Lithuanian president says 'every inch of NATO territory must be defended'

  1. They have there hand over the rope and going crazy, the crowd getting in to it. Lithuania about to double close-line Russia and Belarus.

  2. No they won't. I think NATO/USA is keeping ATACMS as an insurance policy to deter Putin from using nukes/dirty bombs/etc.

  3. I like the Baltic counties commitment to NATO. They are very aware of the danger Russia poses and their willingness to defend their friends against the Russians at all costs rather heartwarming. They are all model members of NATO, in other words.

  4. They need to be vocal and offensive. They know if Russia ever makes a move on them they'll be reliant on NATO getting fully involved. If they advocate for relaxed responses then they can expect that when Russian missiles start landing in Lithuania.

  5. My family is from Lithuania. I grew up hearing the stories of the soviets and the nazis. Fuck them mother fuckers right up their fucking asses with battery acid as lube

  6. Also, if they don’t help when someone else is getting attacked, they won’t get help if/when they get attacked

  7. But giving up NATO territory is definitely part of the WWIII playbook. Traditional scenarios are for instance based on the idea that Russian tank divisions would race towards the Atlantic coast to prevent American deployment. NATO picks of all logistical support from the air, and then destroys them and advances.

  8. Inches were used historically in Europe. Plenty of old European proverbs use antiquated units like inch, foot, ell, mile, etc.

  9. He actually said "centimeter" in his actual speech. I don't know why translation uses inch. One inch and one centimeter is rather a huge difference wether to activate article 5 or not

  10. It's just a figure of speach using a nonsense measurement because it fits. Like, what is the length of a jiffy and in what practical sense does one apply it other than in a figure of speech. Same goes foe imperial measurements.

  11. Baltic States and Poland are ready to go and tear Russia apart. Good luck to them, if any nations know what it's like to live under the heel of Russians with too much power, it's those four countries.

  12. I find their responses the most telling & the strongest of indicator of “how should russia’s actions be perceived, should we appease them to avoid WW3?”, because if the BALTICS, which are as in-the-middle-of-ww3-as-possible are saying: “NO, we’d rather risk WW3 to hold the line”, how can anyone, tankie or otherwise, argue that Russia is some victim of NATO aggression, and in some way justified in their actions??

  13. Keep in mind that no matter what the US, the Baltic States, or any other nations say, the decision on whether or not to invoke Article V is up to Poland.

  14. The response by NATO is up to all the members though, simply invoking article 5 doesnt mean immediate all-out war.

  15. Article 5 is to defend all NATO allies and their territory. It is not meant be used to go on the offensive against a perceived threat. Although it is really ambitious as to when it can be invoked.

  16. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Lithuania has gigantic balls when it comes to Russia.

  17. Honestly I wouldn’t necessarily characterize it as gigantic balls. Don’t mean any offence to Lithuania, they deserve to be able to call out Russians for their current and past misdeeds.

  18. No we don’t. Petty sanctions against russian people and our president saying big statements like this when we know US is obligated to protect us is hardly big balls.

  19. I could be wrong and sorry if I am but I believe it’s up to Poland at the moment so no implication of action?

  20. Testing the waters for what? How would they benefit in any way at all from dragging the whole might of NATO into this, when they're already retreating?

  21. Yes, fuck Russia faster please. Putin‘s regime has been causing trouble for 20+ years now. It‘s time for it to end.

  22. Putin done fucked up. He needed Trump to win the Presidency again, and got fucked. He needed the Republicans to gain control of the senate again, and got fucked. Now this? How much worse can things get for this asshole? The West needs to seize all Russian assets and deport all native Russians back to their homeland. That’s how you take out Putin.

  23. I think some people on here are downplaying this a bit.. it's not like a guy accidentally threw a baseball through your window..

  24. There is both a part of me that wants NATO to use this as a pretext for entering the war, and a part of me terrified they might.

  25. For missiles the Russians say are accurate to within 50 meters, hitting something 3 km into Poland sure would be a big oopsy daisy.

  26. I pray it was completely unintentional, I don’t think this would lead to war if unintentional. If it came out that it was intentional, Poland would be in a really tough place to not declare Article V.

