Don’t download Qatar World Cup apps, EU data authorities warn: Two World Cup apps pose serious privacy and security risks, European privacy regulators say.

  1. Well the Chinese Olympics App wasn't different, should have told the people to use a Burner Smartphone if they considered going to UAE

  2. It will only stop if the main 8 teams that get the tv ratings for FIFA up leave FIFA and form their own world football committee.

  3. I think they could reveal that the grass was fertilized with ground up babies and people would still watch the games. There is no limit. And few people care.

  4. You don't say... I've been screaming about these corrupt f#$#ers for decades. I rbmr the day when Platini and Co did not want field cameras installed so the last word would be of the bribed referee. FIFA is so dirty and despicable and if we don't do anything about it, football will become a Saturday night soap opera!

  5. I wonder which will die more... Your cyber security, or the 6,800+ nameless migrant workers enslaved tortured and murdered in the making of all those god forsaken desth chambers/stadiums... The fact that this world cup hasn't been boycotted makes me hate life mare than I already did ... Which is impressive

  6. It is becoming astonishing how literally everything associated with this country is corrupt to the freaking gills

  7. Russia killed less Ukrainians last week than the number of people who died building these fuckin godforsaken stadiums in qatar... Plus Russia's still playing in the cup like nothing else is going on... Fifa is a money grab. Doesn't give a fuck about anything but money... Doesn't even care about football, just how much money they can make by changing the ball every year... Fucking pond scum.. and no one cares... "Goooooooooooaaaallll" more like "let's goooooooooooooo to NATO, And put an end to this travesty

  8. If you're talking about store ratings, Hayya doesn't have any visible reviews on Google Play, while Ehteraz has 2.3 stars. Nevermind, I didn't select a specific review language expecting to see global, but it was showing me local ones instead... For en_US they have 4.3 and 3.6 stars. Both claim "No data collected".

  9. Almost every app is a security/privacy threat. The app model is broken just most people are unaware. Most people are tracked to fuck without their knowledge or informed consent

  10. That's not how it works. They have money coming from the ground and they just use it for bribery and buying things. You think they want consumers giving them money? That's insulting.

  11. Come February, the Champions League will be back in action and that consists of the best club teams in Europe playing in a two game knockout stage since the group stage has already ended. You will experience some of the highest quality football you can ask for in that tournament.

  12. Forget the World Cup, there are probs local tournaments or single matches going on right now we aren’t hearing about. Might be a good way to find some hidden gems

  13. If what seems to be coming from the FIFA president is true, North Korea might be the next World Cup host. You know, in the interests of world peace and all.

  14. Yeah I’m sorry this is such a shitshow. I’d look into one of the major European leagues. Premier League in the UK and MLS here in North America are good places to start in terms of club football.

  15. Funnily enough in my opinion the worse level of matches you watch the easier it is to start getting what's going on in the field, what makes a player and a play good etc. In the top level there is way less dumb mistakes and misplays to exploit and as fresh viewer it's hard to appreciate the nuances the play. Local 5th division game can easily be more entertaining than most of the games in the cup.

  16. I love watching the world cup every 4 years, but I'm sitting this one out. What a bummer it has come to this.

  17. Yellow card threatened and they cave, meanwhile Iran refused to sing the national anthem, which could lead them to death of them and their families now that’s brave.

  18. It's maddening they anyone even went to this blood sport event at all. The amount is people that died and the corruption should have been enough for its cancellation. Truly a shame that people keep spemding money there.

  19. Now?? After the world cup started and millions of people already downloaded it? Maybe you should have 'lined up' to warn people a few weeks back.

  20. Those who would consider supporting Qatar by using some shitty app, probably wont mind having their data stolen and devices compromised by some rich autocrats. The warning probably falls on deaf ears.

  21. Qatar should have been blacklisted and sanctioned years ago due to their backing of t__-ror groups in the Mideast. It’s unbelievable they’re allowed to get away with this, all the while they’re designated as a “close US ally”:

  22. They get away with it because they’re doing what the US asks them to do ? Biden just designated them “Major non-Nato ally”.

  23. When people already use facebook, instagram, google and tiktok, who the fuck even cares if some muslim is watching you masturbate?

  24. Dunno if it's related but I was just in Hamad airport and the airport wifi was triggering anti hack protections in chrome mobile.

  25. The west is doing everything to ruin Qatar World Cup but fortunately the world doesn't revolve around them.

  26. I’m sorry, but every day for the past week there’s been a new FIFA-facepalm and at this point it’s hard not to lmao

  27. After scamming the world out of a real world cup, they are now scamming the fans out of their privacy. Seems about right to me.

  28. German government be like:" dont download x app because of data protection or security risk blahblah" German government also be like :" is the european "anti terrorist kid protection" back door trojan spy software already installed on every phone ? " /s

  29. Lol western propaganda keep using Facebook and Twitter and accepting cookies from news websites the pot calling the kettle whattttt

  30. Hating queers and being generally backwards theocrats is a great reason for criticizing Qatar and the organizations that work with it.

  31. But wasn’t apple and google entitled to protect their users and so refuse such apps to go on their stores ?

  32. etheraz app is a covid app, and I don't think it's needed during world cup. Spoilers: all covid apps work on the same principles.

  33. Lol - the people that downloaded an app from Qatar might as well continue making terrible decisions for themselves. Beyond parody how dumb we are online. The digital citizen version of the Titanic music playing on a recorder.

  34. Yeah lol, literally everything about this competition is an awful mess. From the bidding process, the corruption and bribery, to the human rights side of things, and now even the APP!?

  35. Good thing they found out. Don't use the app guys! And also don't use Tiktok for the exact same reasons!

  36. Well.. an app for an event organised by a corrupt sports organisation and an autocratic government that doesn’t approve basic human rights? I’ll definitely install that on ALL devices. Let’s gooooo!

  37. I’m saddened for all futbol fans, caught in the middle of this political shit show. To be honest, if I didn’t have another sport to watch, I may not have the discipline to not watch (I could do without watching their opener)

  38. What a complete clusterfuck of a country/event. Thank you, corrupt FIFA officials, for making fools of yourselves and the whole organization.

  39. FIFA known to be corrupt for over a decade now, using or interacting with anything they are involved in is explicitly corrupted, so by now this is on the people who continue to interact with this crime organization.

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