.

  11. That was exactly how my group felt when doing that the other day. We all left the dragon isles and we’re like “holy shit I wanna go back.” The old world feels so bad to move around in now. Thankfully dracthyr have a racial for dragon riding so I didn’t have to suffer as much.

  12. I haven't played retail since Legion - mythic Uldaman?? Or is Ulduman a suspiciously similarly named instance?

  13. Still annoying when you don’t have vigor though. Hate having to wait while it recharges if your stuck somewhere in between mountains etc.

  14. The increased zone size with more negative space is just as amazing as the dragonriding itself, and I'll be very upset if we ever return to smaller outdoor zones again without some sort of major reason to design them that way.

  15. I’d say hover flying was more straightforward, but being able to fly at the start of expac is already so much better than what we had in the Maw!

  16. Its even worse, not only grindy and timegated at start, but so timegated that by the time you unlock it it is almost irelevant, you move to korthia where guess what, you dont have it anymore....

  17. If somone wants simple to get to a location, they can use a flightpath. Thats what they are for!

  18. WoW has been going down that route for a decade, but appearently they're changing their design philosophy, and Dragonflight is the first we're seeing of that. Big improvement imo.

  19. I'm willing to bet they will continue copying GW2 and add new mounts with different fun movement styles. WoW's own version of roller beetles or raptors. Which I wouldn't mind.

  20. Idk, as good as dragonriding is compared to regular mounts, I think it does show the limits of their engine. Blizz devs did wonders with the tech they have, but I don't see them adding something like Beetle physics anytime soon. GW2 mounts are still one or two steps up in terms of animations, responsiveness and overall feeling imo, and that's a big part of their appeal.

  21. GW2 has the best mounts ever. I just love their mount system. And even ground mounts have certain feel to them (they feel like mounts and not just instantly turning things)

  22. Im really worried of how this is going to evolve in future expansions, there is going to be disappointment no matter what. If they make Dragonriding exclusive to dragon isles, people will complain about old zones feeling shit to travel, if they allow dragondiring everywhere people will complain about how their 650 mount collection is now useless.

  23. With old flying you can hover over stuff. So it's easier to search/wait for something while not being aggroed by land mobs. Or like needing to go away for a bit in a zone with aggressive mobs, you can just mount up and hover a bit over the land, so that a wandering mob won't kill you while you are away.

  24. Old mounts won’t be useful. They’re all for showing off anyway. And that’s all done at major cities.

  25. Yeah same. I dread whenever Im in old content and have to hack the game and just disable gravity. Dragonflying made gathering, world questing, exploring, moving to dungeons such a blast.

  26. They do, but I feel like it cannot be overstated how much value Dragonriding adds to the whole playerbase.

  27. My hope is over time we get the choice between the two. I enjoy the races and how quickly I can get around. Especially as I explore right now. But I also would not mind having the old style come back for being able afk in random spot to float up. Or to casually fly place to place without too much thinking. Maybe have it to where you have to complete a new version of pathfinder to unlock old world flying.

  28. Went to the dark moon fair today and when I got to SW I just automatically tried to dragon ride even thought we’ve been flying the old way for so long

  29. Yep. They’ve talked a lot about evergreen concepts — this HAS to stick around. At LEAST going forward but I think it would be worth bringing to old zones as well (at least the two big continents) and possibly even worth the time of outfitting as many existing mount skeletons as possible to the mechanics so they don’t all go to waste. It’s too good. And it allows the zones to feel so big!

  30. I think of that scene from the classic movie “LA Story,” about Steve Martin as a TV weatherman living his life in Los Angeles. In the scene, he comes out his front door, gets into his car, only to drive half a block to a house 3 or 4 doors down from his place, the joke being that everyone in LA drives to get anywhere, even places really close. I feel like that in the Dragon Isles - I don’t want to go anywhere on foot, I wanted to be mounted on my dragon all the time.

  31. Due the many abilities relying on having wings and being a dragon i dont think that will ever happen

  32. Same dude, the second I get on a normal mount I'm just like oh this again. Dragonflying is the best mechanic the game has introduced in a long time, ty gw2

  33. Dragonriding has truly been a game changer, and getting it from the start of the expansion and not having to grind an achievement for it... please Blizzard do not change this from now on, it makes the experience much more dynamic.

