Putin signs law expanding Russia's rules against 'LGBT propaganda'

  1. Yeah but at least they no longer have to worry about someone in their country that they'll never meet or ever hear about being gay.

  2. this group is used to being pushed, and will push harder in every creative way possible. also, don’t tell the military…

  3. This has nothing to do with LGBT, as anything LGBT-related is already totally silenced in Russia. They just want a legal and public supported reason to ban Western media, including social platforms like Reddit.

  4. I disagree, I think it's both. They definitely want to tighten control on their media and populace but they didn't just pick some "issue" at random to attack. Homophobia and transphobia are quite prevalent in Russia which allows for grassroots support among the more conservative population.

  5. How much longer will vilifying the LGBTQ+ community fly with the average Russian? Genuinely asking because it seems like any sane person would see through what United Russia and Putin are doing with this in the backdrop of a unbelievably failing war effort, but idk Russia is a special place with special people

  6. One would imagine so. But played against the backdrop of what happened in North Carolina yesterday, where three electric distribution stations in Moore County were sabotaged in order to shut down a drag show, one must also declare the USA as a ‘special’ place with ‘special’ people… and they would, and do, support Putin/Russia specifically because Russia officially vilifies the LGBTQ+ community.

  7. More than half of Russians are against homosexuals' equal standing in society to heterosexuals. Russia is not a progressive country.

  8. The same way it would with Republicans, and every other party with similar ideology in every other Country. This is a global issue.

  9. I hate to break it to him, but if all it takes to get a straight man to slobber up a pole is some "propaganda", then those folks are gay...

  10. With the Royal ass fucking Ukraine is handing Russia its no wonder Putin wants an end to all this buggery..

  11. I always get nervous when someone protests about the LGBT community. It makes me wonder if they secretly want to participate. Like the saying "me thinks the lady doth protest too much " And Putin's photos of him being shirtless riding a horse doesn't help alleviate my concerns

  12. I hope it doesn't happen in Lithuania if opposition wins election in two years because the current opposition is socially right-wing and anti-LGBT. God forbid.

  13. Being hypocritical pos he is (driving Mercedes while hating the West), I would not be surprised if Putin himself is gay or maybe even a pedophile. Remember him kissing a boy on stomach?

  14. I hate living in a world ruled by fossils I hate living in a world ruled by fossils I hate living in a world ruled by fossils I hate living in a world ruled by fossils I hate living in a world ruled by fossils I hate living in a world ruled by fossils I hate living in a world ruled by fossils

  15. By carefully analysing your comment I can conclude, with a very high confidence, that you hate living in a world ruled by fossils.

  16. And every Republican in America cheers for their Alpha Male God! He's so anti-woke they want to cancel the Constitution over it!

  17. Lol I bet they have a whole list of things to enact when embarrassing shit happens on the field. In this case it would probably be the loss of two nuclear bombers to Ukraine while the US shows off a brand new one.

  18. This guy must wake up in the morning and think “how can I make myself even more disliked by my own people today”

  19. Please don't use the term "gay pedophilia". Being gay is a state of mind (which I happen to share). Gayness does not include child abuse, which has nothing gay about it.

  20. Are you too embarrassed to say penis and vagina? Did mommy say they're no-no words? What are you, 11?

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