A tale of two flags

  1. Same for communities as well. Some of the happiest / kindest people I've had as digital company.

  2. Same and I'm a 30 year old white woman. Unfortunately my town not too far away from New York State, people fly their American flags alongside their Trump 2024 flags. In my area in particular the flag is always flown with a "We support the local police" blue line yard sign. To me the American flag has basically become a sign of ultra-conservatism and potential racism.

  3. I feel the same with Canadian flags, post cry baby truck convoy protests. Any pickup with Canadian flags and I get uneasy feelings.

  4. Really weird two towns to pick to make the point though. Poughkeepsie is extremely diverse while the street he is standing on in Hudson is where rich people buy overpriced home goods and coffees.

  5. Ugh some dumbass protesters have started doing that in Canada(what we call the Karen Convoy). Now when I see a car flag for Canada I expect to see it with a 'Fuck Trudeau' flag. Really sad because our flag didnt even represent bold patriotism before. It was more like humble support and unity.

  6. The first step to displaying the flag is also not leaving it out forever to get torn to shit so you can let everyone know how little you actually care, this is why I don’t have one I don’t want to take it down everyday.

  7. I’m a liberal but I’m very proud of what my country has accomplished….in spite of the conservative elements that have worked at almost every chance to hold it back.

  8. It’s almost like a movement based entirely on the acceptance and love of others is a good thing, while nationalism and police worship especially entrenched in racial divides is a bad thing.

  9. It’s because the US flag has been co-opted by the MAGA idiots and far right. Time for us to take it over since they’re the minority.

  10. It seems to me like flying national flags at home almost always has some nationalistic aftertaste. I'm not sure how you would ever get away from that.

  11. I’m from a town close to Hudson and the rural part of the state is a minefield. We fly a pride flag at home and the conservative dipshits next door have a confederate flag flying. It’s the exact reason we fly the flag we do, to let everyone know our house is safe.

  12. Yep, I’m from an area just a little south and across the river from Poughkeepsie and it’s the same story here. Everyone acts like redneck farmers because it’s a one light town, but they forget to realize that like 80% of them are daily commuters to NYC

  13. Confederate flag in NY? I’m not American but was confederate for the southern states in the civil war and the yankees were northerners?

  14. Yeah I'm in Dutchess but only a few miles from 9. You head farther east and north it can get real trumpy/CSA. Still a lot of good people her. Way more than the shitty ones.

  15. Also from a town close to Hudson (Kinderhook). The whaling comment has me confused, but the rainbow flags in Hudson did not.

  16. I really hate that people have hijacked the American flag and made me feel the same way. Flags in general, like this line from The Sand Pebble at the end from Jameson.

  17. It’s not the American flag. It’s the other symbols around the American flag. If you saw pride flags with American flags you wouldn’t feel threatened. I understand what you are saying but you’re giving the wrong impression. Just because a few radicals think the American flag is only theirs doesn’t make it true. That flag is everyone’s.

  18. It’s the American flag as well because it’s hard to be proud of where this country has been for a while. The people that fly it with pride are typically fine with the rampant bigotry that’s been going around.

  19. I'm in my 40s and I have found flag humping to be fucking weird my whole life. Feel the same way about the national anthem.

  20. I don’t understand this. Most suburban places in America have tons of American flags, regardless of being blue or red. I’m from Pittsburgh, a blue city with a mostly inclusive and progressive population, and there are American flags on almost every house.

  21. This man deserves a big hug or at the very least a neighborly fist bump. ☺️ Honestly feel the same way, though. The blue line flag freaks me the hell out. But when I see a rainbow flag even though I am not LGBTQ I feel at ease. Rainbow means love. 🥰🌈

  22. Same in Canada since the convoy in Ottawa. When I see a Canadian flag on a vehicle or building my first thought is 'aw man'.

  23. I don't know why I think this but if I were a casting agent I would so try to track this guy down. He's got such a cool presence and voice.