  34. I am pretty confident that the next expansion will see a general world revamp in some fashion. Sometime mid SL they bought another studio which made up of about 100 members to work on WoW. My feeling is they are tasked on working on revamped content as that is around the time they'd start production on the expansion after DF.

  35. We need unlockable tricks like barrel rolls and loops that are earned from winning multiplayer dragon riding competitions. Add some obstacles to the courses to make them more and more difficult and let players earn one weekly piece of gear for participating in races and winning medals. Go full fucking throttle on dragon riding. It’s the best it’s ever been.

  36. I wouldn't say that I wouldn't touch another expansion pack but I do think dragon riding should be optional and we should keep the option to use our flying mounts

  37. By 10.1 or 10.2 we’ll likely get to use regular flying mounts on the dragon isles. They just need to push the new mechanic for now to force some adoption

  38. I'm wondering how people feel about dragon riding a few months from now. If the novelty feel of being new wears off.

  39. The fact I can fly from Valdrakken to any DF dungeon in less than 3 minutes is A-O-K to me. Especially after coming out of Shadowlands where we couldn't fly to the individual zones ourselves. Well, any DF dungeon except Uldaman. We seriously need a portal to get to that place quickly. Alliance has it easy lol.

  40. I had been playing on the beta a few months before launch, literally logging on just to fly around. I still mount up and think, "God I fucking love Dragonriding."

  41. I hope they do something like Guild Wars 2, keep coming out with new styles of mounts that have different mechanics. Maybe next expac we have our dragon riding mount and gain a different mount that can jump really high vertically or something. Guild Wars has like 8 mounts that all have their own unique gameplay and are better for different situations.

  42. I know everyone is tired of GW2 always being mentioned here, but WoW dragonriding is basically a mesh of griffon/skyscale in GW2. And they’re still amazing. I got them over a year ago and I still sometimes just take the long route to swoop down on my griffon it’s so much fun

  43. It’s like saying the novelty will wear off when getting your first car. Going at 3x speed will never feel bad. The mechanics are really not that hard either, you can fly infinitely.

  44. I would say you're probably right, except the novelty of flying mounts (especially in Azeroth) is not worn off - its convenient and effective. Not having it would be like making the speed limit everywhere you go 20 mph (hard restricted by your vehicle, not by choice).

  45. A few months from now, everyone will have their full glyphs and most of the people bitching about it now will pretend they never did since their egos won't let them admit they were wrong.

  46. This isn’t really a novelty mechanic. Not only is it unbelievably convenient, it fully removes the tedium of traveling anywhere now that traveling is a really fun game in and of itself.

  47. That's like asking if traversal in Death Stranding ever wears off. No, it doesn't. People like travel mechanics beyond pressing W. It's actually a pain going to other games that are less mechanically interesting.

  48. Instead of a momentum type system they could implement a jet boost system for mechanical mounts that recharges like vigor. Except for the mechanical dragon.

  49. My brother is in the same boat. I log in and did the flying through rings for him and will get the glyphs for him. Try using right mouse held down while flying so you only have to use left hand for the two flight icons.

  50. I saw something about an addon to be able to bind controls to movement keys so you don’t have to use the mouse to fly. I hope you can find something!

  51. Have you tried the dragon riding addon? It converts your forwards and backwards bind to pitch up and down. Might help?

  52. How did you play the game before hand just wondering did you just click everything? Have you tried binding the dragon riding abilities to mouse buttons so you can fly just with a mouse?

  53. Usually the internet isn’t the place to find sympathy but damn, sorry people are being asshats to you. I’d recommend utilizing the flight paths and teleporters you unlock as much as possible and not doing anything to cause yourself physical pain. I don’t understand why normal flying mounts don’t work in the dragon isles but maybe one day they will :(

  54. I’m sure it’s common knowledge, but one thing to note. It took me a few hours to stop holding W while flying around.

  55. Look up, spam height ability a few times until you’re very high and glowing blue, tilt camera slightly down, enough that you maintain speed, glide to where you want to go. You literally just have to hit the button maybe 3 or 4 times max in most cases.

  56. I'm not stepping foot off of the dragon isles until this xpac ends, I love that Valdrakken has everything you will ever need.

