Drop in COVID alertness could create deadly new variant - WHO

  1. Tripledemic - is just media scaremongering. Flu and RSV were with us before for a looong time. Covid joined that group recently and still can get dangerous though.

  2. Oh no only 99% of us will live just like every episode of sars, recession talks/bear market is basically the same thing and most people aren’t experiencing anything as bad as what Reddit would have you believe, 1 war when we normally have many every single year and your country isnt even involved.

  3. The scary thing to me isn't so much new variants being deadlier assuming vaccines keep evolving. I'm scared by recent research showing every time you're infected, your chance of serious long-term effects actually increases (as opposed to going down because you have better immunity).

  4. Unfortunately I actually lost friends along the way. They didn’t die, many just don’t take Covid seriously, or it made it easy to show that the friendships weren’t really there anyway.

  5. The thing is, COVID has no evolutionary need to create a milder version of itself. Most viruses that end up becoming more mild do so because they need to incubate in their host long enough to reproduce and spread. COVID is fucked because it can transmit extremely quickly.

  6. We missed the opportunity to stop it a long time ago, then the goal became to flatten the curve until we understood it and had effective vaccines and treatments for it, which we did. Now it's endemic, and will in all likelihood be part of the human experience forever, much in the same way colds and flus are.

  7. That's part of it it's also the government stopped caring about it. Hospitals and medical centers still cared, and kept up mask mandates. I think encouraging people to do vaccines, giving them for free and maybe even offering people cash for getting it would help. In areas where it's spiked a lot make warnings about gatherings. It sucks that humans are too stupid to do the right things because they're selfish.

  8. They are going to care when they realize how expensive and all life consuming type one insulin dependant diabetes is. Insulin is hella expensive.

  9. There would still be lots of people turning into pools of their own blood to own the libs.

  10. Honestly headlines like this do nothing but fuel that. Overly dramatic bullshit. We knew from the start it could mutate but so far every variant has done exactly what we predicted. The virus wants to thrive. So it becomes more infectious and less dangerous. And it beats out any variant that's more dangerous but less infectious. Obviously simplifying... But the chances of some mega death vaccine-immune juggernaught variant is nonsensically low.

  11. I work in monitoring and preparedness at NIPH in Norway, our budget is reduced by some 60% and lab work has grinded to a halt. It very much is a drop in alertness, albeit due to indifference

  12. The majority of the people I work with have only the original vaccine from 2 years ago. No boosters or plans to get them. Covid is over to them. I can't help but believe that this is a snapshot of the rest of the US- 60-75% of people have just moved on.

  13. I’m convinced I got whatever the new variant is…6 weeks of being super sick after a positive covid test and no progress with improving. I’m miserable. I’m so over Covid and everything it has done to people, our bodies, how we treat each other and and our world in general. End rant.

  14. i do wonder how much better life would be if everything didn’t go so downhill in and after March 2020. i’m also just over it all. seems like things will never get better

  15. If your doctor will give it to you take Paxlovid. That shit was amazing for me and knocked out all my symptom's within 24 hours. Granted you are supposed to take it within 5 days of first signs of covid, so it's probably way too late if you've been sick that long. :( But for anyone else reading if you get COVID ask your doctor for it.

  16. Depends. I was sick in september and after 3 days i got better. The worst symptom I had was a pounding headache, the rest was milder than a flu I had in march that held me in bed for 4 days with nonstop fever.

  17. I'm in the same boat I understand coming up on week 5 myself it's already financially impacted me had to choose cc payments or food and electricity I'm barely able to get around house without getting exuasted and dizzy

  18. I’m right there with you! Never been so sick in my life, couldn’t even stand to shower.. I had enough energy at day five to get to the doctor for meds but they wouldn’t be as effective so I decided against it because it’s new and I was starting to feel better.. here I am on day ten… tired, sick, brain is gone… I’m under 40, have autoimmune issues but no obesity, diabetes, fit, etc. I don’t get it - this is not a cold - this is depressing that ten days I have not seen a person, I don’t have energy to work, my life is fully effected. I’m trying every holistic thing possible but it’s a daily pity party with myself with new symptoms popping up daily. I had my two shots, not a booster. Get your fall booster people, you do not want whatever it is I have

  19. If you're sick wouldn't it be wise to stay home unless absolutely necessary? I don't disagree with your statement at all but I feel like the best way to not get others sick is to not be around others when you're sick

  20. Sorry you're sick! If you can get a prescription for Paxlovid in the next few days, it helps a lot. My husband and I have Covid too, and after 2 doses of Paxlovid 90% of our symptoms are gone. There is plenty available now, so doctors are more likely to prescribe even if you don't technically qualify. Only downside being Paxlovid leaves a gross taste in your mouth. Good luck!

