Top Russian official warns of possible nuclear accident at Zaporizhzhia

  1. I'm honestly surprised (and somewhat grateful) that they are at least still operating under the pretenses of things being accidents, rather than just throwing the rule book out the window and openly doing awful stuff that is admittedly on purpose...

  2. They are desperate to negotiate. They can't win on the battlefield, so this shit is all they've got left.

  3. Biden should warn Russia about a possible accident involving the destruction of the Black Sea Fleet if anything happens there.

  4. I mean, hasn't the US already promised that and more already? I thought I heard about that one a few weeks ago now.

  5. Responses to stuff like this are kept purposely vague so they don't amount to ultimatums where we can be seen as lying if we don't do the thing we threatened to do.

  6. You could destroy the black sea fleet by getting it to do some manoeuvres, just get em chasing a few shadows for a week and it will blow the fuel budget and half the tubs will be under tow for repairs.

  7. Russia has a long history, since 1880s, of saying one thing and doing the exact opposite. Also, accusing others of the exact thing they are doing. Their political strategy playbook is chocked full of disinformation schemes, and they often recycle their narratives and tactics.

  8. Oh totally. Their recent shelling has probably done some serious damage if they're the ones coming out and saying that horseshit. Guaranteed they're going to blame Ukraine within the next 48 hours.

  9. Playing chicken with dams and power plants is the MO of Transformers villains, not G20 leaders. Go to hell, Vladimir Megatron “Vlad. The Invader” Putin.

  10. Truly ghoulish villainy. I hope everyone involved is either arrested, overthrown, or dies of every cancer known to science.

  11. Came here to say this. Either this is pure fear mongering as usual and we could theoretically ignore it, or this is a blatant threat.

  12. Putin running around with 40 year old Geiger counter.."Only 3.6 roentgen... Not great not terrible. Men start digging trenches."

  13. They dropped it down 30 flights of stairs, some of them the east stairwell and some on the west stairwell. Whoops.

  14. "Accident". Good one. If this is true, Russia is the second country in history to use nuclear power in a war. Because that is what you get when you throw artillery at a f***ing nuclear power plant.

  15. If anything is going to be resistant to artillery it's a power plant, these things are built to withstand multiple worst case scenarios at the same time.

  16. I get where you’re coming from but blowing up a power plant isn’t comparable to actually using a nuclear weapon. They are on vastly different scales of damage.

  17. The common Russian propaganda talking point about this plant is "Why would Russia shell a nuclear plant they already control?".

  18. "Vladimir Putin in October ordered Russia to formally seize the plant and transfer Ukrainian staff to a Russian entity. Kyiv says the transfer of assets amounts to theft."

  19. An "accident" will let Russia achieve goal of hurting Ukraine without the blowback that would accompany the use of nuclear weapons.

  20. It would hurt a lot more than just Ukraine. Russia is right next door, and will get a lot of that radiation too, as will a large part of Europe. And I dont think the world would just let that slide, espcially if its intentional. There would be action taken, what exactly I cant be sure, but nothing good.

  21. Nah, multiple NATO states have already said that they will treat a nuclear "accident" in Ukraine as an attack with a nuclear weapon, and if any of the fallout lands on a NATO country, it'd be grounds to trigger article 5 in defence against a nuclear attack. Russia might think they can get away with it, but it'd be the end of any hopes they had of victory in Ukraine.

  22. Nah, even an "accidental" nuclear incident that causes radiation poisoning in civilian populations anywhere in Europe wouldn't go unanswered. First because the credibility of the Russian state is zero, so nobody will believe it's an accident. Second because they shouldn't be there in the first place, so saying "it was an accident" isn't good enough.

  23. Sorry, no it doesn’t. Using a weapon of mass destruction is enough to trigger mass Russian “suicides” of top government officials, IOW, blowback. It’s not that NATO doesn’t want to invade, it’s just that there are simpler ways.

  24. False. Both US and UK have clearly stated any attack on the plant which could cause radiation leaks would automatically invoke NATO article 5.

  25. I thought we've moved over nuclear apocalypse and we were focusing on world cup boycotting and then straight into an economic crash followed by the climate apocalypse. I have to change plans. At least the zoom meetings will end sooner.

  26. Even if you believe that Ukraine is shelling it we know that Russia uses it as a base for their artillery. It was totally Russia's choice to make the power plant a battle ground. I would hardly call it an "accident".

  27. Translation: "We've been trying to turn this nuclear power plant into a dirty bomb, and we think we finally figured out how to do it."

  28. Yeah, we accidentally tripped and fell into a 9-month war in which we accidentally strategically destroyed as much of Ukraine's energy infrastructure as we possibly could, despite the entire world screaming at us to stop and to be freaking careful -- but it was an accident, woops. But it's Ukraine's fault.

  29. Perhaps Russia shoukd withdraw from the area and allow thr non tortured workers fix tge problem they created.

  30. NATO is preparing. Hopefully they stop it before it happens. Proactive is the only way. Need to setup a no anything zone with a promise at Russian targets known to them with unknown to them such as instant assassinations.

  31. So why would Russia set up the plant a a base of operations with soldiers and weapons , they want an accident , they know how long it took to get Chernobyl sealed off and it is part of their plan to wipe out all power generation in Ukraine , I do hope Ukraine starts to take out all of Russia's power plants

  32. The madness won’t stop until Putin is taken out one way or another. How many people are going to die between now and then and how much of the country will be unlivable after a nuclear “accident” ? The rest of the world’s response to this whole mess has been a pathetic slap on the wrist and now we’re supposed to pretend to be outraged.

  33. Wow, this is a pretty nice power plant you’ve got here bub. It’d be a real shame if some terrible “accident” was to happen to it….

