China says BBC reporter did not identify himself as a journalist, after BBC said he was detained by police during protest coverage in Shanghai

  1. That has to be one of the most stupid lies. No one has ever met someone who worked for the BBC, without being told within one minute that they work for the BBC.

  2. This is also China we're talking about, with just how much surveillance tech they have it's just not believable they weren't aware of the one foreign reporter crew there. If anything they probably had been tracking the guy since he landed to see what he was up to.

  3. It's stupid but so stupid it could be true. I 100% believe it's possible that someone had the ambition to withhold info so they can see "what they really do to detainees."

  4. Maybe just like some dumb person I encountered in an FB debate, they don't see BBC journalists as journalists. That's how disconnected/brainwashed they are to the rest of the world.

  5. Also, whenever you see reporters in crisis zones they are very eager and quick to announce that they're press, because that can often make the difference between life and death in seconds. No way the BBC reporter would fumble this.

  6. I highly doubt any of those police officers even know what BBC is, it's blocked in China, so chances are, it's just a foreigner screaming random English at them.

  7. BBC does not mean Journalist to Chinese Cops. You have to say Forgein Media or Journalist to the Cops. It is crazy bad training. That is the Chinese programing if you do not utter the Party Buzzword they do not understand.

  8. We need to remember China is actually very strict when it comes to who is a journalists and "affiliate" bloggers do not count.

  9. I guess he would rather be beaten and jailed than telling the cops he was a journalist, makes perfect sense.

  10. Apart from his cap which had “BBC” in big letters, his vest which said “Press” and “BBC”, heck even his underwear has “BBC” written in big bold black letters in front.

  11. Your post needs to be upvoted more so it will be seen by more people. It flies in the face of all reason that the police will detain a foreign national without even establishing who he is or providing consular support.

  12. I listened to an interview with a journalist who had been detained in China himself, and said this was a fairly common experience. Especially when they were near protests or near angry people who would give the world a piece of their mind if given a microphone.

  13. "Look at the guy over there with his camera crew saying things in this mic; looks like a normal protester to me. "

  14. It's for the same reason too. It's the look we can tell an obvious lie and what are you going to do about it. "We aren't taking credit and openly saying we will attack foreign journalists but who knows maybe our ears don't work so well when we're around the press."

  15. The CCP regime’s announcement is bullshit itself because all foreign journalists should register their identification & subjects for video recording when they entered China, so that does not make sense. The main reason is China can’t give freedom of speech to Chinese people & people from overseas.

  16. The Tweet the BBC put out about it showed how stupid the Chinese police lie was. The BBC reporter was also beaten by the police.

  17. I bet he was fully aware he could be detained, that doesn't mean you don't go there, do the necessary reporting and call it out when it happens.

  18. y'all need to remember that being a journalist used to be a highly respected and often dangerous career. It's highly unlikely this reporter went there not knowing the risks

  19. In latest meeting between Xi and Biden, Chinese body guards tried to rough up a female us reporter and us secret service agents stepped in to protect her. Look it up.

  20. Yeah, I'm pretty sure any journalist arrested for being a journalist would immediately say "I'm a journalist"

  21. Sure it will just fluffed with a good deal of propaganda to make the evil puppeteers look like victims and a few pissed off puppets look crazy, meanwhile no one will give a F$#' because Fox and CNN will put their "unique" perspectives on it and we will all just continue to pull our pud respectively not knowing our butts from our whatchamacallits

  22. Imagine being a reporter under this circumstances and not identifying yourself as a reporter to avoid detention. There is not even logic to this lies. Liers!!!

  23. I can actually believe that. Imagine how much worse it likely would have been if they knew he was a journalist.

  24. Were they waiting to see if no one made any noise about it? Too bad they don’t have the reach to just make England shut up about it.

  25. Totalitarian jerks always think people believe their lies. So many lies to so many people, they don't even see themselves for the corrupt bitches they are.

  26. I've never met a news reported who hasn't identified themselves.. in fact they get off on it - so definitely not true.

  27. I doubt this journalist is going to get an inquiry and an official apology from the Chief Constable, mind.

  28. China has notoriously bad journalism rights, so it is possible that they didn't claim to be journalists, no matter how obvious it would be, because you may as well be saying "please throw me in jail for espionage" which, I mean they're doing that anyways. China is fucked in so many ways.

  29. Why does this specific report feel like a distraction? China's borderline revolution right now. Where's the press around it!?

  30. Start revoking the credentials of CCP "reporters". It's just like with diplomats - it needs to be quid pro quo or it doesn't work.

  31. The minute they get off the plane they are investigated and told either yay or nay and from there they may proceed to enter the Country. As if we don't know China make sure everyone is not a spy before they enter the Country. 🙄

  32. Oh, yes, I'm sure that happened. I've seen first hand dozens of reporters being arrested by police. They NEVER fail to identify themselves. Maaaybe say that he didn't identify himself in Chinese instead? That would be at least somewhat believable.

  33. Please. That's the first thing you do in a foreign country if for no other reason that either it grants you special privileges from the law or you think it grants you special privileges from the law. That's ridiculous to say that the reporter didn't identify themselves as a journalist. That's like saying a traveler being in trouble with the law didn't identify themselves as being a tourist... that's the first thing you do because you think it'll help you.

  34. Raise your hands if you believe that a Journalist was detained at an unprecedented protest on mainland China in a country that covers up any protests, simply because they didn’t identify themselves and not because the government wants to cover up another protest.

  35. Lol, as if the reporter was thinking "I'll just keep that information to myself and see where this crazy ride takes me. What's the worst that could happen?"

  36. Highly highly doubt that, reporters usually wear tags for one, especially in a hostile and malignant place like China, and secondly, the very first thing to come out of their mouths is usually ‘I’m a journalist’ as that gives them clearance or special rights in certain conditions and areas.

  37. I saw him being carried away by the police. He urged not to be taken away. It was obvious he was a reporter not a standby. I saw some Anglo women joined the chanting. They look more like foreigners who had an understanding of the Chinese.

  38. I'll assume you're american so Good luck at aiming a gun at police in case you ever feel you're being wrongly detained lmaoo

  39. Yep, because that'll save you if the US government is ever tyrannical. I've heard AR-15s work great on M1 Abrams tanks, B2 bombers and assault drones.

  40. No one cares. Global politics are futile. Accept the presence of your overlords and defy them whenever possible.

  41. "I said I was a better class of human, yet you still treated me like one of the sub classes" Sorry not the time I know but the journalist class has positioned themselves just below the ruling and owner classes and have as much interest in changing anything as their friends and it is annoying.

  42. So why didn't the reporter show them his government issued documents? He should know that just dressing up like a reporter isn't enough in China.

  43. Looking forward to the UK government’s mental gymnastics after a reporter was arrested in the UK only a couple of weeks ago for covering an illegal protest.

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