  21. Sorry you're sick! If you can get a prescription for Paxlovid in the next few days, it helps a lot. My husband and I have Covid too, and after 2 doses of Paxlovid 90% of our symptoms are gone. There is plenty available now, so doctors are more likely to prescribe even if you don't technically qualify. Only downside being Paxlovid leaves a gross taste in your mouth. Good luck!

  22. The lockdown system where I live was so fucked. Not allowed outside of 5km of your house for months. But rich people could drive 900km up the coast to their holiday villas for "maintenance", our pm flew around the country to visit family because it was father's day and held off on lockdowns till his sports team had played their last match. Ye nah I'm not going back into a lockdown.

  23. I stopped caring when I did everything I was supposed to do to keep myself and people around me safe and Florida decided it didn’t give a shit. My university forced us back when we were having peak infections and deaths. I caught it on campus TWICE, two semesters in a row. It’s been a year since my first time having it and 9 months since the second. I suddenly fucking have respiratory issues and high blood pressure despite having neither before that. My cognitive abilities have declined to the point that I had to drop out of my physics degree and switch to something different because I couldn’t keep up with anything anymore. I don’t even want to know what this is going to look like long term.

  24. 👊 same. Was all aboard for 2 years. March of this year my mind just flipped a switch.. I no longer cared no matter how selfish it may be. Mentally done.

  25. I mean, what else can we do here? We can't exactly shut down our lives plus it's always going to be around. All we can do is stay vaccinated, treat symptoms and stay home if we are sick (and mask-up if you can't take a day off work because that's how America rolls).

  26. We won’t really be free of this until there’s a vaccine against coronaviruses, period. Hopefully the mRNA tech we’re already using can deliver on that, and hopefully within a few years. The good news is that we might finally get vaccines for diseases like most varieties of the common cold, all forms of flu, and some pretty incredible cancer treatments.

  27. The anti-vax movement may have gone mainstream enough now that we won't get enough participation for the vaccines to actually work. The real pandemic is a lack of critical thinking skills at this point. I do agree that some good will come of this in spite of mass stupidity.

  28. Lots of people are saying they don’t care. It’s probably not that they don’t care but actually that caring at the same rate we did at first would be absolutely exhausting. My family caught Covid a month ago. I am pretty vigilant about not spreading illnesses but I walked around with Covid for days before I tested myself because all I had was an itchy throat. After several days, I began sneezing and the congestion started. Those weren’t even “Covid symptoms” until recently. My insurance doesn’t pay for Covid tests so we can’t afford to take them for every runny nose- we have had runny noses or something of that sort for over a month and a half. If we kept our kids home with every symptom, they’d never be at school and the state would come after us. It feels like a situation where you can’t win. I really believe it’s not that people “don’t care” but that it’s so hard for a lot of us to keep it up, especially those of us with kids that catch so many germs. I had days of anxiety after I realized we had Covid. I was so upset. Most people are going to avoid those emotions because what can you do? I can’t go back in time and test myself for Covid because I had an itchy throat. I hate it but I have to try not to care so much because it’s terrible for my mental health to live in constant anxiety. Edit spelling.

  29. Also, not to mention that a lot of employers still expect you to show up to work after 4 days out, and if you need more time out of work to get better, unemployment barely covers anything. There’s also a lot of people who go in to work sick, and don’t get tested or aren’t asked tl be tested anymore.