  24. I live in this area. Where I am is extremely rural. Mostly woods and farm. It's all pride and BLM flags. It was a major factor in moving here to begin with. A generally accepting community.

  25. When my conservative friends say that people are offended by the flag I try and make the counter point that it’s not the flag. It’s the fact that the American flag has been co-opted by pretty reactionary ideologies as a cover to make their ideas seem patriotic.

  26. I mean, that was how I chose which FFXIV server to play on too, figured the one with the largest queer representation probably also had the least assholes.

  27. I live in Orange County, New York not far from where he’s talking and it’s crazy to see so many MAGA supporters, Blue Lives Matter and, Trump flags everywhere, then you go into the villages or towns and they’re usually all full of Pride Flags and welcoming people. It’s getting to a point where the younger generation is slowly moving in and the older generation is moving south.

  28. I feel like people hear the first part of this video, that American and blue line flags make him feel uneasy, and take that as some kind of indication that he's anti-american or anti-police.

  29. Take the American flag back then. I’d love to see POC and LGBTQ+ just flood homes, yards, vehicle, storefronts with the American flag being flown alongside BLM and Pride flags.

  30. Why fear the American flag? I get the blue stripe flag but don't understand the fear of the American flag. I fly both the American and rainbow flags at my place.

  31. US imperialism murders brown people around the world and steals their resources under the banner of all of these flags: the LGBTQ flag is now on the bombs dropped on wedding parties. That's progress: murdering brown people in their own country but making a pro gay statement while doing so (and supporting regimes like KSA that execute gay people). Wouldn't you rather have an LGBTQ person of colour in a CIA blacksite torturing you, rather than a cis white person?

  32. I agree that the extreme right has influenced the general public’s opinion on what flying the American flag means so as someone who does not want to portray being part of that cult, what other flag can we fly along side it that will help show the true inclusion that the American flag is supposed to represent? I can only fit so many flags on my flag pole so one universal blm/pride/co-exist/etc option would be awesome if something like that exists.

  33. What?! I’m sorry but now we are turning the American flag into “possible injustice”? People fucking SUCK, let’s remember that it’s people being fucking stupid not random objects we pass by. This poor guy must live an awfully terrifying life!

  34. Poughkeepsie in itself is not bad. There is crime and it has its own issues but it's not really taken over by Trumpers or blue lives matter yet, and is really starting to turn itself around and clean up a bit. It has one of the longest walking bridges in the world going over the Hudson River which is incredible and full of fun, nice, loving people as well as delicious restaurants and breweries with very open friendly people. It's really when you start driving anywhere north of Poughkeepsie that it starts to get a little sketchy with the trump flags and crazy Dems signs everywhere! Except for these little pockets of towns like Hudson who are also trying to change their image to a nice accepting place to bring your family on a Saturday afternoon to walk on the main street.

  35. Agree, and of course Beacon and Cold Spring/Garrison just slightly South are very friendly. However when you go further east in Dutchess County (Wappinger toward the Taconic, Hopewell Junction..) it runs pretty damn red.

  36. The "pride" flag is actually not directly a symbol for gays, but its a symbol for peaceful coexistence and tolerance. At least that's where it initially came from.

  37. Is there any other country that if you display the countrys flag, youre (rightly) assumed to be a fucking hard core republican, likely a racist, and like this guy says, likely not a nice person?

  38. Liberals should start flying the American flag. It’s ours, it belongs to all of us but of course we uphold it’s values unlike the other side. Fly it with whatever kind of messaging flag you want, just like they do. But don’t just cede our flag to them. Folks shouldn’t have to feel uneasy around that iconography, we need to do our part and claim it back

  39. I’m from Poughkeepsie. I have a flag flying on my house for my family members who have served. It’s not always about politics or race.

  40. Nationalistic flags kinda suck, even if you're on the "good side" you're still defending one country above all others.

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