  27. I believe it to be intentional, with the almost perfect location and even the date of this attack with western powers focused on the g20 summit, to try to minimize the impact of the literal act of striking a NATO power. I agree with your sentiment above, that nobody wants WW3, not even the Russians. I believe they may be expecting us to act with an understanding to downplay this event to stop another world war. They would be wanting us to chalk this up as an accident. I believe they are testing waters to see what they get away with, and dropping a couple missiles right on the edge of a warzone in Ukraine, "accidentally" splashing Poland a NATO power. I believe they know what they are doing. Even if they didn't mean to do this, this MUST run a consequence.

  28. IF it turns out that Russia actually fired this missile NATO would have to respond militarily whether it was intentional or not. Otherwise any sense of deterrence and credibility would evaporate, and we may as well disband the alliance.

  29. The only problem is how many others will go stray as the war goes on. When will a school in Poland get hit "by accident"? I get it was probably a 1 off and Russia will try to be more careful but there will be others that hit Poland. We just need to bring this war to an end now it's getting silly.

  30. I don't see Poland invoking article 5 even though they could. But Poland could engage in Ukraine by themselves without involving the rest of NATO too. Providing air defense and ground support.

  31. This is too fuckin real… people don’t realize the carnage that occurs even on the “winning side” in a modern conflict

  32. They're aware of the reality of war for the citizens of Ukraine (rape, torture, murder, etc. at the hands of Russian soldiers), and hoping that other nations will bring and end to this, sooner rather than later.

  33. Or maybe they've spent the past half year reading those posts and seeing the atrocities brought upon innocents by the Russians. And maybe they're at the breaking point and the injustice of it all makes them say stuff they might regret. But at least it's authentic.

  34. Some streaming service needs to get on a TV show asap that accurately depicts this situation escalating so people can get their fix.

  35. How did appeasement work with the Nazis? How many millions are you prepared to sacrifice to Russian agression? How many raped kids? 40 a day? 20 abducted and genocided children a day? What number is acceptable?

  36. On the one hand, it seems foolish to allow full scale war to break out over 2 deaths, but then where's the red line of NATO? If you can forever inch forward then what's the point of NATO at all?

  37. Whelp, whatever happens at the end of this mess, at least russia has re-strengthened the importance and public opinion of the eastern european countries. so... well done?

  38. For those who don't really understand what the lithuanian president is saying, what he means by that is 'every 2.54cm of Nato territory must be defended'

  39. Question what if what if Poland decides to fire 2 missile like either in russia bridge that Ukraine hit give the F u to Putin or hit in Ukraine land that is taken by russia to help Ukraine when pushing would russia be like I deserve that and I'm not going to attack because I dont want to go into ww3 to me it be blood for blood or 2 missiles for 2 missiles

  40. Why is one town different than any other? Defend it all. The boarder is the red line and they crossed it

  41. Every life too... Entering a war that will kill millions is not worth it. Negotiations should always be first, the path of non violence is better and easier to maneuver. Once you hit back ...

  42. I foresee Russia getting some bombs heading their way soon. So far the US has held back Ukraine, but if that little arrogant wanker is now sending missiles into NATO territory, mistake or not, the world will retaliate. The world is long past tired of Russia's bull shit. Time for Russia to personally feel the pain.

  43. Why is it the small guys are ready to fucking fuck you up. Come on USA we got a pitpull called Lithuania ready to fuck shit up

  44. For fucks sake step in now! Ukraine has been fighting for months. Russia will not stop going for more and more territory if you don’t stand up to them.

  45. What's the number, then? I mean, I'm a citizen of a NATO country. So are my family. How many NATO citizens is it cool to murder before we stop being afraid of the consequences?

  46. Dude, you're on reddit. Everybody here is all for a war they won't have to fight. Keyboard warriors until their mother calls them upstairs for supper :)

  47. Yes, because saber-rattling always works as a pathway to peace. And this info is def 100% legit: verified by several independent sources.

  48. Yeah, real smart move buddy. What we really need at a time like this is escalation. Let's take what was essentially a miss fire and ramp up to World War III.

  49. What is the benefit of wars that only reap the inflation of a global economy? Are human beings a game in the hands of war makers?

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