Alibaba founder Jack Ma hiding out in Tokyo, reports say | Jack Ma

  1. I look at these reports like those “best suburbs to invest in real estate”. If you’re reading about it, it’s no longer relevant. He has probably moved on and at a new location.

  2. 100 acres isn’t that much. I bet it’s more like thousands. Unless it’s super close to DC or something, then it would be impressive.

  3. The best thing about Jack Ma is that he used his wealth to make a film where he plays himself as the best martial artist in the universe who goes around the world beating up famous fighters. I did not make a single word of that up

  4. China stands up to their billionaires and holds them accountable for their shortcomings. Unlike capitalistic America where billionaires bribe the government in the name of democracy

  5. They don’t “have” to hide shit. Take their money and toss it back rather than continue letting them fuck over the poor in other countries.

  6. I used to think that China was on course to take over US hegemony. Then their real estate crisis hit, then they clear cut their Fintech companies, then this insanity with covid. Its like China is trying to do everything wrong.

  7. In the 80s it was going to be Japan overtaking US as world economic king and then its economy crashed in 1990. Despite the challenges it seems the US still remains top!

  8. I read a book in 2016 called "The Perfect Dictatorship: China in the 21st century" by a political scientist named Stein Ringen. In it he predicts the real-estate collapse, as the entire industry was propped up artificially by the government. He also writes extensively about the black market, corruption and how much money is illegally taken out of China every year. The scale is insane, and despite their successful media campaign making some believe the Beijing government are in full control of everything in China, they are absolutely not.

  9. Their demographics have not been the greatest, neither for the economy/society that they want in the future, or the economy/society they have now.

  10. The thing about China/CCP is that they are very very patient. Like they are setting goals and strategies that take decades to achieve. And they are willing to take losses in the short term for long term regime “stability”.

  11. Their population issues were going to stop them just like they stopped Japan. If the US is smart they will keep immigration high enough to keep our population growing (and brain drain some of our enemies while adding to our own power).

  12. That's a problem with dictatorship. The dictator promises good government if you sell your soul to the devil. And for a few years, a few decades the contract works.

  13. I honestly thought he was done for when nobody heard about him after he criticized the Chinese gov. I think it was 2 years ago-ish?

  14. It was absolutely insane how they just made him disappear after making what sounded like realistic and minor criticism of government policy changes.

  15. Yeah yeah, Xi Jinping bad and all that, but Jack Ma can go fuck himself and so can all you cunts who use him in your propaganda. This piece of shit was openly pushing the 996 work culture and other shit to increase business at the expense of workers.

  16. That's the hypocrisy of the west and most of reddit - they'd chastise 996 work culture but cheer on the man that openly and brazenly pushed it purely to spite China. Honestly just unhinged shit.

  17. Glad he's hiding out somewhere and was able to get a good chunk of his wealth out as well. Can't imagine Japan has an extradition treaty with China.

  18. He goes back to China from time to time since he’s got massive investments in the country. It’s not like he’s a fugitive or something l.

  19. He does come across as one of the true intelligent entrepreneurs in China that didn't seem to make money or have success through the party and state. It makes me respect him more that he's smart enough to notice that he might have a dictator over him and it's probably wise to have a home where it'll be a lot harder to kidnap him in the middle of the night.

  20. He is very intelligent, but there is no way anyone is running anything more than a SME without the government taking interest in it.

  21. The best thing we could do for ourselves is probably to accept large numbers of refugees from places like Russia, Iran, and China. We would get a massive new pool of educated people who share our values and the brain drain alone would probably fuck them over.

  22. This is the solution. I don’t understand why people hate immigrants so much. Bringing in people just makes your country stronger.

  23. Heck, if I were Jack Ma, I'd get the fuck out of China with my family as well, especially after previously having

  24. Didn't he disappear back in 2020 then pop back up weeks later with a different tone about the Chinese government? I vaguely recall something about it

  25. Food is good, can blend in, can still go around to different places and do business. I don't see why not.

  26. Wonder how much Xi let him keep before destroying the Zemin factions investments or if he’s just lucky to be alive. For a guy as smart as Ma, he should of seen Xi morphing into Mao long ago.

  27. TIL he owned South China Morning Post. FYI this paper is like DW, the main press consumed by foreigners except it's in HK.


  29. Never thought someone found him. I bet 9 dogecoins they misidentify someone. He is just a wealthy tourist on vacation.

  30. I'm not impressed by Ma. I don't like Aibaba. I do think the CCP is a ryeanical regime full of small minded bureaucrats. These pinheads don't want anyone pointing out their incompetence.

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