  30. If you’re in the US, present your insurance card at rite aid or CVS and they’ll give you 8 FREE at-home COVID tests.

  31. Yep. We don't even get tested ever bc if any of us test positive hubby is out of work u til everyone is negative. If that happens, we won't be able to pay our mortgage and we could lose our house bc we are still behind on payments from 2020. Unless people get paid to stay home, we are forced to put others at risk.

  32. People have moved on. For those who haven't taken the vaccines by now for no medical reasons, if they get sick and worse, that's on them.

  33. You say that but they fill up the hospitals. Where I live it's nuts. All pediatric beds in The province are occupied. Our local children's hospital had to double their ICU, send some of their patients to the adult ICU, open up a new ICU and double that... The new ICU is staffed by a nurse who has four times the patients that she should... With a " helper". The helper is an administrative position in the hospital who's been floated. There are several nurses but they should be doubled. They have canceled all procedures and surgeries including brain and heart. This is serious. You can expect a 16-20 hour wait in the pedeatric hospital. 48 hour in ER before you can get admitted....or transfered. It's so messed up.

  34. The pandemic has certainly reaffirmed my worst suspicions of humanity to the point that the “I don’t care” and conspiracy comments on this thread just roll on by as par for the course.

  35. for sure. people are fully back to coughing uncovered out in public (not even using their elbow or hand) and not washing their hands, so clearly nothing was learned. gross people gonna gross

  36. What are we supposed to do? I am genuinely asking. I have to show up for class everyday. I have to attend my other responsibilities. I am vaccinated. What am I supposed to do? I followed all guidance throughout this entire thing. What do you want from people?

  37. Take those worst suspicions and double them. That’s what it’s like reading those comments as a person with long Covid.

  38. Not even just the conspiracy theories but the misinformation. People parroting that 'viruses always be mutate to be less virulent' bs frex. JFC. We're are too stupid in the aggregate as a species to survive.

  39. Just for context, not in east asia, all people here still wear mask and use disinfectant regularly, curious about the cause of the difference in practice on covid prevention.

  40. The best fucking thing I ever did was by chance moving to Japan at the end of August 2019. People here aren’t pretending the pandemic is over. People are vaccinating yes, but we’re also keeping fucking masks on and maintaining a level of caution over shit.

  41. I'd advise to get off of reddit, 90% of the people commenting are just spouting anecdotes and nothing they say is going to be helpful to your mental stability.

  42. The alternative is everybody else living in a bubble alongside you. This thing won’t just go away; it’s something we have to live with now.

  43. That’s usually not how virus evolution works. Killing your host is not a great way to ensure long term survival strategy. So viruses tend to get more contagious but less lethal over time.

  44. The Spanish Flu existed before modern medicine where scrapes could result in lethal infection. Precisely because we have better healthcare is why it’ll never become as tame as the flu.

  45. I don't believe we'll see a deadly super virus. And at least the virologist on the podcast I'm listening too agrees. It's certainly not a law though. By the time a host dies, the virus has already been spread. COVID doesn't care if people die after that, so a deadlier variant that spreads faster would still outcompete the less deadlier one that spreads slower.

  46. SARS-CoV-2 spreads before any symptoms show up, no matter if you die from them or not. It just doesn’t matter to the spread.

  47. In fact it did go away. Specifically it did not mutate into a less lethal version. The flu we have today is not a descendant of Spanish Flu. Even H1N1 is a close relative, not a descendant.

  48. Yes and how did the Spanish Flu get so deadly? Random mutation (or if you want to be more specific, random recombination of its segmented transcripts between different flu viruses). We have had the flu years before that and it took time until it became what it was. We've had this Coronavirus now a few years.

  49. This idea that viruses get weaker over time doesn't pass the sniff test. Why do we have childhood vaccine schedules for the same viruses that have been around since our ancient ancestors? How mild has rabies gotten? How mild is untreated bubonic plague?

  50. Just wait till we see what happens to the people who have gotten covid repeatedly and end up with some form of long covid. We're fatigued but we can't stop watching out for our own health.

  51. So many people just flat out do not care about their kids getting COVID because “it’s not that bad.” All my friends in pediatrics are cringing so hard at people’s complete indifference toward a multi-system inflammatory disease like COVID. They’re extremely devastating to a growing child and I fear we’re on our way to an extremely high rate of disability, developmental defects, and in general unhealthy characteristics in the next generation.