  34. Russia dangling its nukes again. What's their end game really? There seems to be none other than defeat or nukes unless somebody offs Putin and end this nightmare.

  35. Shouldn't the U.N. or NATO step in now? Because if either side attacks an area where the nuclear reactors are, that threatens the countries near them with fallout. Now they are involving the lives of innocent citizens of other countries. Shouldn't that be a war crime right there?

  36. Stop believing that the UN and NATO are some kind of defenders or police. They only act in the pure interest of its members and that includes many members who either have nothing to lose or something to gain from the war.

  37. They shut the reactor off a few months ago. If anything blows up now. Its because Russia is deliberately detonating a nuclear power plant.

  38. Spent fuel spontaneously generates a great deal of heat for decades. It is too low of a grade to be used for power generation, but the spent fuel requires active cooling with powered pumps to avoid overheating that will eventually damage its containment and release radioactive materials from a smoldering pile.

  39. "The Rosatom head also said it appeared Kyiv was willing to "accept" a "small nuclear accident" at the nuclear power station".

  40. Then they need to stop shelling it. Everyone knows they are trying to destroy its usefulness to Ukraine because Russia is loosing all that territory. They need to stop shelling it in spite.

  41. If the worst case scenario happens and the reactor has a meltdown, what are the chances of the fallout going up and hitting the air currents, and us having Chernobyl 2?/srs

  42. “We accidentally put 2,453 artillery rounds into the reactor complex. Who knew that bad things could come from that? Poor Ukrainian engineering!”

  43. How long before they sabotage it and blame Ukraine. Ukraine gains nothing by having it blow up but Russia have no need for it if the plant gets recaptured.

  44. Putin really wants to use a nuke in so bad they whip up one of these scenarios once a month that would "explain away" a nuclear explosion on Ukrainian soil.

  45. I think all nuclear facilities should be handed to IAA under UN provision, that way we know the possibility of a nuclear accident is much less. Nuclear facilities shouldn't be on a frontline of a war this is really stupid.

  46. Russian TV in a few days: "Ukraine was willing to accept a small nuclear accident to take back the territory so now we are justified in using small tactical nuclear arms."

  47. Otherwise known as, "we savages will cause a melt down becuase human suffering is the currency in Russia".

  48. Is this the same power plant Russia that had a live feed of a Russian tank (I think a BTR) intentionally striking the office buildings back in March? If so, I recall a fire dispatch arriving, urging to let them put the fire out but the Russians opened fire on them

  49. I think it’s time for US and UK special forces to covertly assist Ukrainians in taking back these reactor sites ASAP.

  50. Wouldn't a nuclear "accident" caused by Russia forces leak radiation into the sky that would blow over to Europe and Nato countries.. I'm no expert on chemical warfare,but if someone poisons a bunch of civilian populations directly caused by military actions, wouldn't that be an act of war?

  51. NATO has been giga clear that any nuclear fallout which even so much as touches any of their country by one fcking molecule triggers a response. Russia is just looking very hard to make maximum damage without involving them

  52. no, its easier to read provoking titles/headlines and be outraged rather than actually read and understand the article. general rule of thumb on the internet and reddit

  53. I am a bit confused. From the comments it seems that Russia is shelling the power plant. But Russia controls this power plant since several months. It rather seems that the Ukrainians are fighting to get it back, but the western media is too shy to say it, Nothing wrong with that, i hope they will control it again, but it should be clear who is shelling the nuclear plant.

  54. Okay... Dumb question. If it's been in Russian hands since March, doesn't that mean that any shelling of it is done by Ukrainians?

  55. Not a dumb question really, the plant is currently completely shut down and not a danger unless russia the one currently in control of it goes out of its way to make it one. It's unclear who exactly is doing it, The Russians could be doing it to scare the west and blame the Ukrainians. And the Ukrainians could be doing it, due to the fact russia is storing military equipment within the plant grounds. Though some evidence suggests some of the ordinance that landed in that area seems to have been fired from the direction of russian occupied territory.

  56. Hey Russia, I have an idea, what if you moved all military operations away from the plant and stop shelling from positions near Zaporizhzhia.

  57. Everyone here is blaming Russia yet Ukrainians are shelling the plant. The Ukrainians lost the plant to the Russians and should deem it lost, if they keep this up they will lose their country with Chernobyl 2.0. 😐 I am worried if something does happen, Russia will take this as an nuclear attack and meet it will equal force. Ukrainians are playing a dangerous game.

  58. Yeah, yeah, keep fucking around and shooting missiles near a nuclear plant. By the end of this war, there's no way there won't be nuclear accidents or leaks or whatever. There's no way these nuclear plants get away intact.

  59. Remind me again, which large, aggressive, former member of the Soviet Union, eastern european country is dead downwind from Zaporizhizha?

  60. Very good and what happens when said "accident" is treated as deliberate Russian sabotage and triggers a direct intervention because Poland is still rubbing that Article 5 button you know. The funni hasnt gone away...

  61. I feel like we've been in a standstill with Russia, and the other communists, for almost an entire century. I said "feel" because I don't feel like looking it up lol.

  62. This is seriously stressful to hear about. I remember this is why I'm not listening to/reading the news. But then I see this here. Ahhh!

  63. Russia is still in disbelief Trump didn't get reelected and get to walk into Ukraine with US support. They're so mad they are making threats because the world won't let them just have it like he was going to.

  64. Weird Why didn’t Russia did just do it while trump was in office? Why wait until he’s out? What a stupid post.

  65. If Russia blows up the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, and any fallout occurs on NATO territory in Western Europe or reach the US or Canada? Can Article 5 be invoked?

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