  57. Dragon riding was one of those things starting out I was like "this is neat, but kinda gimmicky". Then I went and got all the glyphs at level 70 and now I'm like "THIS IS AMAZING!".

  58. I'm embarrassingly behind on the glyphs lol. Whenever my dragon senses one, I look around and I'm like "where bro"

  59. The trick here is after picking up the 2nd or 3rd node, do some circling around the 4th for about 10 seconds. Vigor recharges so much faster when flying compared to grounded.

  60. I want it expanded to all mounts old and new although remaking all old mounts is kinda excessive.

  61. My only concern is how would they apply this system to other mounts? Not all mounts have the capabilities of flying cool like dragons. That, and it would be a pain in the ass to get places if you constantly had to manage your vigor. At least with flying in the older zones, all you had to do to get from point A to D was skip B and C using a flying mount and a key bind.

  62. You have clear choices for travel, especially if this gets implemented everywhere (well they may change things but this is my assumption):

  63. Yeah they would have to get rid of vigor and nerf the speed maybe to implement it in old zones and just keep the physics basically. Or not nerf the speed and just put it on a cooldown. It would still be alot of fun though I think!

  64. They just need to add an ability that lets you full stop, hover for 5 seconds, stop vigor regen, and then resume momentum and regen so you can reposition your dragon without wasting all that extra vigor and flying in circles.

  65. tbh I think having an ability that lets you hover at the cost of no vigor regeneration so long as you are, seems reasonable. Or even hovering at the cost of 1 vigor per X seconds of hovering. Otherwise the system seems damn near perfect.

  66. I don't get the love for dragon riding. It's ok and all but that's it. OK. It's not great. It's not awful. I'm definitely going to use flight paths more.

  67. Basic flying is objectively better. Flight does not need to be engaging, and you trade a lot of control and fine motion for your stupid little spins and needing to game the system.

  68. It takes a pretty static activity, traveling, and makes it dynamic. It makes fun out of what usually is a boring activity.

  69. You maxed out your dragon yet? I think it’s the start of a great system. Use the dragon to damage enemies, knock other players off mid flight, it just makes that part of the game an actual part of it.

  70. Have you unlocked all your glyphs yet? If you haven't go get all of them, unlock all the talents, and then report back to us. It'll change your mind if you haven't got there yet.

  71. I think they will incorporate a different style.just like dragon flying in the next expansion but they can't do but so much as it would eliminate the mounts that have and still are in the game for the previous zones.

  72. Just make all flying mounts dragonriding compatible after the expansion. Just a simple check box in mount selection would do it. I would love to have a nether drake with dragon riding.

  73. This is very exaggerated and unnecessary. It’s just a slightly tweaked over glorified vehicle system. And we can’t even use the hundreds of mounts we all have. Not to mention druids can’t flight form.

  74. I never ran a timer, but I would bet you anything a big part of it was based on movement, weather on foot, mount, or flying, or flight point....

  75. Maybe Ion was hesitant with that proposal because they are developing 12.0 already and maybe the zones in 11 and 12 are just not made for it… underwater/ caves?

  76. Im interested to see how/if they implement it into raids. I figure they will since it is already in one of the dungeons

  77. man I hope so. I think it would be cool to have a boss encounter that includes dragonriding (early in the raid)

  78. If they do it, I hope it’s just a move between phases, maybe with something to avoid. I’m thinking of black water behemoth where you had to avoid touching jellyfish or you’d die.

  79. Low key the best part about it is that we get it at the start of leveling—the expansion improves 1000% by not forcing us on ground mounts to level through it.

  80. the feeling when you go to classic world, mount up and still instinctively do the mechanic after just few days in DF

  81. I’m super grateful for dragon riding. It’s not as 100% easy to use like regular flying, but it EXTREMELY helps the pace of questing or just getting around the map. In SL I felt so bored being forced to use plain ol ground mounts for such a long time.

  82. I hate it, all I do now is fly around rather than do quests hahaha! While the latter seems to be true, it’s a good thing. I literally found myself flying around aimlessly because it’s fun and the scenery is beautiful.

  83. It's so fucking refreshing to not only have flying at the beginning of an expansion, but a firm of flying thar feels so good and so interactive

  84. I need to be able to use my Dragon riding in Druid flight form. If I can bomb people as a Stormcrow my life would be set.