  52. I wish other countries were like Japan. They’ve been wearing masks in public for decades just for things as simple as preventing a cold.

  53. Agreed, people are absolutely not masking up anymore, even in tight spaces like public transit. I think the perception is that masks are meant to protect the self (which they aren't very effective at) when in fact they are more effective in protecting others on the off chance you do have COVID.

  54. We are already seeing it in areas. My local hospitals have been massively overcrowded this week due to a rise in cases.

  55. They shouldn’t be though. We’ve had two years to figure out how to deal with a bigger surge of people in the winter.

  56. I still care, but I see it everywhere. People don't, increasingly more and more people are just not wearing masks and just getting COVID-19. They think that they can shrug it off, and some might be able to.

  57. Where I’m at, it’s not just that people aren’t wearing masks and catching COVID. Rather, they’ll catch COVID and proceed to happily mingle in crowds, indoors, unmasked, coughing without covering their mouths. It’s not apathy; it’s downright negligence.

  58. So, are people just ok with getting COVID again and again then? Are you not worried about increasing your chances of getting long COVID or dying of a sudden heart attack every time you get it again? I don't understand how everyone seems so casual about this. Or do people not believe it's happening?

  59. For me it's not that I don't believe it, or that I don't care, it's still crappy, but life is too short and I just want to live normally. Which always involves risks, but benefits too. I've had covid thrice and have some long covid stuff. I know how bad it is.

  60. If we assume that every person in their teens and twenties when COVID first started is to die at the age of 100, then all of those people would have given up 2% of their lives. What for? We're tired, we're fed up, life is hard enough with bills, rent, finding meaning in life etc. despite locking ourselves away and sacrificing our social lives.

  61. I guess the question is, what we can do about it at this point? It's not going anywhere, so there's no point in doing anything that can't be sustained long term. About all we can do is stay up to date with vaccines and mask up in high risk settings. Beyond that, there's not much we can do, so worrying about it is just useless stress.

  62. What do you want us to do? We can’t stay in lockdown forever, and it’s clear that this virus is never going away. I stayed inside and I got vaccinated and boosters. i did my part, I’m done.

  63. Maybe? The evidence is shit at best on all ends of this. I got myocarditis and my heart fucking stopped right after I got the vaccine (yea that’s very rare but it happens). I’ve had Covid with basically no symptoms. My point is this is all a shit sandwhich and what can we do

  64. Ok? I would prefer covid to not excist, if that is what you are asking. But I have taken the vaccines and would rather risk it than staying in lockdown forever.

  65. I've had a cold dozens of times in my life, I would guess. One more is unlikely to kill me until I'm old, fat, and broken down.

  66. Meh it’s a calculated risk that people need to assess for themselves. Same for the risk we take when we drive a car. Same risk when we send our kids to school and hope a shooter doesn’t target it that day(in the US anyways). Same risk we take when we eat raw cookie dough or raw fish. Everything in life is a calculated risk and for some of us being scared of Covid isn’t worth it anymore. I live in a super blue area, like 90% of people are vaccinated+boosted here. No one in my family or fiancés family has ever tested positive. I’m comfortable taking the chance of going outside and living my life and masking when asked to. And just looking it up in my country of almost 2 million people we have an average of 1 death per day. 304 cases a day so that’s like less than a 0.02% chance of being one of the cases on a given day? Yeah I think I’m fine risking a 0.02% chance when I go outside. If I lived in a bumfuck red area then I would be more wary.

  67. As far as I know I’ve never had Covid. And for the people that did have it they equated it to a bad cold.

  68. Yes I’m okay with that. I’ve had Covid once, as has everyone in my household and pretty much every human I know personally. I don’t know one single person who has or has complained about having long Covid. Keep in mind long Covid pretty much only exists among certain income levels in western countries.

  69. I’m vaxxed and boosted x2. That’s going to have to be good enough. The flu causes similar long term symptoms in some patients. I had a bad bout of bronchitis a few years ago that affected my lungs for a good year. Long Covid isn’t unique to Covid.

