You guys complaining ab me doing this and that but don’t realize that today’s top post isn’t real. This image was posted by a dude earlier today and he took it off the internet 😭😭

  1. Me? I’m cactus girl on this subreddit 0-0 but today there was a post of a girls vagina with a cactus in it, and everyone was tagging me and telling me I failed bc she put a cactus inside of herself first. However, I found proof that the girl who posted a pic of her vagina with a cactus in, wasn’t actually a girl. It was a dude pretending to be one. And I found proof of that bc this was the image (the one above) he posted yesterday on WP. But above it shows that same image was also posted 9 years ago. So it was not OC content like people were claiming :o

  2. The last time i was entertainet like this here on World Polotics was back when the anarchy Started. Lady youre Doing fine work if youre asking me.

  3. Holy shit, I know you’ve made a lot of thirsty fans in this subreddit but god damn, you really need a lot of validation, I’m about to unsubscribe from this subreddit if I have to see another 5 posts from you in a single day

  4. WOMAN stop this nonsense, seriously your going to die or get admitted into the hospital. Think about your family, don't put your friends through this pain. Don't hurt yourself for internet points.

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