  85. I would really like them to go back to old mounts/skeletons and give them dragonflying. Especially drakes, and protodrakes.

  86. It's basically what I wanted when we got Cloud Serpents in MoP. Which just begs the question, why the fuck didn't we get a dragon riding cloud serpent? Blizz pls.

  87. Most of the area in the dragon isles are really rough terrain, therefore dragon riding is extremely useful if not necessary, my main problem with keeping dragon riding is after this expansion the 11.0 map may have to be uneven and rough to keep dragons useful without making the map seem super small, which I'm not sure if I want another expac where all everyone does is mount up, kill the adds you need to then mount up again and turn it in. I like dragonriding, maybe they can heavilly tweek it for next expac but current dragonriding would probably break the game.

  88. To be it seems like they took inspiration from the mounts in GW2. Like making movement an active part of the game rather than just a movement speed buff with a skin. I don't think that dragon riding will be 1-1 in the next expansion. But I would love a new movement gimmick. Like an island based expansion with a boat

  89. At least they have a full expansion to get old world dragonflying figured out. Here's to hoping they manage to make it happen for 11.0.

  90. Yeah, I still don’t have enough faith in Blizzard that they won’t monstrously fuck this up either through this expansion cycle or in the next, but I’m enjoying myself now. We’ll see what happens.

  91. I honestly think they let a cat out of the bag that they can never put back in with dragon riding. They have to keep it in every expansion going forward if they don't want to sabotage themselves

  92. TL;DR: Dragonflight will probably become the New Player Expansion you're forced to play as a new account after the expansion is over and they will most likely retain the system in some way or another.

  93. I think one dragon riding should start getting added to other zones. And also time to just buff the flying and riding mount speeds. They deserve to have a place and not be completely overshadowed by dragon riding but they also need a change to provide a similar form of satisfaction, atleast in regards to time traveled.

  94. My only complaint is that I want a bigger dragon. They should make it so our drakes can grow to full size outside of the capital (I want them HotD epic dragon vibes)

  95. Is it really that good? I haven't been able to play the new expansion yet. I would love to hear how it really works.

  96. I made this post a couple days ago asking Blizz to let us level lowbies in DF because I don't want to go through other expansions and it just to get downvoted.

  97. They said they’re moving away from modular game design so yes future expansions should continue to utilize dragon riding mounts

  98. I really don't get the whining on the Blizzard forums about dragon riding. "It's too much work!!!", "It's too hard!!!", "Bring back normal flying or I quit!!!!". I mean, I know the Blizzard forums are famous for entitled cry-babies, but I can't understand how anyone could have such an issue with dragon riding.

  99. Yeah it's actually a great fun part of the expansion I didn't know I would like. Also helps being able to jump around quests and not locked in.

  100. really? i don't care for it. i think it's an annoying minigame and i don't appreciate it getting in the way of me playing the game properly. i'd rather they just let us use the old flying mount system.

  101. My only issue with “legacy” flying mounts now is the speed. I don’t mind not having the skills or whatever, but I just feel hella slow lol. Other than that, it doesn’t really bother me to switch between the two.

  102. People keep talking about zone size, I could be wrong but these zones definitely give me deepholm size vibes, where in cata everything was spread out and there was decent amounts of dead space. Funnily enough, cata was designed around having flying too, where as other expansions didn't

  103. Too cool and fun a mechanic to just ditch after 1 expansion. Hope they become usable in all current and future zones, not just the Dragon Isles.

  104. If Dragon riding doesn't move forward in someway I'm done. We finally have and answer for flying day one and if it doesn't move forward I don't don't see how I will either. I spend more time exploring for the joy of it than being forced to run through it. Blizzard, flying is in the game already. Embrace it or kill it. Air swimming a year later is a shit answer for something that was introduced in the first expac. For the first time a mode of travel was introduced with the players in mind instead of arbitrary times gate. Add normal flying and dragon riding (give it a more fitting interactive name if you must.) I will play the fuck out of the game if you make it a fun game. Lots of us play for enjoyment not just progress. The first thing I do when I log in is ask my guild if they need the 34 slot bag under the waterfall and cruise the big mountain in thaldraszus looking for players who might need a lift. Make the game about something we want to do instead of something we need to do.

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