  70. The entire pandemic has been a complete shit show since covid came into existence. No one really knew how to handle it or handled it well. People are still in denial it even exists while others still have their loved ones torn from them because of the disease. There is too much ignorance in the world to securely and safely bypass a modern day pandemic. We will probably have strains pop up and stick around for YEARS to come

  71. How come this guy still in WHO?? He literally help spreading the virus by downplaying the threat when it was happening in China.

  72. Yes, it could. So continue to fund the folks who can monitor such things. And meanwhile we make life choices based on the reality of what is and not what might be.

  73. Technically yes, however COVID and the flu are much better at creating new variants than other viruses, only taking 6months to 1 year as opposed to decades or centuries for other major viruses like Dengue and Ebola

  74. My 2 kids got smacked by pneumonia. 5 day fever for one plus cough and cold. Other just cough and cold. Stuck with them and I didn’t get anything. Horrible experience don’t think any strain could be worse than that week.

  75. I still don't get in big crowds. I go to work, do family stuff and get away from the general population as much as possible, camping, fishing etc

  76. And the opposite is to shut down life again? Mental illnesses are skyrocketing right now and so is bankruptcys (both personal and bussines). Covid, rise of gasoline and electricity prices, war, inflation in the past 3 years. We are going to see alot of suicides and misery for the next who knows years.

  77. I don’t understand this premise. My understanding is viruses become less lethal but more contagious as time goes by. For example the omicron variant late last year and early this year. So, how would Covid become lethal if the virus continues the less lethal more contagious pattern?

  78. That's a general trend, but not a hard and fast rule. Virology is complicated, and there are different ways that a virus can mutate or recombine with another virus. There is always a chance that we get disastrous luck and a super contagious virus recombines with a very deadly virus that we have little immunity to, like an avian flu for example. Even if it is difficult or improbable for that to happen, it is a very real threat when there many millions of infections serving as opportunities for this to occur

  79. This was a myth that was spread around because it sounded nice and so naturally people latched onto it as a coping mechanism. There's not really any truth to it. Viruses only "care" about being able to spread. If you have a virus that's very contagious and spreads during days 1-3, and it can kill 100% of the people it infects on days 5-10, and it will already have achieved its "life's goals."

  80. No such rule. Viruses can mutate to be more lethal. The only factor that really matters is transmissibility. For example Delta variant was more transmissible and lethal. Delta being more contagious is the key to faster spread, it being more lethal is less relevant.

  81. Just curious, its like the whole world dont care abt covid any more except some countries like China. But those who dont care are criticizing those who care while discussing the need of controlling the virus,

  82. Enough already. What are we going to do, go back to another lockdown? It is what it is. If your health is compromised then stay home if you want to pay it safe.

  83. About 2000 Americans die every week from Covid-19, but the authorities do nothing to stop the spread.

  84. "War is always referred to as number one. Not people's health." Man, this is so fake deep. What the fuck is the government supposed to do? Vaccinations are widely available and free. This is the same as "doing nothing" according to you?

  85. Hmm that’s an interesting take. I’m pretty liberal minded so not trying to push any libertarian BS or anything, it just kinda took me aback.

  86. Humanity these days lack endurance. There will be new deadly virusses coming to us sooner than later and we have to stay alert and keep our precaution. One trigger why we will have to be more prepared is climate change, rncreased travelling, deforestation of rainforest etc. Virusses mutate and new types will keep being discovered at a faster rate. We simply have to learn to adapt to it.

  87. if you want to avoid covid that’s on you. personally i won’t be wasting my one time on this planet sat inside completely isolated so i don’t catch a virus with a less than .5% chance of someone who is healthy and my age dying from it.

  88. And those statistics were for the more lethal strain we got back in 2020 too. The current variant is way less lethal than even THAT (but more contagious). At what point will the reddit hivemind be satisfied with me wanting to live my own life without being in a constant state of fear over what could happen? Life is fragile and a million things could happen. I know I'm not the only one with brainfog and mental fatigue, at some point we'll need to examine if the collective mental trauma we've all been under over the past two years being bombarded with fear porn was worth the relatively minuscule risk COVID presented to otherwise healthy age groups. The US had it easier, we had it much worse in in venz

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