Shanghai hit by COVID protests as anger spreads across China

  1. Good for them. The videos of their lock downs with loud speakers telling the people not to follow their soul's desire for freedom is creepy as hell.

  2. In Urumqi, Xinjiang province (where they lock up Muslims, send them to re-education camps , force them to be sterilized), a building caught on fire and the residents could not leave because their doors were locked from the outside (a common covid practice in mainland China). Urumqi has been under lockdown for more than 100 days.

  3. People are tired of being chained up inside their houses when the rest of the world has either made COVID manageable with very light restrictions or has done away with restrictions altogether.

  4. I bet the World Cup is having a mental impact too. Imagine being quarantined at home for months then turning the TV on to see people petting and laughing and acting like Covid never happened. I’d be fucking livid with my government if I was stuck at home when the rest of the world is partying.

  5. It is time for that Cold War relic to die. Much like anything the Soviet’s influenced, it is rotten to it is core. There was never great about CCP and members like Mao should be remembered as a evil men that killed millions in China rather than idolized.

  6. It's almost as if they were 2 different points in time. Shutting things down during the first year with no vaccines and bad treatment options? Okay, makes sense. Shutting down things now? Does not make much sense.

  7. I’m pretty sure there was never a point in time where doing the things that caused our current conditions was worth it.

  8. Human nature and fear based decision-making. These are the reasons why communism is a lousy choice and giving up our guns in the US would cause a lot of bloodshed.

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